Best Shopify Stores That Use the Flits Customer Account Page

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Your Shopify customer account page inspiration starts here.

Several Shopify stores use Flits. And we think it’s time we take you through their customer account pages.

No, not just to see how pretty they look, but to delve into how they do so much more through their customer account pages – boost sales, convert visitors to repeat buyers, and more.

And we’re sure you’ll feel inspired and go back to edit your customer account page as soon as you’re done reading.

Here we go!

Best Shopify stores using Flits customer account page to improve sales

There are a number of brands on Shopify today that use the Flits customer account page to enhance the shopping experience they offer to buyers. But we’re sharing a few of them so that you’re inspired to set up yours.

Shopify brands and how they’re using the Flits customer account page

1. The House of Rare

The apparel and fashion store – The House of Rare – has a minimal color palette for its website design – black, white and grey. And you can see this simplicity carried forward in the way they’ve customized their customer account page:

  • The navigation color is black, while the rest of the page is grey.
  • The text in the navigation column is grey as well, which brings balance and consistency.
  • The Add to Cart button is green, while the Sold Out button is red – makes it easy for shoppers to notice these tabs and take action.
  • The Recently Viewed Section displays each and every product that the customer viewed recently, making it easy for them to explore the products again. Moreover, this data can be utilized to target customers with personalized marketing campaigns on different channels – SMS, email, Facebook, etc., nudging them to purchase from the site.
  • The site allows social login to visitors to make it easier for them to register on the site. Even if they do not buy on the day they register, all their future purchases will become easier.

Key takeaway: Customizing the customer account page to offer engaging experiences helps boost loyalty and drive more repeat buys (with features such as Recently Viewed Products and a discount offer through web push pop ups).

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2. Indie and Harper

The jewellery and accessories brand, Indie and Harper has customized the customer account page in their brand color – pink. For starters, the brand allows visitors to sign up through social channels as well as through their Amazon account. That’s a unique feature to entice shoppers to register. Isn’t it?

Now, let’s look at some key features on their customer account page.

  • Keeping it neat and clean, the customer account page is customized to match the brand colors using Flits customization features. The customized page gives a whole new experience to customers by matching the look and feel to the rest of the store.
  • The pink navigation bar includes features that encourage customers to shop more – Top Ordered Products, Wishlist, Recently Viewed Products, among others.
  • The store provides an elaborate Rewards section that guides customers through each point – from how to earn more rewards to how to make use of rewards to how to refer a friend.

Key takeaway: The customer account page leaves no stone unturned – employs personalization with features such as Recently Viewed Products and Wishlist to understand customers’ preference and browsing history to encourage them to buy more.

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3. Bigsmall


A gifting eCommerce store – Bigsmall – with thousands of product options on the site, takes a minimalistic approach for its customer account page. Keeping it clean and basic with the tabs – Account Details and Order History.

  • The navigation bar right on top of the customer account page keeps the focus on what the brand wants their customers to do – to browse through their products.
  • The order history section helps the store capture data about customer interest and taste, making it easy to target customers through personalized marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Key takeaway: Capture more visitors and subscribers through one-click login via social channels. Make your shoppers’ lives easier.

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4. Bling Source

Bling Source is an eCommerce store that showcases hip hop jewellery through eye-catching photographs. Contrary to its collections pages, the customer account page takes a simple and minimal approach.

Let’s look at some of the features:

  • It has all the basic tabs such as Profile that holds customers’ personal details; My Orders where customers can see their order history; and Recently Viewed Products, among others.
  • A basic feature such as Delivery Address helps the brand with local and hyper-local marketing campaigns.
  • Top Ordered Products helps the brand understand the customers’ interests and push similar recommendations via campaigns across channels.
  • The Store Credit tab displays a break-down of their credits – how many credits they earned and why, how many credits are already spent, and the remaining credits.

Key takeaway: Credit points are a key factor that entice shoppers to sign up. A dedicated store credits section can help customers track their points. Hence, set up unique credit programs to engage shoppers.

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5. Rustorange


An Indian ethnic wear brand, Rustorange has customized its Shopify customer account page to match its brand colors while keeping the look and feel basic and minimal. Their customer account page summarizes all basic customer data such as Order, Address, and Credits in one place.

  • The store has customized Store Credits and named it Rustorange Wallet.
  • It displays Earned, Spent, and Current Credits. It allows customers to track activities that earned them credit points.

Key takeaway: Making the available store credits for the next purchase can motivate buyers to take action, increasing your repeat sales.

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6. Pure & Sure

Food products are among products that might see repeat orders. However, there’s growing competition in this industry, especially in the organic foods market online. But there are ways in which up and coming brands can attract customers to register and drive repeat purchases through the customer account page.

Here’s what the organic food store, Pure & Sure does:

  • The brand makes it easy for its shoppers to track their orders, see recently-viewed products, and products added in their wishlist, on the customer account page.
  • To make check out faster, the recently viewed products and wishlist items have an Add to Cart button.
  • What’s more, the items in the wishlist section can also be shared to multiple channels – Facebook, Twitter, email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Messenger – making it easy for shoppers to recommend products to their friends.
  • Moreover, the data collected through these features offered by Flits can be utilized for personalized marketing campaigns across channels such as email, Facebook Messenger, web push and SMS. Because when you reach out to customers with products that match their specific taste and interests, you’re more likely to convert them and turn them into repeat customers.

Key takeaway: A simple ‘Share Wishlist’ button can make it easy for shoppers to recommend the product, increase not just sales, but even introduce new customers to your store.

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7. Cottonworld

The apparel brand, Cottonworld has a clean website and an equally clean customer account page. It offers basic features such as Profile, My Orders, Store Credit and Recently Viewed Products among others.

The customer account page resonates the brand aesthetics – simple, classic, sophisticated.

  • The store credit feature offers credit points to customers as they shop. By giving an overview of their store credits, the brand encourages customers to use their credit points and shop more.
  • With data collected through the Recently Viewed Products feature, the brand can reach out to customers across channels with recommendations for the same or similar products. And that’s a tried and test way of converting visitors to repeat buyers!

Key takeaway: For some brands, a strong data game is all that is needed to pursue shoppers with personalized marketing campaigns to turn them into repeat customers. You can do more with less features if you know how to put data to use!

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8. Seven50

Seven50, the fashion and apparel brand’s fun and trendy site design takes a minimal approach for its customer account page. By simply displaying Order History and Account Details, the site keeps it simple and basic.

  • The order history feature makes it easy for buyers to make purchases, at the same time, also reorder the products they loved donning!

PS. The live chat you see is powered by Tidio and does not come with Flits.

Key takeaway: Even if you’re in the fashion and apparel industry, it is important to display order history to your customers and make it easy for them to keep a tab on their purchases.

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9. Blinglane

Online shoppers are spoilt for choice. They may browse multiple sites and see hundreds of products. It’s easy for them to forget a product they had liked on your site.

Blinglane, a jewellery brand, makes use of many Flits features to engage its customers, both new and returning. Here’s how the brand improves engagement and increase sales through its customer account page:

  • My Orders tab helps customers keep a track of their orders as well as place repeat orders.
  • First time visitors might not make a purchase on the site. So, through My Wishlist, the brand captures data on shoppers’ intent and interests, which can be used for personalized targeted marketing campaigns to boost sales.
  • The Recently Viewed tab makes it easy for shoppers to return to products they might have liked and buy them through this tab without having to go back to the product page.
  • The Influencer Program is a unique feature on the customer account page that encourages customers to promote the brand on social media and earn rewards.
  • The Express Delivery feature entices shoppers to buy products for fast delivery within 24 hours.

Key takeaway: Don’t shy away from trying new features to engage customers. You’ll never know what works if you never try.

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PS. Blinglane is using the new Flits customer account page template – DUO. Reach out to us if you’re interested in changing yours or simply install the Flits app!

10. The Man Company

The Man Company is a men’s grooming products brand. Now we know, grooming products is a category that sees new products being introduced by different brands every day. There’s fierce competition. And it’s possible that shoppers explore a lot of products/brands before zeroing in on one. The Man Company’s customer account page addresses this smartly with these features:

  • A simple one-click login through a social account or email.
  • The customer account page has basic features – Orders, Delivery Address, Recently Viewed Products and credits.
  • The Recently Viewed Products section doesn’t only try to re-engage returning shoppers, it also simplifies the process of buying through a direct add to cart feature.
  • The store credits feature has been customized and named The Man Wallet.
  • Gamify the experience for your customers by tailoring the customer account pages based on the sales cycle stage a buyer is at.

Key takeaway: Create your customer account page keeping in mind your customers; men – they usually prefer to keep things clear, to the point and uncomplicated.

To know how The Man Company gamified the experience on their customer account page for their customers to increase repeat sales, read this case study.

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11. Vanilla Bay

At times, brands prefer to keep things simple and that’s exactly what we see in Vanilla Bay’s customer account page. The clothing brand’s site dons a fun and trendy look that is complemented by a simple customer account page.

  • The customer account page is as minimal as it can get – with just two tabs – Order History and Address.
  • These features are enough to gather data such as the customers’ purchase history, interests, and their location. With these, the brand can reach out to customers with personalized and hyper-local marketing campaigns.

Key takeaway: Offering store credits increases engagement, helps nudge buyers to complete different actions, gathering more information on them and also increases your repeat sales.

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12. Myoto

A delivery platform that connects shops, services, and customers, Myoto offers an extensive customer account page that is built to help the customer with every detail. Now, we know a delivery eCommerce site may not be visually as exciting as a lifestyle store, but Myoto has made its customer account page fun with icons and illustrations.

Take a peek at how they’ve enhanced the look of their page:

  • The customer account page enhances customer engagement by answering all questions through tabs such as Terms of Service, Terms & Conditions, Return Policy, Insurance Policy, Return Policy, to reassure the buyers.
  • They also display the available store credits/ points to their customers to encourage them to make more interactions in terms of purchase.
  • Through Refer a Friend, the brand increases sales as well as turns customers into its brand advocates.

Key takeaway: Build your customer account page to strengthen your relationship with your customers. But more importantly, to make it easier for them to interact with your brand and feel assured when making a purchase.

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13. Hey Zindagi

A health, wellness and lifestyle products brand, Hey Zindagi is chock full with products, blogs, FAQs, information about the company, multiple payment options, and an equally comprehensive customer account page. Now that’s how you make your customers’ shopping experience easier and meaningful.

Here’s how the brand makes its customer account page more meaningful:

  • Its customer account page is all about making their customers’ experience easy.
  • The Order Cancellation and Returns tab explains, in detail, the cancellation and return policy so that customers don’t have to skim through the entire website looking for this information.
  • The customer account page also includes a comprehensive explanation of their refund and privacy policies in separate tabs.
  • A notable feature on this page is the ‘Share Feedback’ tab that encourages customers to share complaints or appreciation on their purchases and experience. Not just through email, this tab also shares a mobile number customers can call to share feedback.

Key takeaway: Remember to make use of your customer account page to do more than the usual. Based on what you seek to learn from your customers, enhance the capabilities by building out custom tabs and functions.

PS. The live chat feature is not from Flits. To enable that, you will need to download a live chat app from the Shopify store.

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Do you need a customer account page on your Shopify store?

The question should rather be – how should you create and customize your Shopify customer account page? A customer account page is extremely important. It’s the one place through which you can not only connect with your customers, but also get to know them better.

There’s fierce competition in the eCommerce space across industries – how are you going to customize your customer account page to give your customers top-notch experience, and learn more about them?

Ready to turn your customer account page into an opportunity to drive more engagement and sales?

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
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