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Importance of Social Login for Shopify stores

If your Shopify store doesn’t have a social sign on or a one click social login, you need to read this post. 

eCommerce has made shopping so easy for customers that their expectations are growing by the day.  Leaving behind the conventional ways of shopping, online stores enable shoppers to buy products without even stepping into brick and mortar stores. But what comes as a disadvantage here for the business is – not being able to interact with the customer face-to-face or know more about them. Getting customers to fill long forms is an absolute no-no. So what do you do? Give shoppers the ability to create an account on your store with social login for Shopify.

According to a survey, 77% of online shoppers think that social login is a good solution that can be offered by any site. People don’t want to go through long registration forms, because let’s face it, it is too boring and time-consuming a process. After all, wasn’t online shopping supposed to be instantaneous?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about enabling social login on your store, its benefits, and how it can help you provide instant gratification to your customers.

What is social login for Shopify?

Social login, also popularly known as social sign-in, is an instant way to register on an online store. It allows the user to sign up on an online store using social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The feature uses the information present on the social media account to populate the account information on a third-party platform, in our case, it is an online store. Think about the last time you signed up on an online store using your Facebook account – one-click login and you could move to checkout instantly.

If you’re wondering why the usual sign up form doesn’t work, here’s the reason.

As many as 86% of online shoppers said that they feel bothered by the need to create new accounts on websites. They find it unnecessarily too time-consuming and often a hindrance to making purchases.

Simply put, the age-old long process of creating an account on a site no longer appeals to the new-age consumer. The lengthier the process, the lower are your conversions.  Social login is like your way out of this problem.

You’re getting the information you want from the customer. The customer is getting a quicker interface to create their account, start shopping or complete the purchase – win-win for everyone!

In fact, popular eCommerce leaders like eBay have been using Social login to capture visitor information for a very long time.

shopify social login for customer account page

As of today, there are thousands of Shopify stores that are using social login on their site. And each one of them has seen a dramatic increase in the number of visitors who are willing to create an account on their store.

We looked into our data to verify the same and found that stores offering social login to online shoppers, saw a 13% increase in on-site conversions. Let’s take a look at the benefits of quick social login Shopify in detail in the next section.

Benefits of Offering Social Login on your Shopify Store

Better conversion rates and user experience are just a few examples from the pool of benefits that social login introduces to your Shopify store. But let’s dive deeper and understand each of these social sign on advantages a little better.

Increase in user signups

The ease of signing up motivates more visitors to create an account on your store. Not having to fill long forms just to be able to save or wishlist products they like is definitely a positive. While the shopper gets this ease of interacting with your brand, you get to build a long list of emails to send offers and other updates to by simply making your Shopify shop login easier.

Reduction in cart abandonment

One of the major benefits of social login is that it reduces the cart abandonment rate drastically and makes the checkout experience more user friendly and easy-going. Long sign up process proves to be a major reason behind cart abandonment, it makes the customer feel frustrated. They are seeking instant gratification, not giving a mini-interview!

With social login, you’re offering a frictionless way to complete the checkout process. The customer doesn’t need to sign up with their email address, then wait for a verification mail before moving forward to make the purchase. Social login maintains the flow during the shopping and turns out to be one of the best checkout optimization strategies out there.

Reduced need for account recovery and password resets

With so many things accounts on different platforms, it becomes hard for the user to remember another password for shopping. The traditional way of signup requires the customer to remember the password of their account.

In case they forget the password, it asks them to recover using a long process, which often turns out to be frustrating for the customer. According to a survey, 92% of people said that they end up leaving the website permanently instead of going through the password recovery process.

Social Login eliminates this problem and ensures that your Shopify store does not lose even a single customer.

Improvement in Mobile Conversion

Smartphones have brought a significant change in shopping behaviour and the frequency at which we make purchases. More than half of the total shoppers prefer shopping via a mobile phone. An important aspect of optimizing your Shopify store for mobile devices is to make signing up, registering or moving to checkout as easy as possible. This is where social login comes in.

Since most of us are already logged into our social media accounts, signing up on a site with social login becomes a one-click process. This, in turn, increases your mobile conversion rate.

More data for better marketing

If you are acquiring a customer or a prospect’s information from their social media accounts, then you know far more about them than their email.

Social media accounts provide more detailed and accurate data about your customers and allow you to create better target marketing strategies based on their likes and dislikes, and even information about their life events.

More data means that you will get a chance to be specific to your customers. This comes out like a brownie point of having social login on your online Shopify store.

Avoid false information

It is often seen that customers provide false information about themselves when they sign up to an online store in the traditional manner. According to a survey, 88% of users admitted that they enter incorrect or incomplete data while filling up the registration form of a website. This is because they’re not sure if the brand has any value to offer and are scared their inbox might get spammed.

But, when you nudge people to log in using their social media account, there’s no room for false information. So you wouldn’t end up with data that is invalid and cannot be made use of in any way.

How to Implement Social Login on your Shopify store

Now that we’ve understood what social login is and why it is an important part of a Shopify store, let’s go through the implementation process. The good thing is that to implement this, you do not need to go into the social login Shopify API.

Social Login is not something very recent. Earlier it was an expensive and time taking process to set up the social login option. Business owners had to hire developers and it sometimes took weeks or months. It was difficult for small business owners to afford the extra cost and the bigger companies didn’t want to lose so much time in the market to a competitor.

But now, it can be done in minutes and without any professional help. Shopify apps like Flits allow store owners to create social login options for their stores easily with just a few clicks.

Below are the steps that you need to follow if you want to create social login for your Shopify store using Flits. It also shows you how does social login work.

Step 1: Install the Flits app from the app store. Click here.

Step 2: Open the Flits admin page.

Step 3: Find Settings on the navigation panel present on the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Find Social Login Settings on the Settings page and click. Refer to the image provided below.

step 4 social login for customer account page

Step 5: Refer to the below image for the Social Login Settings page. Remember, here you want to choose the channels you want to offer Shopify login with.

step 5 for social login customer account page

Step 6: As you can see in the image provided above, you can enable and disable the given features according to your preference. For example, if you want a Facebook login feature on your Shopify store, then you can get it simply by choosing Yes from the options provided.

Step 7: When you’re done customizing the Social login according to your requirement and preference, click on the Save button to apply changes.

How do social logins work?

Social login uses an already existing profile like Facebook, Google, or Amazon to create an account on the Shopify store.

The feature sends a request to log in using the social media network. The social profile confirms your customer’s identity and creates an account or logs in to the customer profile on the store.

Is Social Login safe?

Yes, social login is safe. It uses another common profile like your Facebook or Amazon to authenticate your identity as a customer. It is one of most secure ways to log in.

How do I add social login to my website?

You can add social login to your website using Flits. The Shopify app lets you enable social login and choose the profiles through which shoppers can register and login on your Shopify store, from Facebook to Amazon.

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Social login has evolved into a better and more reliable tool for Shopify store owners over time. It comes with a pool of benefits for the store as well as for the customer. But the biggest one being that you’re 23% more likely to turn a visitor into a customer account if not an immediate sale using this feature!

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