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How To Set Up And Use The Shopify Customer Account Page For Your Organic Store


The organic products market is predicted to grow four times from 2021 to 2030. Consumers’ preference is increasingly shifting towards organic products.

With this surge in awareness and popularity, retail organic businesses are experiencing growth. eCommerce organic store owners are ensuring they boost customer acquisition and retention.

If you’re an organic products producer and wondering how to start an eCommerce organic products business, you must know, having a good website with an efficient customer account is key. The customer account page helps with customer acquisition and retention.

In this blog, we tell you how to set the Shopify customer account page for your organic store and how to use it for best results.

Ecommerce organic products market: An overview

Consider these numbers to get an understanding of the global market for organic products.

  • Global organic food and beverage market was valued at $ 188.3 billion in 2021 and is set to grow to $564.2 by 2030
  • Organic fruits and vegetables are the leading segment in the global organic food marketing, accounting for 40%
  • The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the exponential growth of eCommerce market for organic products
  • Ecommerce has made it possible for smaller farmers and producers to showcase their products to a wider audience
  • Consumers prefer purchasing organic produce from eCommerce stores, subscriptions being a popular mode of purchase


Steps to set up the Shopify customer account page for your organic store

There are several things you will need to concentrate on before you start scaling your organic business, from choosing an efficient Shopify customer account app to developing a marketing plan to advertising the business to monitoring your business performance.

Here are the first steps to setting up your client account page:

Step 1: Install a Shopify customer account page app for your organic store

If you search online, you’ll find there are numerous choices for Shopify customer account apps. But how do you decide which option is ideal for your organic products business?

Consider these suggestions:

  • The customer app you choose for your Shopify organic products site, should offer a variety of features
  • Choose an app that is simple to install, to use, and offers top-notch customer assistance for backend issues
  • To avoid having to change your app in the future, choose an app that can scale as your organic store expands over time
  • Make a list of the features you wish to see in your Shopify organic store, such as store credits, reorder, social login, and so on. Find an app that permits these functionalities

Online organic products stores can use the Flits customer account page app. You can use the app’s wide range of features to assist with marketing, sales, data collection, monitoring, etc.

The add-on services offered by Flits include social login, store credits, recently seen items, reorder, wishlist, etc.

Install Flits customer account page app for your Shopify organic business store

Step 2: Choose a Flits customer account page template

The next step—select a template for your Shopify customer account page.

Flits offers two choices:

1. UNO: A simple design that allows you to easily modify the look and feel to match your brand’s personality

2. DUO: This design has rounded corners and is ideal for firms who like to customize straightforward layouts

When deciding which of these two templates to choose, keep the following things in mind:

Customization: Your customer account page should be made to look like it belongs on your website, so use your company’s logo, colors, and other design elements to make it unique.

User experience: Customers should enjoy visiting the account page, according to the user experience. A simple and straightforward navigation path can improve user experience.

What are the most important benefits of customizing or changing the customer account page?

For brand recall: The customer account page on eCommerce websites is one of the most often visited pages. As a result, it’s critical that your customers remember your brand easily when they visit your website.

To customize the customer experience: The Shopify account page is a customer’s personal page. That makes it a good opportunity for Shopify stores to personalize the user experience. The page can be used to collect important data to target customers with personalized campaigns. Customers consequently connect the brand with a satisfying shopping experience.

Example: Flits UNO

Example: Flits DUO

Step 3: Customize the Shopify customer account page

Customers are more likely to associate your website with your brand if they like the way your Shopify customer account page for organic stores looks and feels. Making a distinctive visual identity is essential because many other online organic stores may be selling the same products as you.

As one of the first pages your customers would visit is the customer account page, it’s critical to provide a good first impression.

To increase brand identification, you could add branding elements to the customer account page. And if you have a Shopify customer account page app that enables simple customization, all of that is feasible.

You can boost customer trust and loyalty with the help of a well-designed customer account page. As a result, customers would be more inclined to divulge business or personal information.

Here’s how to customize the Shopify customer account page

Customize the navigation bar

  • Select a color that belongs to the same tone or family of hues as your branding colors
  • Choose shades that won’t look out of place or jarring on the page
  • Ensure that the navigation bar’s font color is noticeable
  • Make the typeface colorful

Customize the font

  • Choose a font color that complements the menu bar’s backdrop
  • Choose a hue from your brand’s color scheme

Customization of CTA buttons

  • Select the CTA button colors
  • Change the buttons’ color to ensure that they are consistent with the branding of your company
  • For call-to-action buttons, marketers utilize vibrant, strong colors like red, orange, and green. However, you can pick the color that best matches your page

Step 4: Set up social login

Long sign-up procedures could irritate customers. The outcome: low sign-up rates. Today, most online shoppers prefer to register and make purchases as they can avail many benefits such as reward points, etc. Moreover, registration makes it easy to access their order information, etc. But if the registration process is difficult, customers end up leaving the site.

What can you do to save lost sales? You can offer a social login option for users to register on your customer account page. The advantages are:

  • It expedites and simplifies registration
  • It speeds up logins
  • Increases new signups and, consequently, sales
  • Customers won’t have to keep track of new login information or a password
  • You can avoid gathering duplicate email addresses
  • It helps in retargeting and remarketing on social media

Step 5: Install Flits add-on features

The next step is to install Flits add-on features. There are a lot of marketing strategies for eCommerce organic products businesses but you must choose the ones that particularly align with your industry and products. Let’s look at some of the features:


If you sell organic products such as eatables, cosmetics, self-care items, etc., your customers are likely to place recurring orders. You can make the process convenient for them by enabling the reorder feature. Instead of browsing your site repeatedly and adding items to their carts, they can be directed to the checkout page via the reorder button.

Store credits

Reward programs, store credits, and loyalty programs can help your eCommerce organic store gain more customers and retain them. Customers enjoy receiving credit and reward points in exchange for their purchases since it allows them to reap more rewards.

Store credits help,

  • Boost sale
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase customer engagement


Wishlist is another feature to add to your Shopify customer account page for organic stores. Your products may go out of stock. Or perhaps you’re introducing a new product. Customers can express interest in making a purchase at certain times by using the wishlist feature.

Customers have the option to add the items to their wish lists and buy them later. You can better manage your inventory, forecast demand, and plan your upcoming sales with the help of this feature. Additionally, it can aid in your income estimation. Wishlist can also help you in boosting customer acquisition.

Social login

Another of Flits add-on features that’s extremely helpful for acquisition and retention is social login. Most consumers get to know about new organic brands and websites via social media ads, posts, and other content on social sites.

The social login feature enables customers to sign up and login via their social media credentials. This means you have access to their social media account details and can target them via those channels. A win-win for both customers and organic brands.

Step 6: Integrate the app with third-party apps

To provide an engaging shopping experience in your Shopify organic store, you need to add a lot more features to your Flits customer account page app.

To offer a good digital experience, you can install third-party apps on your eCommerce organic store website using Flits. Flits interfaces with numerous third-party applications, including, Pushowl, and Klaviyo.

Step 7: Make the customer account page app responsive

You must ensure your Shopify organic store customer account page is responsive. Make sure it is simple for your customers to access and utilize on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Provide the same visual experience on all devices. Additionally, reduce loading times for a smooth user experience.

How to set up a Shopify customer account page for your organic store?

If you’re an organic products producer, your first step should be to start an eCommerce organic products store. Then, create an efficient website with a customer account page.

To begin using the customer account page for your organic products business, simply follow the steps above. Then, keep improving the customer account page by adding new features and functionalities.

Select the Flits add-on features that are most pertinent to your organic store. You can keep integrating features one at a time to prevent your customer page from becoming too crowded.

Install Flits Customer Account Page App on your organic store website today!

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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