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Unique ways to use our Store credit reward program

Flits store credit module is pne of the most unique reward program on the Shopify app store. Even though it’s not our primary feature, our team has worked very hard to provide as many options as possible and customize it to suit merchants’ needs.
We have written at length about the reward program, usage of store credits and vitality of a reward program. You can read all the previous blogs here.
Apart from the basic rules such as credits on sign up, registration, birthday, product review etc., we provide other ways and criteria to reward the customers. Many of our merchants regularly use alternate options to reward the customers

Companies that use Store credit reward program in a non-conventional way

The man company

The man company is a Shopify plus store and hence enjoys a few benefits. One of the benefits of being a Shopify plus account is that you can use Shopify flow. Shopify flow helps stores categorize their customers. This facility is available only in Shopify flow.
The man company has categorized its merchants in Gold, Silver and and general. With this categorization, they can give different percentages of credits to three groups. Under Flits store credit module, stores can provide credits on specific orders. TMC offers credits on orders.
TMC uses other credit rules as well but gives specialized rewards to Gold and Silver customers. For example, Gold customers get 15% credit on the order, silver gets 10%, and the rest get 5%. This categorization can be done only through Shopify Flow. Technical team worked very hard to integrated store credits with Shopify Flow so TMC can reward different category of merchants differently.
The man company also wanted the credits to be imbursed only when the order status is fulfilled. Delayed credits feature was also achieved due to Shopify flow.
During the sales campaign delayed credits are given to the non-gold/silver customers also. Delayed credits help the store avoid bogus accounts earning credits by placing several orders and cancelling them later on.


Rustorange is an Indian apparel brand that specializes Indian ethnic and fusion wear. Rustorange uses our store credit add-on for returns. The sole reason for this is that Flits’ store credits are equivalent to that country’s currency. Which means that if someone gets 100 credits in a country where the dollar is used as a currency, 100 credits would be equal to 100 dollars.
Due to this uniqueness of our reward program, it can be used as an online wallet. The primary benefit of this is that even though the customer has returned the product, the money somehow remains in the wallet and can be used to buy products in future only from the same store.
Store credits also help avoid return charges levied by banks and act as an easy way of refund. The customer does not need to wait to get his money back for weeks as this is the quickest way to refund the customer.
Rustorange adjusts the credit manually any time there is a refund, this can be done in Flits admin.


Soneesports uses Microsoft PoS for their offline stores. They also have customers online, to find a common way to reward their online and offline customers they use Flits store credit and customer account page to display the rewards to the customers.
Apart from registration credits and birthday credit, they set up custom rules to reward their customers. Flits was integrated with Microsoft PoS to display rewards on the account page.


Rarerabbit also uses Flits store credit for refunds. Unlike Rustorange, Rarerabbit does not adjust credits manually but uses an app that helps with automatic returns, Flits was integrated with this app. This means that when a product is returned, the customers receives credits automatically. This requires integration between Flits app and return app. Flits team will gladly provide API if merchants want to use an app that facilitates automatic returns to integrate with flits app for store credits .


Drinks&Co has a unique usage of store credit module. They use Flits referral module, exciting thing to note is that they use it for their employees. The company has over 1000 employees, who can refer Drink&Co to a maximum of 5 friends. Employees can refer via whatsapp, text message or a link.
Employees are recognized with an employee tag, and the referral data is then shared with salesforce for marketing purposes.
Apart from the out of the box usage of store credits, we have three other options to customize the way credits are imbursed.

Other options to provide store credits

Wishlist credits
One of our merchants used our Wishlist credit module that allowed the merchant to reward customers every time they wishlisted a product. This is a custom module, can be enabled as per merchants request. This can be done only for Enterprise merchants.

Bulk Credits
Bulk credit is a feature that helps merchants give extra credit to customers in bulk. For this they can submit a CSV file in ‘Customers section > Bulk credits’ in Flits admin, containing the customer’s email and amount of credits to be imbursed.

Bonus credits
Like bulk credits, merchants can give customers extra credits, but the key difference here is that bonus credit can be set with an expiry date to create a sense of emergency. Merchants can give bonus credits by using four filters-

  • Spent credits
  • Orders placed
  • Spent amount
  • Has a tag

Manual credits
Manual credits can be given to any customer. This is pretty useful, especially in case of returns, compensation due to delay in shipping, damaged products or rewards for a particular purpose.

Flits team has always gone out of their way to help merchants with their requirements. We do face technical limitations often, which does not allow us to consider all requests. We consider some requests only for Shopify plus accounts due to constraints.
Store credit module’s primary purpose was to help merchants utilize the module to be used in many different ways.

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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