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Shopify Reorder Strategies You Must Try On Your Shopify Store

Learn How To Use Shopify Reorder To Maximize Profits On Your Ecommerce Store

The number of eCommerce stores is multiplying. Customers are spoilt for choice. They have multiple options to order an item from many different stores.

In such a tough scenario, are you sure your customers will stay loyal to your brand?

To ensure customer loyalty and repeat purchases, you’ll have to put in marketing efforts.

One such component of eCommerce stores is the Shopify reorder feature.

In this blog, we tell you how to make the most of this feature to engage your customers and boost revenue.

What is Shopify reorder?

Reorder is a feature that makes it simple and convenient for customers to reorder previously bought goods on eCommerce stores. It streamlines the shopping process by offering customers a quick and straightforward way to repurchase items they have already purchased, removing the need to do a new product search or manually enter product information.

For eCommerce stores, the reorder feature often entails automating archiving and cataloging previous customer orders, including information on products, quantities, and preferences. The reorder feature often appears in the Shopify customer account page along with other tabs such as order history, reward programs, etc.

Customers can easily view their order history in the customer account page and start the process of placing a new order for a certain item or group of items by clicking a few buttons. Options for changing quantities, choosing variations, or updating delivery information may be included in the feature, giving flexibility for any modifications to the original.

Reorder feature is often most useful for stores selling consumables, food, health, and essential items that are recurring needs for consumers.

Install Flits Reorder feature on your Shopify store.

Here’s an example of a reorder button:


Benefits of Shopify reorder feature

The Shopify reorder feature has many benefits, both for customers and eCommerce retailers. Apart from the obvious benefits such as making purchases easier and faster, you’d be surprised to know the many hidden benefits offered by this simple feature.

Benefits to customers

1. Convenience

Customers may keep track of a list of their often-purchased items using the eCommerce reorder option. Reorder makes it exceedingly easy to replenish items whenever needed. Moreover, eCommerce stores can show customers personalized suggestions or reminders to reorder products based on their purchase history, ensuring they never run out of their favorite items. All these factors lead to convenience and customer happiness.

2. Fast checkout

With the Shopify reorder feature, customers no longer need to manually look for things they’ve already bought. Instead, they can instantly browse their order history and place new orders with just one click. Particularly for customers who repeatedly buy the same products or constantly replenish necessary supplies, this saves considerable time and work. Customers can streamline their buying experience by skipping the entire browsing and product selection process by using the reorder feature.

3. Ease of shopping

Placing online reorders is extremely easy and quick. Customers only need to click on the reorder button. All the other details such as quantity, preferences, address, etc. remain the same. Some Shopify stores may provide an option to change details of the order while reordering. Again, making it easy and fast for customers to purchase items.

4. Enhanced experience

Customers may easily track the status of prior orders with the reorder option. They can make informed decisions for their future purchases, identify trends, and adjust their purchasing preferences by reviewing their order history. Ecommerce stores can also use this information to personalize recommendations and create more effective reorder marketing efforts to improve the entire purchasing experience.

5. Accuracy

With the eCommerce reorder feature, customers can be sure that their previous orders will be correctly recreated. The chances of human error that could happen while manually inputting product information or quantity get eliminated. This dependability also strengthens the customer-brand relationship and increases trust in the eCommerce platform.

Benefits to retailers

1. More and consistent sales

The Shopify reorder feature is an excellent marketing strategy that helps boost sales. When you send personalized reorder reminders, it improves sales and revenue. Moreover, it’s a feature that ensures consistency.

Customers tend to place repeat orders for some types of products, such as grocery, medicine, health supplements, subscriptions, etc. Having a reorder tab can give you data about customers’ reorder history and patterns. With this data, you can predict future reorders and consistency of revenue.

2. Data collection

Just as you collect data from different sections on your online store, you can gather insightful data from the Shopify reorder section.

Here’s the information you can gather from reorder:

  • Reorder patterns
  • Intervals and time between reorders
  • Quantity of products
  • Location and geographic data
  • Customer preferences
  • Market trends

Once you collect this data, analyze it and use it to craft personalized reorder marketing strategies.

Pro tip: Collect data consistently and regularly. Trends and customer behavior keep changing and hence, consistency in data collection helps you be at speed to what’s going on.

3. Better inventory management

The Shopify reorder function makes it easier for stores to manage recurring orders. By tracking the number of reorders, retailers can predict their inventory needs and stock accordingly. This simplified method of inventory management requires less work and automation removes a lot of tedious processes, bringing accuracy and speed in managing inventories.

Best Shopify reorder strategies to maximize returns

Most eCommerce stores focus on the home page, product pages, and checkout pages. In the process, they ignore a lot of unassuming, yet important features on their websites that can help boost engagement and profits. The reorder feature is one of them. Here are six reorder marketing strategies you must apply on your Shopify store.

1. Include a reorder tab in the customer account page

As customers, what do you do when you log into an eCommerce site? Quiet often, we head to the customer account section to get an overview of our past transactions, reward points, etc.

And this is why it is critical to make the reorder tab a part of your customer account page.

Customers’ online buying experiences can be enriched and improved with a summary of their online activity. They will also be aware that they can get all the information they require, including a list of products they can reorder on the Shopify customer account page.

Here’s an example:

2. Offer incentives on Shopify reorders

Discounts have a psychological effect on consumers—more than 90% of consumers opt for discounted products. And you can combine discounts strategy with reorders.

Try this:

  • Provide discounts after the first reorder on the second reoder
  • Free shipping for reorders
  • Fixed-price reduction
  • Same-day delivery
  • Store credits or reward points

By providing such incentives, you can lessen the likelihood that your customers will purchase the goods from a competitor website. It increases your customer retention rate.

3. Make reorders easy and talk about it, too

Convenience is the main factor that drives online sales—studies prove it. And online reorders provide this benefit as it makes order-placing simple and easy.

Here’s how you can make reordering easy for your Shopify customers:

  • Make reorder a part of your Shopify customer account page so it’s easy for customers to find the reorder tab
  • Making a separate section for reorders also helps in promoting the feature as it becomes more prominent
  • Create campaigns focused on reorder marketing and talk about this feature to your customers
  • Have a reorder button in the order history page next to each order. As order history is a part of your Shopify customer account page, it is easy for customers to place reorders

You would require a customer account page to offer the reorder feature. Flits Customer Account Page app is one of the top Shopify customer account apps with which you may easily add the “reorder” function.

4. Create targeted Shopify reorder marketing campaigns

Your Shopify marketing campaigns should be based on your industry and products. For example, reorder marketing for consumables would be different from reorder marketing for health.

Factors such as order intervals, shelf life of products, quantities, and product preferences of different customer segments would be important factors to consider when planning your reorder marketing strategy.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Make customers register on your website using a Shopify customer account page so you can gather enough information about customers’ purchasing behavior and habits. The customer account page can offer details on a customer’s past orders, the items they frequently reorder, how frequently they make purchases, etc.
  • You can discover more about your consumers’ purchasing habits and other things with each order they place. This data can be used to develop cross-selling and upselling marketing initiatives. In order to boost reorders, you might also provide discounts or other incentives.
  • Understand your industry trends in depth and then craft your reorder marketing campaigns based on your industries. This will make your communication more relevant to customers’ needs.

Read these guides on how to set up the Shopify customer account page for different industries—a good starting point for the reorder feature:

5. Send automated reorder reminders

Customers want eCommerce stores to make their purchase experiences easy and hassle-free. And retailers have started offering help by sending reorder reminders.

Online stores send automated reminders to encourage customers to continue making purchases from their store. Because if you don’t, your customers might stop thinking about your store and decide to purchase the goods from another website.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Analyze your customers’ order history from the customer account page
  • Note repeat purchases and the intervals at which the orders are placed
  • Segment customers based on reorder intervals
  • Set up automated reminders for them on different channels – email, SMS, web push, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.
  • Personalize the reminder messaging to maximize the results

6. Consistently optimize your Shopify customer account page

Logging in, looking through order history, choosing a payment method, and accessing recently seen products shouldn’t be a hassle for customers. You can make these actions easy by including functional elements on your customer account page.

The following elements can enhance customers’ reorder and buy experiences:

  • Enable social login so that users may sign quickly and easily each time they wish to place a reorder
  • Similar to this, choosing a payment option and entering information each time you make a purchase might be time-consuming. Make payments easy by saving their preferred payment methods
  • Optimize your Shopify site for mobile devices so that customers can place online reorders while they’re on the go

Should you have a Shopify reorder feature on your online store?

Shopify reorder has many benefits. This feature can help you stay ahead of your competition. And the level of competition in the eCommerce market is only going to increase. If you want to thrive in your industry, you definitely need the reorder feature in your Shopify store.

However, it’s important to use this feature in the right way. Making it a part of your customer account page is a key part, as it helps easily combine the reorder feature with other features of your website.

For high efficiency and compatibility, explore Flits Customer Account Page app. The app offers the reorder feature as an add-on.

Install Flits Customer Account Page app on your Shopify store!

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