Customer Account Page Breakdown: Indie and Harper Provides Personalized Customer Accounts to Increase Sales

A Shopify store’s customer account pages provide its shoppers with quick access to relevant information about their history and preferences. With the right Shopify app, eCommerce stores can customize this experience and deliver a unique customer account page that fits right into the rest of the store design.

Indie and Harper is a bohemian jewelry brand that uses Flits to set up a unique customer account page for their Shopify store, reflecting their brand design and setting up specific pages for their shoppers.

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In this blog, we’re walking you through the customer account page on Indie and Harper’s website and the features they’ve enabled to make it unique.

Please note: The wishlist feature and rewards program are add-ons that India and Harper opted for. When you get started with Flits, only the customer account page is the key feature. You can add add-ons as per your need. 

Overview of Indie and Harper’s Customer Account Page

Indie and Harper’s customer account reflects their brand personality, using their pleasing brand color as well as a minimal layout. Shoppers can navigate between the different pages available to them easily, whether this is seeing how many rewards they have to order items they saved in their wishlist.

customer account page flits indie and harper

Quick Access to Interests


Indie and Harper’s shoppers can wishlist items that catch their eye. The wishlist heart icon appears as part of the product image so that shoppers can add items to their wishlist as they scroll.

indie and harper wishlist customer account page

By being able to save products they are interested in, shoppers don’t have to later browse through the entire catalog to find the specific item they are looking for.

Instead, they just have to navigate to their customer account page to find items that caught their eye. Here, shoppers can directly add products to their cart and see which products are sold out.

customer account page - add wishlist with flits shopify

Recently Viewed Products

Even if shoppers haven’t saved an item they were interested in, they can easily look at their browsing history within the customer account page. The ‘Recently Viewed Products’ page lists every product that the shopper looked at.

Such a page cuts short the time that shoppers would end up spending for products that caught their interest but they didn’t save when browsing the store’s catalog.

recently viewed products customer account page shopify flits

Simplified Rewards Experience

Indie and Harper lets shoppers earn rewards for different activities that they perform on the Shopify store. With such a thorough rewards experience, the brand has been able to build customer loyalty.

There are 4 pages that amplify the rewards experience for Indie and Harper shoppers:

How to Earn Rewards Page

The brand has set up a fun page that informs shoppers how they can earn rewards. What makes this unique that they have used their brand colors and have turned these rewarded activities into goals that shoppers can tick off.

As shoppers continue shopping and referring friends, they can successfully check off different reward activities and earn more!

how to earn rewards customer account page

How to Spend Page

Rewards programs have different rules and spend limits. With a ‘How to Spend’ page, Indie and Harper helps shoppers understand how they can spend their rewards. This explainer page is designed with fonts and colors that reflect the brand, making even a text-heavy page fun to read.

rewards program shopify flits

My i+h Rewards Page

On the third rewards page, shoppers can view all the rewards they’ve earned and spent, along with how they received the rewards. There are a few ways that this page is optimized for easy and positive shopper navigation:

  • Indie and Harper has named their rewards program as ‘i+h rewards’. By naming their rewards program, they were able to brand their program, influencing how shoppers perceive these rewards.
  • The page uses possessive words like ‘My i+h Rewards’, making the rewards more personal to them. This way, the rewards are the shopper’s own rewards rather than just a part of the store.
  • The page is minimal, just like their Shopify store design with a breakdown of every reward earned as well as the reason they’ve earned it.

shopify rewards program - customer account page

Refer a Friend Page

Indie and Harper has a referral program that promises rewards to its shoppers for every friend they refer. This page does a few things:

  • Inform shoppers how they can earn rewards through referrals and how many rewards they can get for each referral.
  • Copy the referral code to share with friends. Inversely, shoppers can also add a referral code to earn rewards.
  • View all the friends that have been referred.

shopify rewards program customer account page flits indie and harper

Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Account Pages

How to customize customer account page on Shopify?

You can customize the customer account page on Shopify by using the Flits app. The Shopify customer account app lets you customize the appearance of your Shopify customer account page, from its look to the features it includes, like rewards, referrals, and wishlisting.

How do I enable customer accounts on Shopify?

You can enable customer accounts on Shopify by going to your ‘Settings’ page on your Shopify dashboard, clicking on “Checkout” and opting for “Accounts are optional” or “Accounts are required”.

What is a customer’s account?

A customer account is a page that gives customers a personalized experience, letting them save items they want, earn rewards for shopping, view their past orders and items they looked at previously, and make it easier to shop on your Shopify store.

By customizing the customer account page, you will increase customer engagement and increase sales.

How do I enable customer login on Shopify?

Enabling customer login on Shopify is easy! Go to “Settings” > “Checkout” and choose between “Accounts are optional” or “Accounts are required”.

Provide a personalized experience on your customer account page, just like Indie and Harper!

When shopping online, consumers want a smooth experience, from being able to access their past purchases and reorder quickly, to being able to view items they saved. A basic Shopify customer account doesn’t have all the features you need to make this experience personalized to the shoppers.

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This is where Flits helps. Using the Shopify app, you can transform your customer accounts in such a way that customers can:

  • Easily view their order history
  • View and easily purchase from their recently viewed items
  • Reorder products they previously purchased
  • Access return, refund and exchange policy information easily
  • Participate and earn rewards from loyalty programs

Install Flits and deliver a personalized experience for your Shopify customer account.

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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