Shopify Customer Account Page Breakdown: How The Man Company Provides a Positive Loyalty Experience

Many brands have been able to successfully grow their business by providing unique and loyalty experiences to their customers. One of these brands includes The Man Company, a premium men’s brand that sells grooming products to its audience. Based in India, the brand is popular across the country. Their loyal customer base relies on its quality products for all their grooming needs.

The Man Company’s popularity can be seen from their massive Instagram following and the high-engagement on their social posts. 

Shopify Customer Account Page

The Man Company’s loyalty strategy is smart. They’ve been able to increase repeat purchases and engage customers meaningfully by enhancing their experience in-store. Let’s look at how The Man Company has been able to successfully deliver unique experiences to their customers.

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5 Ways That The Man Company Enhances Loyalty Experiences on their Shopify Store

1. Tier-based loyalty to make shoppers 

Shoppers purchasing from The Man Company get loyalty credits that help them climb up rewards tiers that are set up by the brand. Such a loyalty program ensures that the brand’s shoppers are continuously engaged with them. With a tier-based system, customers unlock new rewards based on which tier they are on.

Why a tier-based loyalty program works: Tiered loyalty programs are popular among large retail brands. These programs make shopping a more gamified and competitive activity. Customers would want to achieve the exclusivity status by earning more credits and climbing up the tiers.

Setting up a tier-based loyalty program is easy with Flits. Install the Shopify customer account and loyalty app and get in touch with our team.

2. Transformed customer account design based on the tier

Besides setting up a tiered loyalty program, The Man Company enhances the experience by setting up customer account pages that reflect the tier that each shopper is on. So, if a shopper is on the silver tier, their customer account would reflect in its design accordingly. 

Here’s what the customer account page looks like for a silver tiered shopper:

Shopify Customer Account Page 

Why a branded Shopify customer account page works: The generic Shopify customer account usually doesn’t match the rest of your Shopify store design. However, with a customer account app like Flits, you can transform your customer account design, make it match the rest of your Shopify store, and even create a whole customer experience within this customer account page.

Flits is the only Shopify customize account page that lets you transform your Shopify customer account page design to match the rest of your Shopify store. Get the app to set up a branded customer profile on your store. 

3. View browsing history with direct add to cart

Just loyalty isn’t enough to keep your customers engaged. You also need to simplify how they access your store and your collection of products. One way that The Man Company simplifies search experiences is with a dedicated section on the customer account page showing the customer’s browsing history.

Shoppers can view all the products they looked at on the ‘Recently Viewed Products’ and add the item to their cart with just one click. Since the brand has an extensive catalog of products, this page helps shoppers find items they looked at without having to go through the time-consuming process of browsing through every product they have.

Here’s a look at the ‘Recently Viewed Products’ page on The Man Company’s customer account page shopify.

Customer Account Page Shopify

Benefits of the ‘Recently Viewed Products’ page on the Shopify customer profile: If your store has a large catalog of products, shoppers may end up wanting to buy a product they looked at. Without a ‘Recently Viewed Products’ page, your shoppers will have to take the time out to search your product catalog. Many would even end up not looking for a specific product and just abandon their search completely. 

With this page, you can help shoppers quickly find what they were looking at, ensuring a positive search experience. 

Simplify search experiences by installing Flits on your Shopify store.

4. Earn rewards through activities and track them easily

Customers can track every reward they earn and redeem within the customer account page Shopify. The brand has set up a rewards wallet named ‘The Man Wallet’. This wallet allows shoppers to track every activity that brings them credits with ease. 

‘The Man Wallet’ is broken down to show how many credits they earned, why they earned the credit, and when. It also lets shoppers see how much credits is left within their wallets and how much they have spent. 

Here’s a peek at a shopper’s wallet and the credits they earned from shopping at The Man Company.

Why you need a dedicated rewards page on your Shopify customize account page: Shoppers want to easily keep track of the rewards they earn from your Shopify store. Without a page tracking every reward earned, you’ll be leaving your customers in the dark. By following The Man Company’s lead and setting up a rewards wallet, you can give your customers a space to track their rewards and even get them to visit your store more frequently.

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5. One-click login with social login

Before The Man Company can increase loyalty among their shoppers, they need to get them to register as customers. For this, the brand has set up a simplified login process, allowing shoppers to login with just one click.

The Man Company has set up social login using Flits. Social login allows shoppers to register / login with their existing social profiles. So, instead of having to go through the long registration process, shoppers just have to connect their social profile, like their Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Amazon account. 

This helps The Man Company capture more store visitors as registered customers easily.

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Here’s how easy it is to log in on The Man Company’s Shopify store with the social login feature:

Why social login helps: Oftentimes, store visitors end up not registering an account because of the lengthy registration process involved. With social login, it just takes one click for your store visitors to register as a customer. Moreover, returning customers don’t have to take time to enter their email and password and can just login with their existing social profiles. No hassle login process! 

Allow shoppers to register faster with social login. Install Flits to set up social login and shorten the registration process on our Shopify store.

Provide a personalized experience on your Shopify store with your Shopify customer account page

Setting up a unique experience focused on growing loyalty is important and The Man Company has been able to do this with their Shopify customer account page. The brand uses Flits to transform its Shopify customer account page and enable a customized loyalty program.

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Flits is a Shopify customer account page built to help you set up appealing customer accounts and ensure that you can increase repeat purchases through your customer account. The app provides robust features like one-click social login, rewards, referrals, etc so that you can enhance the experience that customers have on your Shopify store.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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