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5 Ways to Brand and Customize Your Shopify Customer Account Page

Want to give your customers a branded shopping experience? Here are some ways to customize your Shopify customer account page.

Like every brand, you also want to make it easier for shoppers to make purchases from your online store. So you’ve implemented a customer account page. That’s great news!

But did you know that branding your customer account page is as important as having one in the first place

So, if you’re still using the default Shopify customer account page, it’s time to move to Flits. The app gives you more features and the ability to rebrand and customize the one place that most of your customers are bound to visit more often.

Let us tell you a few ways in which you can customize your Flits Shopify customer account page to give your customers a more seamless experience while shopping.

Things you can customize on your Shopify customer account page

1. Your customer account page template

First things first, the design of your customer account page needs to make it feel like it is a part of your site. That means that it should match your Shopify store’s look and feel in more than just the terms of color.

With Flits, you get access to two customer account page templates – UNO and DUO; each of which is designed keeping different styles in mind that can be further tailored to match your store’s branding.

So your first decision needs to be the customer account page template you’d want to go with.

  • UNO: A simple, clean design that can be customized to match your brand
  • DUO: An overall minimal look with rounded corners for the account page elements for those who want to customize a minimal look.

Let’s take a look at how different Shopify brands have set up customer account pages customized to the T to match their look and feel.

Here’s one from Indie and Harper:


And here’s a look at how The Man Company has customized theirs:

customize your shopify customer account page like TMC

2. Change the navigation color

In branding, color plays a key role. It helps consumers associate colors to particular brands, increases recall value of brands, and triggers emotions that may lead customers to take actions.

The customer account page being one of the most visited and key pages, it’s important to customize its colors. To customize the template, you should change the navigation color as that it matches the look and feel of the rest of your website. It will add consistency to your site. As you can see in the below image, the navigation bar in blue color can be changed when you have a Flits customer account page.

navigation color of customer account page

Best practices:

  • Choose a color tone that is from the palette you use in the store
  • Make sure that the color you pick doesn’t make your customer account page look overly heavy
  • Ensure that the text on the tabs stands out on the color

3. Change the font color

The text on the customer account page should be easy to read and prominent. One way to do that is by changing the font color to one that is lighter or darker than that chosen for the navigation of the customer account page.

font color customer account page shopify

Best practices for text colors:

  • Always pick a color that compliments the one you choose for the navigation
  • Make sure the color you pick is also preferably from your brand palette
  • Preview the change you make to the font color to ensure it is visible for customers using the page

4. Change the button color

Your customer account page will have many different clickable buttons such as ‘Re-order’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Delete item’, ‘Raise ticket’, etc, depending on the add-ons you select for it. The clickable buttons or the call-to-action buttons on the customer account page are the most important, because they guide customers to take actions.

Now, typically, marketers choose colors such as orange, green, and red, as these are known to be more attractive, but that doesn’t mean you should blindly pick these colors while customizing your customer account page.

button color - shopify customer account page

You should make sure the buttons stand out, at the same time do not look like you’re trying too hard. The buttons should mingle well with the look and feel of your website.

Best practices:

  • Use a button color that stands out within your Shopify customer account page and nudges the customer to interact with them – for eg. the ‘reorder’ button – you want them to click on it; so don’t make it so merged with the rest of the colors that it doesn’t call out to the shopper
  • You can pick a contrasting color, but it should be from your brand color palette
  • A good option is to maybe just use the same color you pick for your navigation

5. Pick and choose the add-ons in your customer account page

There are some features a customer account page will definitely have such as ‘Profile’, ‘Order history’, ‘Payment details’, ‘Logout’, etc. But as an eCommerce store, you should aim to make your customer account page more engaging and lucrative – one that helps customers take actions.

So, you can further customize the functionality of this page through add-ons. This will simplify your customers’ shopping experience. Think of add-ons such as ‘Wishlist’, ‘Social login’, ‘Search & filter in order history’, ‘Store credits’, and ‘Rewards’, among others.

Store credits: One of the most important goals of your Shopify store should be to increase customer loyalty. It will ensure customers keep coming back to you. The ‘Store credits’ feature helps do that. Store credits or rewards can be of different types:

  • Offer store credits when customers make a purchase
  • Review credits when customers share reviews
  • Subscription credits when they subscribe to buy a product
  • Credits for referrals when they refer your brand to their friends and family

Social login: You can allow your customers to login or even sign up faster through their social media account credentials.

  • It helps convert more shoppers into subscribers, as it simplifies the registration process
  • You can even grow your email list through this feature and ensure there are no fake accounts
  • Create marketing and retargeting campaigns once you have social data of your subscribers

Wishlist: The wishlist feature allows shoppers to add their favourite items to wishlists; which they can come back to later to make a purchase from.

  • This helps you gauge shoppers’ purchase intent and interests
  • You can use purchase intent data to create personalized marketing campaigns
  • It makes it easy for shoppers to purchase items from their wishlist in the future

Advanced search filters or Order History: Allow your customers to run advanced searches and filters with this feature on the orders they have placed previously on your store.

  • It makes it easy for customers to keep a track of their past purchases
  • They can search items based on factors such as price, size, discounted items, etc., making it faster for them to make purchases
  • You can take this opportunity to engage more with customers and create personalized marketing campaigns for them

Re-order: At times, customers might want to buy the same items repeatedly. Having a reorder button makes it easier for them.

  • They can quickly browse through their order history and click on the reorder button to make the purchase
  • This way the checkout process becomes faster and easier
  • You could even have the feature of auto-fill details such as address and payment mode, to make the process more efficient

Recently viewed products: Customers browse a lot of products and may forget or lose track of an item they had liked. Having a ‘Recently viewed products’ button can help them go back to items they liked.

  • You can remind returning customers about the products they have seen and increase your sales opportunities
  • You can use the recently-viewed products section to display related products to cross-sell and upsell as well, to help boost your revenue

Best practices:

  • We encourage you to enable all the add-ons as they were designed and created to make it easier for shoppers to interact with your store and buy from you, in a repeated manner
  • Enabling all the add-ons will also help you get to know your buyers better with more information on them and their preferences

How are you going to customize your customer account page?

We’re sure, by now you agree it’s quite important to customize your customer account page. This page requires an equal amount of effort and attention to the other pages on your store. And you can do this all easily, with the Flits customer account page!

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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