Why You Need A Flits Shopify Customer Account Page on Your Store

Do you remember the first time you set up your account on Myntra or Zivame or even Forever 21? These sites are a delight for shoppers and sellers too. Why? 

Because these and many more shopping sites offer their customers more than just a place to purchase products. They offer them experiences. Experiences that make them want to come back to the stores for more. 

Being able to wishlist products, being reminded about wishlisted or previously bought items, reminders of credit points’ available, recommendations based on their previous seen [considered for buying, but not bought] or purchased products and many more features are offered by these eCommerce sites. And that’s what makes you want to go back to them.   

What if you could do the same on your Shopify store? What if you could give your customers a playground of their own where they can save products they want to purchase, save delivery addresses they frequently use or even get to discover more products that match their interests? 

Sounds too difficult? It isn’t. You can do all of this (and more) on your store with the Flits Shopify customer accounts. Let us tell you all about it. 

Why is a customer account page important for your Shopify store? 

Most Shopify stores spend a lot of their time designing a site that matches the look and feel of their brand’s products. They’re perfecting their search and filters, making sure all their pages are mobile optimized and more. But what often gets missed out on, is a customer account page. Thinking that a basic Shopify customer account page that comes with there theme is enough. 

But think about it from this perspective – when you’re personalizing your overall design so much to match your branding and offer a great customer experience to customers, why lose a chance to impress them when it comes to your customer account page? 

While the overall design of a website and user-friendliness is a must-have, a customer account page on Shopify is equally important.  Here’s why:

1. Helps you understand your customers better 

The customer account page holds useful account information such as the customer’s name, their email address and phone number, which sellers and sites use for sending campaigns and offer mailers, preferences, etc.

2. Makes it easier for customers to make purchases 

Customers can save multiple addresses that help them buy for themselves, their family and friends and get them delivered to the required (saved) addresses without having to type it all in every time while placing an order. Think about how you avoid filling long forms on a landing page.

3. Lets customers create their personal wishlist 

With a ‘my account’ page, customers can save the products they want to buy in the future and view them in the Wishlist or Favorites section easily. This shortens the purchase cycle when they’re ready to make the purchase – they don’t have to go looking for the product on your store all over again. They can just go to their account, find the product in their wishlist, add to cart and make the purchase

4. Helps to keep track of orders and make re-ordering easy

It holds information about previous and current orders. The seller hence gets to understand their customer’s purchase behavior better, personalizing the campaigns ahead. The customer gets to not just track their current purchases, but also re-order those he wants to purchase again without going through the entire cycle of searching for the product on the site.

Simply put, by giving your customers a place of their own on your store, you are able to engage them better. It gives you an opportunity to know more about them – right from their contact information to their preferences and more! 

But more importantly, customer account pages help you build a bond of trust with the customers

Customers can rely on their account page to have all the things they need to make an informed or a quick purchase, securely tucked away. 

Do you really need a custom customer account page?

We’re not saying that the default Shopify customer account page is not good. We’re just saying that when you’re trying to offer a personalized experience to your customers, it is not good enough. As a brand that is combatting a competitive industry, it is important to do more. 

Now here’s what the default customer account page on Shopify looks like: 

In a default customer account page on Shopify, the customer gets to see the orders they have placed, their fulfillment status, and basic information like their delivery address. 

These kinds of customer accounts don’t entice shoppers enough. Think about it – what’s there in your customer account page right now that would appeal to a shopper or will engage them for more than a few minutes? Nothing. 

That’s where setting up a custom customer account page with Flits comes in. This page now is like a Pinterest board that is exclusive to every customer of yours. Here’s what it includes: 

  • Customer profile 
  • Order history 
  • Reorder functionality 
  • Delivery addresses
  • Wish Lists 
  • Recently viewed products 
  • Store credits 
  • Extra pages to provide the refund and return policy details 

Through a Flits Shopify customer account page, you can:

1. Personalize the shopping experience

Via Flits Shopify customer account page, you can see which of your products have been viewed or saved by customers in their Wishlists or have been ordered previously. With this, you can then identify their interests and create personalized campaigns to retarget them and nudge them to buy more.

You can also set up smart upsell and cross-sell campaigns on the products they have kept saved or viewed, but did not purchase from your store. An in-depth customer account page like this gives you a lot of data to play with! 

2. Drive Repeat Purchases

Through the feature of order history, you can analyze the products your customers are interested in and the ones they are more likely to re-order. Use this data to reach out to the customer and re-engage them with reminders about the product or why they should re-order it right away. Contextual marketing always leads to better engagement and more repeat purchases. 

Once they are back to make a repeat purchase, you also get the opportunity to sell more to them by displaying their recently viewed products and reminding them of what’s in the wishlist.

3. Build customer loyalty 

When you start personalizing your customer’s journey with your brand on this level and get involved with their likes and dislikes, it helps you build loyalty. Having a customer account page enabled by apps like Flits is like getting access to unlimited customer data that you can use to tailor their journey with your brand, nudging them with contextual campaigns to keep engaging with your brand in one way or the other – be it asking them for reviews in turn of store credits or offering additional discounts on their wishlisted items. 

According to surveys, 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. That’s because 43% of people tend to spend more money on brands that offer a personalized experience to them and have won over their loyalty. 

Now imagine when you implement a customer account page with Flits, you get to build this loyal customer base. Every visitor becomes more likely to turn into a customer and once you personalize their journey, they’re sure to become avid brand followers. 

Are Shopify stores really using a customer account page?

Now you may be wondering if other Shopify stores are even using a custom customer account page. You may be wondering if the effort is really worth it. Well, let us share some examples of brands that have customized their customer account pages with Flits and how it helps them offer a personalized shopping experience to their customers. 

Examples of some of the best customer account pages of Shopify stores, enabled by Flits: 

1. The Man Company

The Man Company (TMC) is one of India’s leading Shopify stores that sells men’s grooming products. The marketing team at TMC had an innovative idea of categorizing their customers based on their interaction with the brand and reward long term, repeat, and loyal customers. As per the request of the TMC team,  Flits integrated with Shopify Flow app (a feature available only for Shopify Plus merchants) and set up a separate reward system. The rewards section was named ‘The Man Wallet,’ which would keep track of all reward points on every customer’s successful purchase. 

This has helped the brand 2X their customer engagement, driving more repeat purchases, and boosting their customer loyalty.

Flits Shopify Customer Account Page

2. Hourglass

Hourglass is a cruelty-free beauty brand that wanted a different customer account page design, something clean and sleek with custom titles for a few sections. Since Flits provides a simple code structure, the brand was able to customize the look and feel of its customer account page easily. In fact, they made the changes to the titles by using the multi-language feature to further personalize the interaction with their customers. 

3. Spaced out

Spaced out is a Germany-based leading apparel store on Shopify who wanted their customer account pages to be available in both English and German. They wanted to change the layout and text on their customer account page and add text to the account overview and initials to the profile picture section. The idea was to make the customer feel like it’s their very own personal profile. 

4. Magre

Magre is an Indian leading apparel store that was inspired by the customer account page of Spaced out. Flits followed the customization used for Spaced out and changed the layout of Wishlist and Recently Viewed sections from horizontal to vertical as was asked by Magre. With just a little bit of customization on their customer account page, the brand was able to see more engagement from their customers, leading to more sales. 

Read more about the customer account page customizations possible with Flits here

Is it the right time to set up a custom customer account page?

No matter what stage your Shopify store is at, a customer account page is as important as your cart page. In times when there are so many options available to a shopper, you want to ensure that you know more about every visitor that comes to your store. A customer account page like the one enabled by Flits is your opportunity to do just that! 

One page for your customers and you get to enter the major leagues of brands offering a great shopping experience. Yes, we’re talking about the likes of Forever21, H&M, and others. Why aim for any less?

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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