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Custom Shopify customer account pages by Flits

It would be an understatement to say that Shopify has revolutionized online shopping. But when it comes to online stores, there are a lot of other important aspects that need to be taken into account. Brick and mortar stores have to focus on their products and infrastructure mainly, but online stores need to work on customer experiences as well. And a big part of that experience is being able to offer a Shopify customer account page that makes everything from their addresses to recent orders and more, easily accessible.

Shopify does have a customer account page by default. But it gives out the absolute necessary (minimum) details of the customer to a merchant. And on the flip side, limited details to the shopper that can be used during their shopping journey.

Now if you’re wondering how you could offer an Amazon-like experience to Shopify customers, it’s time to set up a custom Shopify account page. With apps like Flits, setting up custom account pages on Shopify is a breeze.

Flits was born to enhance existing Shopify Customer account pages. Our Shopify Customer account page has many features that ease the customer’s experience and help the merchant in gaining the customer’s confidence.

Shopify Customer Account page
Shopify customer account vs Flits Shopify customer account

After working on basic customer account pages, Flits also started customizing customer account pages to suit the specific needs of online retailers. No two merchants will ever have the same products or the same customer base, which means that they also have different requirements when it comes to Shopify customer account pages. So why stick to the usual?

When it comes to customizations, finding the right online service to help you out can be overwhelming. But the Flits support team was always a dedicated one when it comes to helping Shopify stores succeed. Even if that meant setting aside some of the work we had at hand!

Over the years, we have helped many Shopify merchants make changes to their store’s customer account page. Some to match their look and feel, and some to offer a personalized experience to their shoppers.

Below are some of the best custom Shopify customer account pages we’ve worked on:


1. The Man Company

The Man Company is a Shopify store that sells men’s grooming products and is one of India’s leading Shopify stores. The Man Company’s marketing team came up with an innovative idea of categorizing their customers based on their interaction with the brand and giving them rewards for loyalty based on that.

So they shared what they had in mind for their Shopify customer account page. Here are the suggestions they made:

The Man Company came up with an idea to prioritize their long term, repeat and loyal customers. They wanted to have a tier-based reward program. Gold customers would get a 15% reward, and silver would get 10% customers and the rest would get a 5% reward.

The Man Company is a store that receives thousands of orders in a single day. Such a large scale business often deals with unfulfilled orders. The more the magnitude of the business, the more scope there is of loss. Customers who place an order but cancel it soon get the credits based on that and withdrawing their credits is a big task. So TMC wanted the customers to receive credits only after the order was successfully placed.
If the customers cancelled/returned their orders, the rewards disbursed to them must be revoked.

Steps that Flits and The Man Company took to set up this custom Shopify customer account page:

Step 1

Flits doesn’t have a functionality that can help merchants categorize their customers in Gold and Silver or any other title the merchant wants to give. So we helped The Man Company by Using Shopify Flow. This feature is available only for Shopify Plus merchants.

We integrated our App with Shopify Flow to give a tier-based rewards program. Flits team did every customization. Our fluid code structure with a few account page design suggestions made a great pair. We managed to set up a separate reward system for the different categories of customers in just a few days.

Step 2

Flits team also worked on fulfilling their demand for delaying the rewards until order fulfilment. The module for delay of the reward system is not an existing feature. We used Shopify Flow to ensure the postponement of rewards.

The significant advantage of this customization was that The Man Company didn’t need to waste time and effort on adjusting credits of the customers who cancelled or returned their orders.

PS. This is an aspect when ignored, can result in an enormous revenue loss for any online business.

Step 3

The text for ‘Rewards’ was changed to ‘The Man Wallet’ using the multi-language feature of Flits customer account pages.

Here’s what the new Shopify customer account pages for The Man Company looks like now:

1. Shopify Customer account page for Gold customers
The man Company-Shopify customer account page

This is what the Shopify customer account page would look like to the customers that are Gold members.

2.Shopify Customer account page for Silver customers
The Man Company-Shopify customer account

This is what the Shopify customer account page would look like to the shoppers that are Silver members.

2. Indie and Harper

Indie and Harper is an Australian-owned bohemian brand that uplifts women and gives them a place to adorn themselves with jewels that best reflect their true selves. Indie and Harper has one of the most exciting Shopify customer account pages. But it was not always so!

Following are the suggestions and issues they shared with Flits to better their Shopify customer account pages:

Indie and Harper wanted to highlight their reward section
They also wanted customers to notice their most ordered product

Steps Flits and Indie and Harper took to set up custom customer account pages for their Shopify store:

Step 1

The easiest way of highlighting Top ordered products was to keep it on top in the customer account page.

Top Ordered products are a part of Advanced dashboard feature of Flits customer account pages.

Step 2

Indie and Harper’s team also had great ideas on how to spruce up the reward page. They selected an eye-catching banner and text on their own and asked our team to add them on the Shopify customer account page to highlight the rewards section.

We added a drop-down section to highlight the rewards section, as the reward program was one of the primary marketing tools used by Indie and Harper.

Indie and Harper smartly use their reward program to engage their present and future customers. You can read about the reward program as a tool to engage existing customers and acquire new ones in one of our previous blogs here.

Step 3

Indie and Harper has also added the wishlist feature and reward section tab on the top of their store page so that customers can easily access it. The Flits team helped the Indie and Harper team to get all this customization done.

Furthermore, they have also added a wishlist option beside the customer account page icon.

Shopify custom customer account page for Indie Harer

3. Hourglass

Hourglass is a cruelty-free beauty brand and is known for its innovation and commitment to reinventing luxury cosmetics.

Following are the Issues and Suggestions they had for their Shopify customer account page:

Hourglass cosmetics wanted a different page design for their customer account page
Hourglass was on the lookout for a sleek and clean customer account page design
They wanted to change titles of a few sections on the customer account page

Steps Flits and Hourglass took to set up Shopify customer account pages that matched the above needs:

To our surprise, Hourglass’s team didn’t need any help making all the changes mentioned above as they did it on their own.

Flits code structure is so fluid that anyone with technical knowledge of coding can make the desired changes by themselves.

Hourglass made changes in titles by using the Multi-Language feature of the Flits customer account pages. Many other merchants have previously used the same feature to make their Shopify customer account page look better.

Shopify custom customer account page for Hourglass

4. Artisan Galleria

Artisans Galleria is a Shopify Store known for its well equipped, traditional, and modern proficient handicraft Company. Artisans gallery wanted to make full use of our Shopify customer account page feature and had a few things in mind. So we helped them out!

The suggestions they had in mind for a custom customer account page on their Shopify store:

Artisan gallery wished to change the layout of their Customer account page
They were using an order tracking app; hence they wanted to display it on the customer account page
They wanted to add extra pages regarding policy and other information that the customer may require while and after making a purchase

Steps Flits and Artisan Galleria took to set up a Shopify customer account page with the above specifications:

Step 1

The merchant’s team took our help to customize their page layout and colour.
We integrated the order tracking app into their Shopify customer account page. As we have already mentioned, our code structure is fluid hence makes it easy to integrate with other apps. You can check out some of our integrations here.

Extra pages are an existing feature and can be added by any merchant on their own.

Here’s a look at Artisans Galleria’s customer account page – notice the all-white background to keep things neat and focused on their products to enhance the shopping journey of a customer:

Shopify custom customer account page for Artisan galleria

5. Spaced out

Spaced out is a leading Shopify store that deals in apparel. They had suggestions mainly related to design and language options on their customer account page.

Issues and suggestions Spaced out made to enhance their Shopify customer account page:

Spaced out is based in Germany – they needed the text in German and English as well
They wanted to change the layout and text on their customer account page
Spaced out also wanted to add text to account overview and initials in the profile picture section

Steps that Flits and Spaced out took to set up a custom Shopify customer account page:

Step 1

Flits gave 100% assistance to the Spaced out team to get the best results. We referred to the suggestion Spaced out had to enhance their customer account page and made sure that every idea was added to their customer account page.

Text and language change can be done through the Multi-Language feature of Flits. You can read about it here.

Here’s what the customer account page of Spaced out looks like in English:
Shopify custom customer account page for SpacedoutClo
And here’s what the Shopify customer account page looks like in German:
Shopify custom customer account page for SpacedoutClo

6. Magre

Magre is another leading apparel Shopify store based in India. They liked the customer account page of Spaced out Clo and wanted to do something similar for their Shopify store as well.

The merchant also had a few other suggestions for their Shopify customer account page, which are as follows:

As already mentioned Magre wanted a Customer account page inspired by Spacedoutclo
They also wanted to change the layout of wishlist and Recently viewed products from horizontal to vertical

Steps that Flits and Magre took to achieve the above Shopify customer account page specifications:

Step 1

We gave them a customer account page similar to Spacedoutclo. Following similar customization for a sleek look and feel.

Step 2

We changed the wishlist’s layout to vertical with the developer’s support.

Here’s what the vertical arrangement of the wishlisted products looks like now:

Shopify custom customer account page for Magre

Here’s what the Recently Viewed Products section looks like with the vertical arrangement:

Shopify custom customer account page for Magre

What is a Shopify customer account page?

Anytime you sign up on a social media platform, a section called profile page consists of all your data. This page is an essential section of any platform, as it is the easiest way to add  or remove any information.

The customer account page is also critical for an ecommerce platform. If a merchant wants to focus on customer retention and customer acquisition, he should focus on customer account pages.

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 crisis, we can see how E-commerce and home delivery pave the way. Hence the focus on giving the best experience to your customers is essential, now more than ever.

A Shopify customer account page is the most convenient way for customers to come back and buy again. There’s a dual benefit, returning customers come back if they liked their previous purchase, so repeat customers are more likely to become brand advocates.

The customer account consists of all the relevant information that includes name, addresses, wishlists, recently viewed products, password change options, etc. Now that almost everyone has access to internet banking and other internet payment options, customer account pages should also have a dedicated section towards payment options.

Why is a customer account page significant?

Customer account pages are key to your customer’s heart. Of course, you do need excellent products. But what would make a customer feel they should buy from you again if they had a hard time signing up? Or if they had previously purchased from you yet could find no record of their purchase? How will the merchants find out what products the customers liked?

Customer account pages make it easy for customers to keep a log of their addresses and previous purchases. If all this information is available on a single page, it makes the customer’s experience extremely easy.

This gives them one-click access to a previous purchase, and they can repeat the purchase without having to search again. Anything that eases your customer’s experience in your store is nothing but an asset.

Shopify Customer account pages should be treated exactly like an asset. Even if they have no tangible value, they add a lot to your store.

There is a reason why giants like Amazon have such elaborate customer account pages. Imagine making several purchases only to end up getting lost while finding a bill for them or finding out how and when you paid for them.

Features that Flit’s Customer account page provides:

Flits customer account page

This is the basic Shopify customer account page we provide. You can compare the basic Customer account page with the Customized account pages to assess the customizations that we have done.

After discussing the customizations, what, and why a customer account page is essential, we will now focus on what Flits provides in their customer account pages.


The profile section of Flits customer account page includes
First name/ last name
Email address
The customer can easily edit all the above information

All of the above information is essential not just for the customer but also for the merchant. The contact information is the most important if the merchant wants to get in touch with the customer.
Birthdate and Gender information can be used for targeted marketing..

My order:

My order section is another essential section as it helps to keep a log of purchases made. It is imperative, especially if the customer wants to repeat a previous purchase or if he wants just to cross-check information regarding a purchase he made. This section also acts as the Order history section.

Re-order ( Depending on plans)
It helps the customer in saving time while re-ordering a product in one click instead of going through the trouble of finding the product and placing the order.

Delivery addresses:

When it comes to online shopping, most customers use it to order products to various addresses. Online shopping has made sending gifts easier; hence customers will use different addresses for shipping gifts to family friends, spouses, etc. Customers can add separate addresses.
The address contains a default address that will be selected automatically unless you choose a different address. Customers can easily add a new address by clicking on Add a new address.

Recently viewed products:

Any avid shopper will vouch for the fact that the recently viewed section comes in handy while browsing products. Often while surfing an online store we come across products that we forget to add to wishlist or move on to a new product. But we realize that the previous product was the best we could find. This is where the recently viewed products section plays a significant role. If this option is not available, the customer may have to go through their web browser history and find that particular product among the infinite number of searches they made.

Change password:

For security reasons, customers should keep changing passwords, primarily if they use the same password for all the accounts they have. This is a relevant section that is not a regular use feature but should not be difficult to find; hence should be displayed on the account page for easy access.

Log out:

A customer might not want others to peep in on what they are surfing or buying, especially if they are planning a surprise gift for their family members. Hence Log out option is also a must-have on a customer profile page.

Extra page:

Extra pages can be added by the merchants in case they wish to give their customers detailed information about refund or return policy. This can also be used to provide a link to an existing collection page or any external link which the merchant may want the customer to check out.

In the above examples, we can see that many merchants have added extra pages for their shoppers in their Shopify buyer accounts page.

Add ons like Wishlist and Reward program also appear on the customer account page once the merchant has paid for them or selected them during the free trial period.

Customer account page is a tool that can give your store a professional look. Missing out on it just because your sales are doing good can be a big mistake. The purpose of introducing or adding anything to your store should be to please both old and new customers. Adding a decent comprehensive Shopify customer account page will do just that. Small price to pay and the benefits galore.

Flits has over 5000 trusted customers. You can check out all the reviews left by our customers here. So why wait? Get a customer account today.

To start your free trial and set up a Shopify customer account page, click here.

If you want to set up a basic Shopify customer account page, click here to read a step-by-step guide.

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