Social Login: Does Your Shopify Store Really Need It?

Every visitor that lands on your Shopify store but doesn’t convert into a subscriber or a customer is a missed opportunity. One of the best ways to capture these visitors as registered customers or subscribers is through social login or what is also called social sign on.  

It’s simple. Shoppers would log in using their existing social profiles, like Facebook, Google, or Amazon, instead of setting up an account from scratch. The impact of this convenient feature is clear– social login improves overall conversion rates by 15 to 20%.

But, if it’s just a one-click login feature, how effective can it be? Let’s look at 4 solid scenarios where social login can help you on your Shopify store, from reducing cart abandonment to bringing in more repeat purchases.

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4 Ways Social Login Helps Your Shopify Store

Let’s walk you through some of the social sign on advantages.

1. Prevent cart abandonment during checkout

Shoppers do not want to spend time adding their details and creating an account for a product they could easily get from a merchant that provides guest checkout or simpler registration processes. In fact, 22% of shoppers abandon their cart (despite being interested in the product) because they need to create a new user account. 

social login

With social login, shoppers can just create a user account with the click of a button, cutting short any time they would take to register. With this frictionless checkout, more store visitors would end up buying from you.

By simplifying customer registration during checkout, you can reduce your cart abandonment drastically!

2. Capture more customer account sign-ups

With conversion rates as low as 2.86%, you need to at least be able to capture store visitors as registering customers. By getting more shoppers to sign up, you can later market your offers and products to them. 

With social login, you can make customer account sign-up easier. Shoppers wouldn’t have to go through the tedious process of entering their details. Instead, they can just login with the social profile of their choice, with just one click.

social login

By capturing more customer registrations, you can create opportunities for your Shopify store to engage customers better in the future.

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3. Capture accurate customer data

Oftentimes, when registering a new account, shoppers would enter inaccurate or outdated information like an old email address, incorrect phone number, etc. This wouldn’t be an issue if customers login with their social profiles. 

With social login, you can capture more accurate data about your customers, since their information would be linked to profiles they commonly use, like Facebook and Amazon.

You can then use this data to understand your customers better and send more personalized emails and messages.

4. No account or password recovery needed

How many times have you forgotten a password that you used to create an account on an online store? Unsurprisingly, more often than you’d expect!

Forgetting passwords, especially for non-essential accounts like an eCommerce store is a common occurrence among online shoppers. But, having to recover these passwords can make shoppers put off the recovery process altogether, hindering repeat purchases on your Shopify store. 

92% of users will leave a site instead of resetting or recovering login info.

With social login, shoppers won’t have to remember their password. Instead, they just need to choose the social profile they used to login the previous time they visited your Shopify store. Since online consumers would frequent their social media profiles, remembering those passwords would be much easier for them. 

Simplify account login for your customers with social login. Install Flits now!

Does Your Shopify Store Need Social Login?

Social login solves a host of problems, but how does that help you exactly? How do you know if social login is a need on your Shopify store? Here are 5 problems or needs you may be facing that can be solved or fulfilled with social login to your Shopify store. 

1. You have a large bounce or abandonment rate

As one of the top reasons for cart abandonment, your customer registration process is making it harder to purchase from your Shopify store, increasing drop-offs. This also affects your customer engagement. Shoppers might be interested in saving an item or performing similar actions, only to leave because of the complex registration process.

If your Shopify store faces an alarmingly high number of cart abandonment or exit rates, social login can help you tackle this issue and capture more purchases on your store with ease. 

2. One of the most important metrics for you is sign-ups and subscription rate

You can’t turn every visit into a purchase. You can, however, get a large number of these visitors to subscribe or sign-up for a customer account. If sign-ups and subscriptions are important metrics for your Shopify store, you can pair your sign-up offers with social login to maximize conversions! 

Pro-tip: When setting up your pop-ups and sign-up messages, mention how easy it is for shoppers to register. Phrases like “Unlock 20% off by signing up. Be an insider with just one click” can help you incentivize store visitors and show them how easy it is to sign-up.

3. You want shoppers to spend time on their customer account

Simplifying the customer account registration is the first step to getting customers to engage with your Shopify store. With a faster login process, customers can enjoy making a purchase or saving an item to their wishlist without struggling to remember their password. 

Besides setting up social login, we recommend that you provide more personalized features like a branded customer account page and wishlisting. Such features will only add to the experience that shoppers have on your Shopify store, increasing time spent on the store, and boosting loyalty.

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4. You want to understand shoppers better and use their information to tailor communication

With the right data about your customers, you can set up more personalized messaging and send emails and messages that are sure to convert. For instance, if you plan to send personalized emails such as birthday discounts, you need to make sure that shoppers aren’t entering any random date just to complete the customer registration process 

Capture more accurate information from your customers with social login. Since the data that you collect through their social profile is carefully curated by the shopper, you are less likely to collect wrong information.

5. You have a higher number of mobile shoppers 

With more consumers shifting to mobile shopping, merchants need to make their Shopify store easy to use on mobile devices. If you have more shoppers accessing your Shopify store through their smartphones, mobile optimization must be a priority. 

One aspect that many merchants miss out on when optimizing their store for mobile is simplifying registration and checkout processes. Filling a form on mobile feels even more tedious than on desktop but social login’s one-click interaction magically improves this experience, making it more delightful for shoppers and increasing conversions.

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Set up social login with Flits

Social login, as simple as it works, is an essential feature. Here are 6 ways it improves your Shopify store’s experience:

  1. Lowers bounce rate
  2. Reduce cart abandonment
  3. Captures more visitors as subscribers
  4. Captures accurate data to personalize messaging
  5. Engaged customers better
  6. Increases repeat purchases

We hope this helped you understand why you must set up social login on your Shopify store. Setting up this feature is as easy as installing Flits and we will show you how does social login works with a simple onboarding as well!

Flits is a Shopify customer account app that helps you enhance your customer experience. Besides letting you personalize your customer account page and set up wishlisting, the app also enables social login. You can choose which profiles you want to let shoppers log in with, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Amazon, or even enable all four, giving your customers more options.

Install Flits now and set up social login for simpler customer registration. 

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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