10 Strategies to Get Online Shoppers to Create Customer Accounts on your Shopify Store

A huge percentage of shoppers that visit an online store leave without taking any action. While you can’t guarantee that they would make a purchase on their first visit, you can still get them to create customer accounts on your Shopify store. 

By creating a Shopify customer account, you can get these shoppers to come back to your store later. Once created, you also have the store visitor’s details stored in your backend, allowing you to send them promotions. This small commitment from the shopper’s side creates opportunities for you to bring them back for a purchase later.

But, how can you convince store visitors to create Shopify customer profiles? We’ve got some strategies to help you push visitors to create a Shopify customer account.

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10 Strategies to Convince Shoppers to Create Shopify Customer Accounts on your Shopify Store

1. Let them know about the benefits

Many stores have a dedicated page that informs their shoppers about the benefits of signing up as a customer. You can list the benefits and inform shoppers about the credits and exclusive deals they would be privy to. 

You can place such a page within your store’s top menu and title it in such a way that shoppers feel like it is an exclusive offer. Many brands use terms like ‘Be an insider’ or ‘Join the club’ to make shoppers click on the page and read more about the rewards of being a customer.

Create Customer Accounts

2. Create referrals

Nielsen report that 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising. This is why a referral program is your best bet to increasing customer account creation effortlessly.

You can set up a referral program and send emailers to existing customers, promising discounts or credits when they bring new sign-ups. 

Many brands have a referral program with a message as simple as “Get $50 off on your next order when you invite a friend’. Here’s how Greats, a sneaker brand, nudges their shoppers to bring new customers to their brand.

Create Customer Accounts

3. Promise credit rewards

Once a shopper has spent a few minutes browsing your products, you can display a pop-up that promises credit rewards for signing up as a customer. Credit rewards allow shoppers to shop from the store at a discount, making it an offer they can’t resist.

By promising credits, shoppers will have a strong reason to create an account and come back to your store to make a purchase. 

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4. Entice them with a discount

If you don’t have credit rewards, you can still get shoppers to sign up as customers by offering a discount or free shipping. Shoppers love such deals and seeing this, they’ll feel even more incentivized to create a customer account.

Magre is a clothing brand that displays an offer to shoppers within a pop-up. Shoppers that sign up get a flat discount on their first order. The brand also uses bright colors within its pop-up to capture shoppers’ attention.

5. Enable wishlisting

Many shoppers love to wishlist items before they even start considering a purchase. When visitors land on your Shopify store, you can make it easier for them to save items from your store by enabling wishlisting. A wishlist icon can be adding to your products. When shoppers click on the wishlist icon, they will be asked to sign in with their email. This way, shoppers who have their eye on a product can save the item and you can capture more customers.

Another way to use wishlisting to increase new customer account creation is by adding a ‘Wishlist’ page on the menubar. Indie and Harper is an online jewelry store that uses this tactic successfully. When shoppers click on the wishlist link on their menu, they are asked to log in so that they can view their wishlist. 

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6. Share on social media

Many online stores have a sizable following on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can target these followers, letting them know about the rewards and deals they will be able to unlock if they sign up. 

With high engagement, Instagram Stories is a great place to start such promotions. You can use this format to engage with shoppers and nudge them to swipe up on your link. In fact, 15% to 25% of people swipe up on a link in branded Stories. You can even run a retargeted ad on your Stories, targeting store visitors who haven’t yet signed up.

7. Make it sound exclusive

Use copy that builds an exclusivity about being a customer. When asking shoppers to sign up as a customer, you can make your ask more persuasive with copy that uses power words and  makes it seem like being a customer is a unique experience

Here are some copy ideas:

  • Join the squad!
  • Unlock offers 
  • Be an insider
  • Get early info about sales!
  • Become a platinum member

8. Add a ‘Check Your Rewards’ link 

One of the smartest hacks to get shoppers to sign up is by adding a ‘Check Your Rewards’ link on your store. This can be placed on your storefront, menu, or your footer. You can even turn it into a floating button on the bottom left of the page.

With such a page, shoppers would click on the text and be shown a page that nudges them to sign up to earn/ view rewards. You can even add a message that lets shoppers know that they would earn a $20 reward just for signing up. 

Such a smart tactic can help you convert store visitors into customers and even give them a reason to place an order on their first visit. Indie and Harper has a ‘Rewards’ page on their menubar. Once shoppers click on it, they see the different types of rewards available to them.

9. Allow social login for easy sign-up

Having to enter multiple details like name, email address, etc often causes shoppers to exit the page, even when they are in the middle of signing up.  Set up social login to allow shoppers to sign up with just one click. Shoppers can choose between their existing social accounts— Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, etc. 

With social login, shoppers don’t have to enter multiple fields just to create a simple account. The experience of becoming a customer boils down to just a single click, helping you capture new customers with ease.

The Man Company has enabled 4 types of social accounts that shoppers can use to create an account.

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10. Provide context on the customer registration page

When shoppers land on the customer registration page, you need to provide context and make it sound enticing for them. Add copy that lets shoppers know about the offers and the benefits of registering. This way, your shoppers are less likely to abandon your store while signing up. 

Hourglass Cosmetics has listed 3 reasons why shoppers must create an account. This small element on the page is sure to help shoppers sign up quickly.

customer accounts

Nudge visitors to create customer accounts with these smart strategies

We hope these 10 strategies help you nudge new visitors to create a customer account on your Shopify store. Once you’ve captured these new customers, you can send promotional messages to them and find ways to bring them back to place an order.

Just getting shoppers to create customer accounts isn’t enough. Once a shopper creates an account, you need to be able to keep them engaged. Your Shopify customer profile should be a rich hub of personalized details for shoppers to tinker with. Your shoppers should be able to view their credits, wishlists, and their past orders all in one place. 

This is where Flits come in. The Shopify app is built to allow merchants like you to provide a personalized Shopify customize account for their shoppers. With such a Shopify customer account, your shoppers will be able to find the products they saved and redeem their credits all in one place. 

Set up a personalized customer account with Flits and increase engagement.

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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