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Why a Customer Account Page Is a Must-have on Your Shopify Store to Keep Up With Consumer Behavior

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re building out your Shopify store or working on enhancing its look and feel for shoppers?

You’re probably thinking of adding easy navigation, improving the search and filters, displaying product recommendations, removing excessive popups, and similar strategies.

While there’s nothing wrong with the approach, isn’t that what everyone else is doing too?

Consumers today demand more.

With 80% of them expecting brands to personalize their approach to marketing to them, it has become vital for businesses to capture as much data as possible to learn about their customers.

That’s not all.

There’s a lot more that has changed in consumer behavior:

  • You no longer get a second chance to make a good impression – 6 out of 10 consumers leave a site because of a poor digital experience
  • More than 90% of consumers reported they would return to a site if they offer a tailored, personalized shopping experience
  • About 60% or more consumers made a purchase based on the product recommendations and reminders sent to them by the brand
  • Consumer expect an Amazon-like experience when interacting with brands that give them a personalized space to shop online
  • Online shoppers want the ability to make purchases faster with features such as saved delivery addresses and more
  • About 75% of online shoppers want the ability to contact a brand easily before, during, and after making a purchase
  • 51% of consumers want the ability to track orders in an end to end manner until they receive the package
  • More than 40% of consumers are willing to stay loyal to a brand if they see concrete value coming back to them

Simply put, taking your brand online is no longer enough. Offering deals and discounts on products is not enticing enough.

And there’s a way out.

Shopify Customer account pages.

Shopify customer account pages – Status quo!

When a business is setting up a store online, the core focus is on:

  • Choosing the best Shopify theme that matches their brand look and feels
  • Uploading product and collections to set up the online store
  • Creating a sales strategy with deals and discounts
  • Setting up a marketing and advertising plan to promote the deals and discounts
  • Implementing on-site strategies such as popups, live chat, and more

A customer account page often comes as an afterthought to many Shopify store owners.

The reason is that Shopify does give online stores a default customer account page that can be enabled from the settings.

This customer account page typically includes account details such as the profile, wishlist, addresses, and order history.

But when you’re competing with a customer account page like Amazon (see below), having just the above tabs does not cut it. It’s below the basics of what consumers are used to when it comes to ‘easy shopping’ or ‘personalization’.

amazon customer account page

Your current (default) Shopify customer account page is not enough.

While the default customer account pages serve the purpose of helping an online store grow their owned audience by nudging shoppers to sign up to complete a purchase, they lack the level of personalization consumers seek.

They also lack the ability to make it easier for the signed-up consumers to make purchases in different scenarios. Especially when they’re making a repeat purchase or placing a reorder for a product they have bought before.

But to highlight where the default eCommerce customer account pages lack, here are a few things that they DO NOT cater to:

  • Inability to sign up for a customer account page without sharing an email address
  • Inability to save multiple delivery addresses for placing orders
  • Inability to build out detailed profiles that include DOB, gender, age, etc of the consumer
  • Inability to display the recently viewed products to the shoppers
  • Inability to make product recommendations within the customer account page
  • Inability to view order history easily due to the lack of filters
  • Inability to place re-orders with a single click
  • Inability to easily view and place orders from wishlisted products
  • Inability to get signed up customers to participate in loyalty programs
  • Inability to personalize the shopping experience for customers and keep them motivated

How can you make your Shopify customer account page better?

Shopify was built on the philosophy that it should be easy for brands to go online with their business. It takes business about a week or more at max to set up their online store and start selling.

So why should it be difficult to enable all the things above in your Shopify customer account page?

That’s exactly why we built Flits.

Flits is a Shopify that has been enabling customized customer account pages for thousands of online stores. From day one, it was built on the philosophy that when consumers are exposed to customer experiences like that of Amazon, Shopify stores will need to level up the interface of interaction they offer.

Here’s how we bring in the difference:

default shopify customer account page vs flits

With Flits, you can bring in the following features to the customer account page on your Shopify store:

1. Social login to make signing up easier

About half your online store visitors will drop off or shy away from signing up for a customer account page if you still use lengthy forms.

Flits makes it easy for online shoppers to create Shopify customer accounts on your store using social login. It lets you enable sign up and login via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Amazon, reducing the time taken for the whole process to just a couple of minutes.

2. Detailed customer profiles

When consumers expect personalization, you need to know more about them. The Flits customer account page lets shoppers build out their profiles, sharing as much intel about them as possible.

From their name, contact information, location, gender, age, and much more, you can get closer to knowing who a shopper is and where they come from.

3. Unlimited order history with easy search

As consumers, we tend to forget the name of products we buy over time. But at the same time, we do remember an estimated date of order and the brand we purchased from.

With order history, Flits lets your shopper go back to all the previous purchases they have made. It also additionally offers filters that let them browse and narrow down on the purchase they’re looking for, making it easier for them to seek more information about it, share it with their friends and family, and of course, repurchase it if the need be.

4. Viewable and shoppable wishlist

As consumers, we tend to buy certain things instantly. But there are always a few products we make a mental note of to buy later. With the endless distractions around us, we tend to often forget things on this mental checklist. That’s where stores with a wishlist feature win!

When you set up a Flits customer account page, you can enable online shoppers to save products they really like but cannot buy in wishlists. This wishlist becomes readily viewable in their account and comes with a one-click feature to add-to-cart and move to checkout.

5. Display of recently viewed products

More than 50% of online shoppers like to explore their options before making a purchase. In this process, we may forget the products we’ve visited in the process. As a business, this reduces the chances of the consumer coming back to that product to make a purchase.

As an online shopper, you now need to go over the entire process of finding the product again. This extends your purchase cycle and you’re less likely to even complete it.

With Flits, you can display recently viewed products within the Shopify customer account page. This serves as a constant reminder to the consumer of what they have shown interest in, leading them to explore and make a purchase decision faster.

6. Easy reordering from past purchases

To place a reorder, an online shopper often needs to go back to a store, find and add the product to the cart and then move to the checkout process. That’s enough steps for the consumer to reconsider making the purchase.

With the Flits customer account page, a consumer can simply head over to their order history and click ‘reorder’ on the product they want to buy again. The one-click feature takes them straight to checkout, reducing the number of steps they’re required to take to make a purchase.

7. Loyalty program with store credits

Getting customers to sign up for a loyalty program is often a challenge. Even if you’re successful, getting them to interact and engage with it to win rewards requires continual reminders that go in vain at most times.

The Flits customer account page is the new way of setting up loyalty programs on Shopify stores. You can set up a loyalty program that rewards customers with convertible store credits that can be viewed within the customer account page.

So basically, whenever a customer logs in, they get to see the store credits available to them, how they can win more and the number of credits they have spent. All without having to push them to a separate page for your loyalty program, boosting the participation rate by 17%!

Brands like The Man Company are leveraging this feature to gamify the experience for their customers on the account page. This has led them to see a 41% increase in orders using store credits with repeat purchases, boosting loyalty. Read the complete case study here.

8. Added pages to display policies

More often than not, online shoppers abandon purchases or question a brand’s capabilities simply because they’re not sure of their policies – shipping, return, exchange or even refund. And no one really wants to go looking for the right link on your Shopify store. You have to make it easily visible.

With the Flits customer account page, you can display these policies within the account page. This way the customer can refer to them at any given point in time!

9. Ability to contact you

Remember how we mentioned that human connection is of utmost importance today? Well, instead of redirecting your customers to a separate page on your store, ask them to reach out to you on social media or even copy your email address to send you a message, offer them an easier way to contact you.

Flits lets you add a contact us option within the customer account page. This shows the customer how you’re an easily reachable brand, helping you establish trust.

Do you really need a customer account page on your Shopify store?

The customer acquisition costs via social media and search ad campaigns have skyrocketed to $19 on average across most industries. The competition for the same consumer’s attention is also growing by the day.

Where the consumer had a few stores to choose from previously, they now have the option to make a purchase from more than ten. You’re not just at the risk of losing customers to the distractions around them, but also the level of engagement you’ve got with them.

A customer account page that is customized to this level, increases the commitment a consumer makes to your Shopify store.

This ensures they keep coming back to your store for more purchases, time and again.

TLDR; YES, you do need a customized customer account page on your Shopify store.

Ready to set up the new must-have on a Shopify store? Here’s a complete guide to Shopify customer account pages.

Looking for an industry-specific guide to customer account pages for your Shopify store? Well, we have got you covered:

Get the Flits app today to set up an engaging customer account page on your Shopify store.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
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