Customer Account Page for Beauty and Cosmetics Brands and its Importance

Beauty and cosmetics is a growing industry, with brands like Tula, Kylie Cosmetics, and Fenty Beauty blazing the way for new brands to succeed. However, your sales strategy and your on-site experience is crucial to your success. As a beauty brand, a unique shopping experience coupled with your value-adding products can help you attract and retain customers well. We wanted to pinpoint and solve one touchpoint on your Shopify beauty and cosmetics brand that is under-valued— the customer account page.

A well-designed and personalized Shopify customer account page can make your store more appealing for your customers and help you distinguish yourself from other beauty and cosmetics brands. With the right features and tactics in place, your customer account page can help you boost loyalty and increase repeat purchases on your beauty store.

Let’s look at why you need a well-designed Shopify customer account page and how you can set it up on your beauty and cosmetics brand.

Reasons to Set Up a Branded Customer Account Page for your Beauty and Cosmetics Brand

1. Capture store visitors as registered customers

According to statistics, eCommerce websites have an average conversion rate of 2.86%. As an online store with high competition, it’s crucial for you to capture the high volume of store visitors and at least get them to register as customers, even if they don’t shop from you. 

With a branded customer account page and robust features like a rewards program, you can incentivize your store visitors to register as a customer on your Shopify beauty store. What’s more, with one-click registration processes like social login, convincing your store visitors to register is easier.

2. Allow shoppers to wishlist items they like

With the range of products available on your beauty store, wishlisting simplifies the process of finding and saving products they are interested in. Oftentimes, shoppers may be interested in a few different variations of the same item, like blush colors or eyeshadow colors, or they may be contemplating over different skincare items.

With wishlisting, they can save these items, view them all in one place, and evaluate the different products together. They can then later come back to purchase one of the other products in their wishlist, making it easier for your beauty brand to convert returning shoppers.

Brands can show a ‘heart’ icon over product images on their catalog. Shoppers can just click on the icon and the product is automatically saved to their wishlist.

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3. Reward loyalty and incentivize shoppers to continue engaging with your store

Many brands have been able to successfully re-engage past customers and boost loyalty on-site through a stellar rewards program. As a beauty brand, a rewards program can help you motivate shoppers to come back and shop from you.

With rewards, you can incentivize shopper action and get them to engage with your store for longer periods of time. Shoppers would then be eager to redeem those rewards on another order and would choose to buy from you whenever they think of shopping for products similar to what you sell. 

4. Allow repurchasing

Beauty shoppers often run out of the product after a month or two. You need to make it easier for your shoppers to repurchase the exact item they had ordered previously. 

Usually, shoppers have to open their “Orders” page and then click on the product page before they can add an item to their cart.

With a well-designed and branded customer account page, you can customize the customer account page to allow instant and one-click reordering. Shoppers can then instantly add the product to their cart from the “Orders” page and purchase with ease.

Install a Shopify customer account app like Flits to simplify reordering experiences.

5 Steps to Successfully Set Up A Personalized Customer Account Page on your Beauty and Cosmetics Store

1. Install Flits

Flits is a Shopify app specifically designed to help Shopify merchants provide a personalized experience to their shoppers. You can install the app and set up different features to provide a personalized and loyalty-based experience for your shoppers.

Install Flits to provide a personalized experience to your customers.

2. Customize the design of your customer account page

Now that you’ve installed Flits, you can customize your customer account page, based on the plan you have chosen. You can customize the design to fit the look and style of the rest of your Shopify store. You can even enable features like wishlisting, social login, and rewards to make your customer account page more engaging.

Bonus: Wishlist and social login are currently available for free within the Flits app. Install the app now!

Here’s how The Man Company has set up the design for its customer account page, with its design reflecting the reward tier that the shopper is on.

customer account page for beauty and cosmetics brand

For more advanced customizations, you can reach out to our team for support.

3. Enable social login for quicker registration

86% of shoppers report being bothered by having to create new accounts on websites. Many shoppers also forget their login details, especially their password, and end up not recovering their account due to the long password recovery involved.

Social login lets shoppers login to their customer account using existing social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Shoppers just have to connect their social profile with one click, simplifying customer login. This way, you can get more store visitors to register a customer account and avoid losing traffic.

Read about social login and why you need to set it up on your Shopify store.

shopify customer account

4. Increase signups with a popup

Once your branded and personalized customer account page is set up, you can motivate store visitors to sign up as registered customers by informing them and nudging them with an enticing offer. 

Set up a pop-up informing shoppers about the unique experience you would be providing on your Shopify store. Your pop-up copy can incentivize customer registration with a discount or a reward they would unlock by subscribing. Your pop-up can even hint around the exclusive customer account pages that you’ve set up.

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customer account page

5. Promote your rewards program and create unique benefits for your beauty and cosmetics brand

If you’ve set up a rewards program through Flits, you can inform your shoppers about the rewards activities available directly through your customer account page. When setting up your rewards program, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose different activities through which shoppers can earn rewards.
  • Enable communication channels, like email and web push, through which you can inform shoppers about the rewards they’ve earned.
  • Customize the copy within the ‘reward earned’ or ‘reward redeemed’ messages that you’ll be automatically sending to shoppers, matching the tone of voice of your brand.
  • You can also offer unique rewards like freebies to elevate the experience.

Many merchants even have set up a dedicated ‘Rewards’ page to show the different rewards available. Here’s how Indie and Harper does it:

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Set Up Personalized Customer Accounts on your Beauty and Cosmetics Brand

With a customer account page, you can build a relationship with your shoppers, provide them a personalized experience, and increase purchases. We hope this guide helped you understand the benefits of a personalized customer account, why your beauty and cosmetics brand needs a tailored customer account page, and how to set it up.

Wondering how you can get shoppers to sign up for a customer account page on your Shopify store? Read how.

Flits is a Shopify customer account app that lets you customize the customer account page on your Shopify beauty store and set up unique features like social login, wishlisting, and rewards to help you increase conversions and boost customer loyalty.

Install Flits to provide a personalized experience on your Shopify cosmetics and beauty stores.

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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