How Amazon Enables Customer Accounts to Personalize Shopping Experiences and Increase Repeat Purchases

There’s no doubt that Amazon has an airtight sales strategy. From well-placed product recommendations to a personalized customer journey, the eCommerce giant enables the smartest strategies to acquire new shoppers and bring back past customers. One tactic that Amazon uses to maintain a higher return customer rate is customer accounts.

With customer accounts, Amazon provides a highly personalized functionality for the shopper, providing easy access to the shopper’s details, allowing quick reorders, and more. This makes customers eager to come back and shop from Amazon, choosing the eCommerce giant over other online stores.

customer accounts

But, what makes Amazon’s customer accounts a success? Let’s dive into the 9 features that Amazon provides its shoppers on their customer accounts. And how you can set up Shopify customer account pages too. 

9 Features on Customer Accounts for Amazon Shoppers

1. View your orders 

Customers can view the orders they placed, track ongoing orders, and download invoices for past orders. With such access to their orders, customers can retrieve bills and get a detailed report of their orders without any restriction. 

This transparency with the orders placed makes Amazon a top choice for shoppers globally.

2. Access and edit your addresses 

Amazon allows shoppers to add multiple addresses, set a default address, and choose from these multiple addresses when ordering. This is helpful as shoppers may be ordering for friends or family and being able to add and choose from multiple addresses will ensure they don’t have to manually add addresses when shopping.

Shoppers can manage their addresses within their eCommerce customer account page

3. View your payment methods 

Amazon gives full transparency over all the payment methods stored within Amazon’s database. Shoppers can view their payment methods via their customer accounts, edit these payment methods, and even remove them. 

It’s crucial to allow shoppers to view and control every sensitive information stored about them to build trust.

4. Access login details and modify them

Shoppers can access their login details through their Amazon customer account. The ‘Login & Security’ page lets shoppers change their email, phone number, password, and even set up two-step verification.

Shoppers want to be able to find their personal details quickly and with this page at the top of their customer account, they won’t have to search long to find it.

5. View your wishlist 

Shoppers on Amazon can wishlist items and create multiple lists based on different preferences. These wishlists can be accessed by shoppers through their customer accounts menu. 

Wishlists are a crucial feature within online stores. It allows shoppers to save products they are interested in but aren’t ready to purchase immediately. They can later come back to the wishlist and buy an item without having to search for it.

customer accounts

6. Allow reorders

Amazon uses AI to understand which previously ordered products should require a repurchase. Using this, the eCommerce giant displays ‘Buy it Again’ sections within customer accounts, allowing shoppers to add the products to their cart with just one click.

customer accounts

Learn more about reorders here

7. Easy access to browsing history 

Oftentimes, when browsing on Amazon, shoppers may want to go back and look at a product they viewed a few days back. They can quickly find their browsing history within their customer account and see each product they looked at.

Such a feature is especially helpful with Amazon’s huge product inventory. Shoppers may have forgotten the item’s name and would not have wishlisted the item. In such cases, they can just refer to their browsing history and find the item.

Learn more about Recently Viewed Products.

8. Product recommendations

Amazon is powered with an AI-enabled personalized recommendations engine that displays highly curated recommendations for their customers. This way, customers would be shown products they are most likely to buy, increasing purchases.

These recommendations are shown within the customer account so that when shoppers land on their account, they can choose to view products recommended to them by Amazon.

9. See your rewards

Amazon Pay allows shoppers to top-up their wallet and later spend on Amazon and other third-party services. Shoppers who use Amazon Pay get cashback and rewards. Shoppers can review their wallet balance and see what rewards they received through Amazon’s website or app.

Amazon has provided quick access to the different features within its Amazon Pay dashboard. Shoppers can add money, make donations, view past transactions, and see all the rewards they received.

Learn more about how to set up Store Credits to run a loyalty program.

Set Up Personalized Customer Accounts on your Shopify Store like Amazon

As a Shopify store, you too can set up customer accounts the way Amazon does. The default customer account on Shopify only gives shoppers access to their orders, address, and payment details. However, you can provide a personalized experience for your customer accounts with Flits.

customer accounts

Flits is a Shopify app that adds a personalized touch to customer accounts, allowing shoppers to see their recently viewed products, wish lists, and even reorder directly. With such relevant and helpful features, shoppers would be eager to shop from you and be able to find items they wish listed or last viewed easily. For your eCommerce store, this means better conversions and higher customer return rate.

With Flits, you can set up all the 9 personalized features that Amazon provides within its customer accounts. 

Set up a personalized customer account with Flits and provide a personalized experience, just like Amazon.

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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