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How To Set Up And Use The Shopify Customer Account Page For Your eCommerce Wholesale Business

Learn How To Use The Shopify Customer Account Page For Wholesale Businesses

The wholesale eCommerce industry is estimated to total $9.2 billion in 2023. And the sector is growing, with new wholesale businesses adopting eCommerce.

Gone are the days when large-scale wholesale orders were only placed via physical modes. Today, retailers and wholesalers are comfortable and confident transacting online.

And that’s where Shopify websites and their customer account pages come into the picture. In this article, we take you through the steps to set up the customer account page for your wholesale Shopify store.

What is an eCommerce wholesale business?

Ecommerce wholesale allows the selling and purchasing of goods at large scales. eCommerce wholesale businesses allow wholesalers and retailers to conduct transactions with each other via online platforms. With the help of this business model, wholesalers may reach out to retailers, distributors, and even individual customers directly and provide them with a large selection of goods at low costs.

eCommerce wholesale businesses can also be aggregator sites. In this model, companies aggregate multiple offers from competing companies and sell them to consumers in one place. An example of an eCommerce wholesale aggregator site would be the China-based

An eCommerce wholesale Shopify site offers many benefits. For example, wholesalers may effectively communicate with retailers, distributors, and even individual customers, eradicating distance obstacles and opening up countless possibilities for expansion.

Besides, wholesalers can create comprehensive catalogs to make it simple for customers to browse and search for products. Add to it, cost savings. Aggregator eCommerce wholesale businesses do not have to incur warehousing and showroom costs, nor do they have to hire large teams. And hence, these businesses can offer competitive prices. Moreover, businesses can maintain bigger profit margins.

And one of the first steps to starting an eCommerce wholesale business is to set up the Shopify site and the customer account page.

How to set up a Shopify customer account page for your wholesale business?

From selecting a comprehensive Shopify customer account app to creating a marketing plan to promote the business to monitoring your business performance, there are a lot of steps you will need to focus on before you start scaling your wholesale business. Here are the preliminary steps to set up your customer account page.

Step 1: Install a Shopify customer account page app

A quick online search for the best customer account apps offers many options. But how do you choose what’s best for your wholesale business? Consider these tips:

  • The customer account page app should provide comprehensive features for your Shopify site
  • Look for an app that is easy to install, use, and provides excellent customer support for backend queries
  • Choose an app that has capabilities to scale as your wholesale business grows over the years so that you do not have to change your app in future
  • Create a list of features you want on your Shopify wholesale store, for example, store credits, reorder, social login, etc. Look for an app that allows these features

Flits customer account page app is suitable for online wholesale businesses. The app provides a full range of capabilities that help you in marketing, sales, data collection, monitoring, etc.

Flits offers add-on features such as social login, store credits, recently viewed products, reorder, wishlist, etc.

Install Flits Customer Account Page App for your wholesale business.

Step 2: Choose a template for your customer account page

After installing Flits customer account page on your Shopify site, the next step is to choose a template for the page.

Flits has two options:

1. UNO: A straightforward layout that may be altered to fit your brand’s aesthetic style

2. DUO: For brands that prefer to customize simple layouts, this template features rounded corners

Here are some factors you must take into account when choosing the best template from these two options:

Customization: Your customer account page should also look like a part of your website, and hence, you must customize it by using your brand colors, font, and other design elements.

User experience: Customers should have a pleasant experience using the account page. A clear and easy navigation path can add to good user experience

What are the most important reasons the customer account page should be modified or customized?

For brand recollection: One of the most frequently accessed pages on eCommerce websites is the customer account page. Therefore, it’s crucial that your clients can quickly recollect your brand when they visit this website.

To personalize customer experience: A customer account page is also a user’s personal page. It’s a fantastic chance for Shopify wholesalers to customize the experience for customers. The page can be used to gather valuable information to target customers with custom campaigns. Customers, therefore, associate the brand with a positive customer experience when this page is branded.

Example of Flits DUO

Example of Flits UNO

Step 3: Customize the customer account page

How your Shopify customer account page looks and feels is important, as it helps customers relate it to your brand. Because many wholesale stores might have the same products as you, creating a distinct visual identity is crucial.

As the customer account page is one of the first pages your customers would visit, it’s important to establish a positive impression on your customers.

You could add your company’s branding features to the customer account page to improve your brand recognition. And all that is possible if you have a Shopify customer account page app that allows easy customization.

A well-designed customer account page can help build more customer trust and loyalty. They would be more willing to share their company or personal details via the customer account page.

Here’s how to customize the customer account page:

Navigation bar customization

  • Pick a color from the same tone or color family as your branding colors
  • Pick colors that won’t look jarring or out of place on the page
  • Make sure the navigation bar’s font color stands out
  • Colorize the typeface

Font customization

  • Select a font color that blends well with the background of the navigation bar
  • Select a color from your branding color palette

CTA button customization

  • Choose colors for the CTA buttons
  • To make sure the buttons match the colors of your business, change their color
  • Marketers use vivid, intense hues like red, orange, and green for call-to-action buttons. But you can choose the hue that complements your page the most

Step 4: Set up social login

Lengthy sign-up processes could annoy customers. The result could be low sign-ups. For wholesale businesses, this could mean lost businesses because if the potential customer is a business, they would prefer to register on your site before placing an order. But if the sign-up process is complicated, they may not register.

What should you do? Provide the option of social login to sign up on your customer account page. Here are the many benefits:

  • It makes registration simpler and faster
  • It makes logins faster
  • Increases the number of new sign ups, and hence, sales
  • Customers won’t need to remember new login and password details
  • You can avoid collecting redundant email addresses
  • Helps retarget and remarket on social channels

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Step 5: Incorporate Flits add-on features

The next step is to install Flits add-on features that are helpful to wholesale businesses. There are a lot of marketing strategies for eCommerce wholesale businesses but you must choose the ones that particularly benefit wholesale businesses. Let’s look at some such features:


If your customer is a business (B2B), they are likely to place recurring orders. And you can make the process convenient for them by enabling the reorder feature. Customers can place orders with one click by clicking the reorder button. Instead of browsing your site repeatedly and adding items to their carts, they can be directed to the checkout page via the reorder button.

Store credits

Reward programs, loyalty programs, and store credits can positively impact customer acquisition for your wholesale business. Customers like to earn reward points and credit points in return for their purchases to get more benefits from the transaction.

Store credits help,

  • Increase wholesale orders
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Boost customer engagement

Retail merchants that buy wholesale products prefer to stick to brands that offer good deals for quality products. And so, store credits can be a good marketing strategy to retain customers.


Another feature to include in your Shopify customer account page for your wholesale business is wishlist. At times, your products might be out of stock. Or, you might be launching a new product. At such times, retail merchants can show their interest in buying via the wishlist feature.

Retail merchants can add the products to their wishlists and purchase them later. This feature can also help you predict demand, manage inventory better, and plan your near-future sales. Moreover, it can also help you estimate income.

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Step 6: Integrate the customer account page with other marketing apps

To offer a good experience in your wholesale store, you must include many more capabilities not built in the Flits customer account page app.

However, the Flits app has powerful integration capabilities, so you can install third-party apps on your Shopify store and integrate them into your customer account page. Flits integrates with many third-party apps, for example, Pushowl, Klaviyo,, among others.

Step 7: Make the customer account page responsive

Lastly, make the customer account page responsive. Ensure your customers can access and use it easily via desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The page should have a consistent visual experience on all devices. Also, optimize loading time for a seamless customer experience.

How to set up a customer account page for your wholesale Shopify business?

Follow the above steps to get started with the customer account page for your wholesale business. Then, keep optimizing it and enhancing it with new features and capabilities.

Choose Flits add-on features that are particularly relevant to your wholesale business. You can keep adding features one by one and avoid overcrowding your customer page with all the features.

Explore and install Flits customer account page app on your Shopify wholesale store today!

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
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