Why Shopify Plus Stores Need a Customer Account Page That Does More

As a large brand, shoppers have a lot of expectations from you. From how long it takes to deliver an order to how easy it is to find a product on your store, Shopify Plus stores need to optimize every customer touchpoint and provide an elevated shopping experience. This includes your Shopify customer account.

Your Shopify customer account page can let shoppers know a lot about your brand. A well-designed and branded customer account let your shoppers understand who you are as a brand and make them want to choose your products because of how you present your brand.

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How effective is a branded customer account page for your Shopify Plus store? We’ve done the research. 

Why Shopify Plus Stores Need to Set Up a Unique Shopify Customer Account Page

1. Build a positive brand perception

Shoppers want to shop products from brands that look and sound luxurious, exclusive, and authentic. When shoppers walk into a physical store, they can easily attribute these positive characteristics to the visual merchandising and how the products feel.

It’s harder to deliver such an experience with an online store. However, a branded customer account page can help you provide this experience of exclusivity and quality. With a Shopify customize account page that reflects your brand personality and delivers a polished look, shoppers would have a positive perception of your brand. 

2. Let shoppers set up a personal space

Shoppers want a more efficient shopping experience. This could mean being able to checkout faster with saved addresses or being able to save products that caught their eye without having multiple tabs open.

With a robust Shopify customer profile page, you can give shoppers a personal space where they can save and come back to find items they showed interest in.

As a merchant, this allows you to understand your shoppers and their preferences and use this information to optimize your strategy.

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3. Build loyalty

Brands like Sephora and H&M have a large and dedicated customer base that continues to choose them when they shop. These customers are hooked, coming back for repeat purchases. The secret to building this loyalty lies in a great rewards program.  

You can set up a rewards program within your Shopify customer account page so that once a store visitor registers, they are tempted to continue engaging and earning more rewards through your enjoyable rewards program.

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4. Personalized experience

A personalized shopping experience can increase loyalty. 44% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company.

Enhance your customer experience by setting up a customer account page that delivers nuanced details for shoppers on your Shopify store. A personalized customer account page lets shoppers see which products they recently viewed, allows shoppers to reorder products directly from their orders, and even track their orders.

Install Flits on your Shopify Plus Store and set up a personalized Shopify customize account page!

5. Address concerns faster

A shopper may find that their order has been returned but the return hasn’t been processed. Or, they might be having a hard time understanding how long it takes to ship to their region. When you set up a detailed customer account page, you can address common shopping concerns that your customers have, and clear up the refund and return policies. 

This way, shoppers can help themselves right within the customer account page and clear up any doubts and concerns they have in no time, increasing satisfactory rates.

Elevate the experience on your Shopify Plus Store with a customized customer account!

Shoppers have certain expectations from your Shopify store. With a large number of visitors landing on your Shopify store every day, you have multiple opportunities to provide positive customer experiences and deliver the branded and exclusive feel that customers expect from your Shopify store. With this, you’ll be able to make these visitors stay for longer and make them eager to shop from you.

Flits is a Shopify app lets merchants set up a branded and designed customer account page, transforming it into a personalized and unique playground for the shopper to interact with and make it their own. With this personal space, shoppers can view items they saved, refer back to products they looked at in the past, earn rewards, and even reorder from past orders with one click.

Install Flits on your Shopify Plus Store and set up a branded customer account page for a unique and positive shopping experience.

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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