How Customer Account Pages can Help You Turn BFCM and Holiday Season Shoppers to Repeat Customers

In the past two months, you would have captured quite a lot of one-time BFCM and holiday season shoppers. These are shoppers who tend to not buy from you after they’ve done their seasonal shopping, meaning that without a strategy, you lose out on repeat purchases from this segment of shoppers. However, with a well-designed customer account page, you can turn them into repeat customers, driving more sales even after the sale season is over. 

We want to help you understand exactly how a customer account page can turn holiday season shoppers into repeat customers. This guide will help you understand how customer account pages can help you increase loyalty and how to set it up for your Shopify store.

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How Does a Customer Account Page Help You Turn BFCM and Holiday Season Shoppers to Repeat Customers?

1. Provide a personalized experience

71% of consumers feel frustrated when a shopping experience is impersonal.

With a customer account, you can make it easier for these one-time holiday season shoppers to browse through products they previously looked at and come back to purchase again. Customer accounts provide more personalization, showing products that the shopper would want to buy.

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2. Built an enticing rewards program

One of the best ways to build loyalty from the get-go is to reward shoppers for taking action on your Shopify store. When your holiday shoppers see that they have earned rewards for shopping once, they are more likely to be persuaded to shop from the brand again later on.

You can set up a rewards program using Flits, setting credit conditions, and which activities earn how much rewards. 

Soon enough, this gamified system will make shoppers eager to earn rewards, getting them to make repeat purchases, and boosting loyalty.

shopify rewards program - customer account page

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3. Remind them about their earned rewards

Just setting up a rewards program isn’t enough, you need to communicate about it to shoppers. Within Flits, you can set up automated messages letting shoppers know when they earn credits, when their credits are about to expire, and when they redeem them. 

This timely message helps you reel back shoppers, incentivizing purchases, and getting them to shop. 

4. Simplify repurchases

One of the most important factors when buying online is convenience. If your store delivers a more convenient shopping experience, shoppers would rather buy from you than from your competitors. One way to showcase your easy experience is by allowing one-click reorders.

This way, shoppers can reorder items they bought by clicking on the “reorder” button from the “Orders” page.

holiday season shoppers

How to Turn Holiday Season Shoppers Into Repeat Customers With Customer Account Pages

Turning your seasonal shoppers into repeat customers with a customer account is easy with Flits. Flits is the only Shopify app for customer account pages, letting you customize the customer account, add robust features, and deliver a positive experience.

1. Install the Flits app

To set up your branded customer account page, you need to install Flits.

You can test the app with its 30-day free trial and understand its powerful features. Once installed, the app lets you transform your customer account and on-site experience.

Social login and wishlist are currently available for free within Flits. Install the app!

2. Customize it to fit your branding

Once installed, you can use Flits to customize the look and design of your customer account page. Many merchants like Indie and Harper design their customer account page to match the rest of their Shopify store.

Many brands also place different features available on their customer account upfront, like a dedicated “Rewards” page showing the different rewards shoppers can earn. This helps you get more shoppers to engage with their customer account page.

shopify rewards program customer account page flits indie and harper

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3. Simplify registration with social login

Many shoppers end up choosing a guest checkout, simply because of how tedious the process is to register as a customer. You can simplify this registration process by allowing one-click social login. This way, instead of making shoppers create a password, you can let them log in using an existing social media profile, like their Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.

Social login is proven to increase conversion rates by 20%, helping you capture more mobile shoppers as registered customers.

Social login

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4. Enable loyalty rewards

The key to engaging shoppers better is by setting up a rewards program. 75% of customers report they are more likely to make another purchase after receiving a loyalty reward.

Set up your rewards program on Flits, setting the conditions for how much store credit your shoppers earn for different activities.

Set up Flits customer account page to transform your customer account page and increase sales through it.

5. Communicate to bring them back

Once you’ve set up your rewards program, it’s time to communicate to shoppers about them. Send shoppers an email about the rewards they’ve earned.

With Flits, you can set up automated messages about the rewards that the shopper has earned and expiry reminders to get shoppers to use their rewards and make a purchase.

Set up a better Shopify customer account page to turn holiday season shoppers into loyal customers!

We hope this guide helps you understand how you can turn your one-time holiday season shoppers into loyal customers, increasing customer lifetime value, and boosting sales. Your customer account page is a goldmine of opportunity to sell more, especially among one-time shoppers who don’t usually intend to buy more but would with the right offers in place.

Flits is the only Shopify customer account app that lets you transform your customer account page, customize the design, and add high-converting features like wishlisting, rewards, referral marketing, etc.

Here are all the features available on Flits to help you elevate customer experience and turn holiday shoppers into loyal customers:

  • Branded customer account design: Customize the look of your customer account page, make it look like your brand, and improve customer experience.
  • Addresses: Allow customers to view saved addresses and add a custom address.
  • Orders: Let customers view all their orders and how much they spent.
  • Reorder: One-click reorders on the Orders page to allow shoppers to buy items they previously bought with ease.
  • Wishlist: Let shoppers save items they want to buy later on.
  • Store credits: Reward shoppers for taking action on your store and let them redeem these credits on an order.
  • Social login: Allow on-click login using existing social media profiles.
  • Referrals: Let customers refer to new shoppers and acquire new customers without taking up acquisition costs.

Set up Flits to personalize your customer account page and turn holiday season shoppers into loyal customers.

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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