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How Flits Is Improving Your Shopify Customer Account Page

Before we start reading about the need of a Shopify customer account page lets read about it from a layman’s perspective. Imagine, a customer enters a beautiful store with excellent products but stands in line for hours to buy it. When he reaches the payment desk, it takes another hour for the store employee to get his details. It would be safe to assume that the chances that the customer will return are slim to none.

 An Online store is meant to eliminate the queues, save time and ensure a better shopping experience, but that does not imply that an appealing website is enough. Online merchants often focus all their energy on making an eye-catching website but ignore ensuring a better checkout experience.

Also, there is a good chance that many other sites are selling the same products as yours. So how do you stand out? Effortless check out options for your customer coupled with competition from other sites on the same front is a good enough reason for you to pay attention to Customer accounts. We already went through the essential features of a Customer account page; if you haven’t, then you can read the article here.

After reading about the essential features, the next hurdle is how to add these features to your customer account page. But fret not! Flits team is here to help you solve these woes. Before we offer you a solution to this problem lets look at the customer account page features that Shopify provides. 

A customer account page of Shopify looks like this.


Features provided on a Shopify customer account page

Account details with the order number, date, payment status, fulfilment status, and total.

Customer details contain the email address, customer’s address and phone number and a link to view other addresses. 

Now lets come to adding essential features:

For all your customer account page troubles ‘Flits app’ provides you with a package of customer account page features for a smooth buying experience on Shopify. You can try out the flits app’s basic plan along with add ons for free, the trial lasts till 30 days.

Features Flits provides for your Shopify customer account page


The profile includes the customer’s First Name, Last Name, Email, Contact Number, Birthday, Gender. These details are editable and provide you with all the information you need about your Shopify customer.

My order

Flits’ My order includes order history, i.e. a list of all previous purchases by the customer from your Shopify website. The purchase history also has 

  • Product image & title: Makes it easy for the customer to verify the purchase
  • Order date: Dates come in handy while inquiring about the product or finding out the estimated delivery time
  • Order number: Order number helps in locating the exact order the customer needs to find in the history 
  • Total: This includes total payment made by the customer on the order
  • Total items: This consists of the number of items purchased in a single order
  • Shipping address: Mentioning Shipping address below the order helps in ensuring the correct delivery address especially in case of multiple addresses
  • Billing address: Billing address is essential for sending personalized letters, mails to your customers. This detail is also vital in case of debit/credit card payments for fraud detection.
  • Cost break up: The customer should have all the details related to the purchase. Product cos, discounts, taxes, other related charges must be specified
  • Payment type: Customer should have the option to cross-check the payment mode (Debit/credit card or CoD)

Delivery Address

Customers get the option to add multiple delivery addresses. They can also select a default address for pre-selection of the address for every order. All the details, along with the address, are editable.

Recently Viewed Products

‘Recently viewed products’ option is a boon for shopaholics. Any shopaholic is also a potential loyal customer. Flits app provides this feature of ‘Recently viewed products’ along with the product image, name, and, price.

The best thing about this feature is that the customer can add the product to cart directly from the customer account page. In short, we are providing a bunch of other details and quicker checkout experience in a single feature. 

Link Store Page 

Flits app gives you an impressive feature of linking pages to your store. You can add custom pages for your customers like ‘Summer/Winter Collection’ from your website, a blog link or any other informative page like ‘Return/ Refund Policy’ on the ‘Link store page.’ 

Note: ‘Shopify blog’ and ‘Shopify Academy’ are the pages added by the merchant (you) as an example. Customer can only view these pages. 

Change password

Another Flits app feature that lessens customer’s trouble of going through the whole account page to change the password.

Log Out

For Quicker logging out. 

To sum up, Flits app is going to add many jewels in the crown of your Shopify customer account page. Flits is a necessity for your Shopify store. It will not only be a great addition to your store but will also make it easier for your customers to shop on your website.

We have over 3500 trusted customers. You can check out all the reviews left by our customers here. We are constantly improvising and trying to add new features for better customer service. You can read about our plans here. We also provide 24/7 customer service. GET APP

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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