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How To Set Up And Use A Shopify Customer Account Page For Consumer Electronics

Learn How You Can Use The Customer Account Page For Your Consumer Electronics Shopify Store.

Mobile phones, laptops, television, or washing machines, consumers are buying all electronics online.

And with the increasing preference, new brands selling consumer electronics online are popping up every day!

In such a scenario, it’s most important that your customers are loyal to your brand. But that’s hard.

So, if you’re an online electronics store, how are you planning to ensure your customers stay loyal to you?

We’ll tell you how by setting up a Shopify customer account page for your customer electronics business. Besides, you’ll learn how you can make the most of your customer account page.

The growth of consumer electronics eCommerce

The consumer electronics online industry has seen steady growth over the last decade. And the graph is only moving upward. From entertainment to communication to information, are increasingly being bought and sold online.

Consider these statistics:

  • By 2027, the number of users in the consumer electronics segment is expected to reach 405 million
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of CAGR or 8.39%

From desktops, laptops, smartphones to larger products such as smart television sets, game consoles, and AR, VR, and wearables, customers prefer to buy all these online.

The reasons: an increase in the spending capacity of millennials and Gen Z consumers, increasing penetration of mobile devices and internet, and fierce growth in the innovation and electronics field that results in changing trends.

shopify customer account page - consumer electronics ecommerce growth


Why do you need a customer account page for a consumer electronics business?

Today, every industry is making the online shift; or rather, has already moved to the eCommerce space, thanks to the pandemic and the rapid digitalization. But besides the fact that every business is moving online, there are many reasons why you too need to make the shift if you want to sell consumer electronics online. Here are some:

Boost conversions

The average conversion rate in the eCommerce industry is 2.86%. This means less than three out of a hundred shoppers might sign up on your website, make a purchase, join a mailing list, etc. So, when you have high purchase intent visitors on your electronics Shopify store, you must ensure you capture that lead. And having a customer account page is the first step to do so.

Capture shoppers’ intent

Getting shoppers to sign up for the customer account page can help you understand them better—what they like, their interests, tastes, and how interested they are in products.

You can capture this information from the different functions on your customer page. For example, if customers have added items to the wishlist, it means they are considering those products. Or if they’ve viewed a few products recently and revisited those items, they surely are more likely to buy them.

Enhance customers’ shopping experience

The customer account page includes many features that can help enhance your customers’ experience. For starters, it helps build trust and makes customers feel comfortable, because they know they have some place to follow up in case there’s an issue with their orders, track their orders, etc. In addition, all the other functions on your customer account page will help you engage with them better and improve experience.

How to set up a customer account page on your consumer electronics Shopify store?

Step # 1 Install the Flits app

Flits customer account page app is designed for Shopify stores. While the standard Shopify account page allows you to have limited functions, adding Flits can help you do much more.

For starters, you can start collecting data from the many add-on features that you can make a part of the page, such as, wishlist, recently viewed products, social login, reorder, store credits, etc.

The Flits app helps you understand your customers better, their buying behavior, likes, etc. And you can use this data to send personalized, retargeting, upselling, cross-selling campaigns and product recommendations.

The data from customers’ account pages can help you understand their purchase frequency. The customer account page is one of the best ways to boost customer engagement.

Install Flits to enhance your customers’ experience on your Shopify store.

Step # 2 Select an account page template

After you’ve installed the Flits customer account page app, the next step is to choose a page template. Flits offers two customer account page templates—UNO and DUO.

  • UNO: A simple, clean design that can be customized to match your brand’s visual language
  • DUO: An overall minimal look with rounded corners for the account page elements for those who want to customize a minimal look

Let’s take a look at both these templates:



shopify customer account page template for consumer electronics

Step # 3 Customize the customer account page

Let’s move forward to the most important step—customization and branding.

There are many consumer electronics eCommerce stores. And hence it’s essential that your customers relate your customer account page to your brand.

After you’ve chosen a template, the next step is to customize the page. But before we get into how to customize your page, let’s understand why you need to customize.

Your customer account page should look like a part of your Shopify website, because when customers are on the page they should relate it to your brand.

Also, there are many advantages of customizing your account page:

  • Your Shopify customer account page will be one of the most-visited pages on your eCommerce site. Customizing this page will help customers recall your brand easily.
  • Another reason to customize is that this page is like customers’ personal page. And that gives you an excellent opportunity to connect with them. You can use data to do so. Collect data from this page and use it to create personalized campaigns to retarget these customers.

How to customize the customer account page:

You can easily customize and brand the Flits customer account page templates by changing the color, font, icons, etc. The app will guide you at every step and make it much easier.

  • Customize the color of the navigation bar
  • Change the color of the text
  • Change the font color

Also read: Ways to customize your customer account page

Step # 4 Set up social login

Shoppers looking to buy electronics items usually tend to browse a few different stores and then end up zeroing on one. This means you’re already competing with many others in your industry.

In such a scenario if you make registration a lengthy process, you’re sure to lose customers. Because customers avoid signing up when the process is tedious.

And when websites make sign up mandatory, customers tend to sway away. And that’s why you must set up social login.

It allows visitors to sign up on your consumer electronics eCommerce site via their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. social platforms.

Social login makes the process easier, boosting sign-ups and making it faster compared to customers having to fill out a lengthy new form.

Another plus point of social login is customers don’t need to remember one more login and password. This makes login faster and simpler for them.

Step # 5 Install add-ons

You can only engage customers up to a limit with basic features such as order history. To enhance your customers’ experience on your Shopify consumer electronics customer account page, you’ll have to add some more functions.

These functions can be related to your marketing strategies. Flits offers many add-on features that can help you improve your customer experience.

Let’s look at the add-on features of Flits:

Store credits

Reward points, loyalty programs, and store credits, are excellent ways to sell consumer electronics online. These marketing tactics can help you increase purchase frequency, boost customer loyalty and engage customers to shop more from your store.

Since competition is extremely high in the electronics online market, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort into customer retention and engagement. Store credits can help you increase customer touchpoints and interaction. And by making store credits a part of your customer account page you can enhance customers’ experience.


There might be situations where your products are out of stock, or you’re launching a new product, or customers like items but aren’t ready to buy them yet. At such times, the wishlist feature can come handy. Customers can add these products to their wishlists and buy them later.

And this function has many more benefits:

  • It boosts sales as customers can think and then make purchases when they’re ready
  • You can use data from wishlists for promotional campaigns. For example, discounts on those items
  • You can retarget and remarket products in customers’ wishlists
  • When there’s a sale running, you can alert customers their wishlisted items are on discount and boost sales

Social login

Customers shop from many different sites and end up registering on many. Hence, after a point, they tend to avoid signing up on more sites and prefer to guest checkout instead.

That’s because either the sign-up process can be too lengthy and tedious, or customers don’t want to keep a track of another login and password.

This is where the social login feature helps:

  • It can make customer sign-up faster and easier
  • Boost sign ups
  • Make sign in easy and increase purchase frequency
  • It helps in retargeting customers on social media


Many times customers tend to reorder the same product. For example, it could be a phone or a gadget that they want to buy again for gifting. At such times, the reorder function on your customer account page can enhance their repurchase experience.

Moreover, it increases sales opportunities as placing reorders becomes faster and easier. Customers don’t have to browse your website again to find the specific product. They can simply log into the customer account page, go to order history and reorder the products they want.

Recently viewed products

When shopping online, customers tend to browse many different sites and compare products. In the process, they may want to revisit products they saw on your site.

You can make it easy for them to revisit the items they browsed and liked by including the recently viewed products function in your customer account page.

This section shows customers the products they viewed while browsing and makes purchase decisions easier for them.

Step # 6 Integrate with other marketing apps

To boost sales and awareness, you may have to run a lot of other campaigns on your consumer electronics eCommerce store. And for that you’ll need to have apps to help you out.

For example, you might want to collect customer reviews on your product pages. Or you may want to run a referral program. To ensure smooth functioning of these campaigns, you’ll need some third-party apps.

That’s where Flits’ integration capabilities come in. The app seamlessly integrates with many third-party apps. For example, the product review app, email marketing automation app Klaviyo, and web push notification app Pushowl, among others.

Are you ready with the Shopify customer account page for your consumer electronics store?

You might feel like expecting customers to sign up for your customer account might backfire and make them leave your site. But that’s not always true.

You’ll have to try out the right tactics to encourage them to sign up. For example, incentivize them to sign up by giving them store credits upon sign up, etc.

Remember, customer data collected from the customer account page can be utilized to multiply sales. So, make it easy by installing an efficient customer account app such as Flits.

Install Flits customer account page app on your Shopify store today.

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

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