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7 ways to use the Thank you page to improve retention

Tips on how to use thank you page effectively. 

After your customer has processed the payment, they eagerly await the confirmation page that assures them that their order has been placed. Most e-commerce websites use a Thank you page that gives a confirmation and expresses gratitude as well. The page can be termed the last step in the customer’s purchase journey and can be utilized for many other things. 

Think of this: Would your customer be willing to read information unrelated to the product they are buying before the order is placed or after the order is placed?

The correct answer is ‘’After the order is placed’’. Reason- The customer is relaxed after the order placement and is now free to take in new information. This is where the Thank you page plays a crucial role. 

The seller can utilize the thank you page to convey and collect information, bridge communication gaps, initiate a conversation, market their products, convert one-time customers to brand loyalists, etc. It can become a key to improving your conversion rate.

Let’s look at how you can utilize your Thank you page.

  1. Upsell your products- This one is obvious but important; with all the available data, you can guess what your customer might like based on their purchases or suggest something that complements their last purchase (frequently bought together).
  2. Gather information- Collect information by asking a reason for purchase, asking a question related to your product, or taking a survey that will help formulate a strategy.
  3. Give information – You can inform your customers regarding upcoming offers and rewards earned. The page can also provide membership-related information, delivery, and shipping-related information, product-related information, etc. (You can use Flits app’s store credit add-on to display loyalty program related information on the Thank you page.)
  4. Promote your blog/Ebooks- Customers can be given access to a free knowledgeable eBook or your blog on the thank you page.
  5. Promote social sharing- Request customers to share their purchases on social media. This will encourage followers of your customer to check out your website. You can also offer rewards to your customers for social sharing.
  6. Call to action- Add buttons like ‘Continue shopping,’ ‘check out bestsellers,’’ Subscribe to newsletters, or request them to join your social media community, etc.
  7. Build brand awareness- Are you a brand that only uses recycled material? Are you a brand that donates 1% of its earnings to a meaningful charity? Are you a brand that does something no other brand does? Then share this with your customers through the Thank you page. 

Things to keep in mind while utilizing the Thank you page

Keep your text and call to action above the fold: All the information/questions/CTA should be accessible to the customer without scrolling. 

Keep the text short/ use images: Once the customer lands on your Thank you page, you only have a second to pique their interest in what you have to say. Long texts or multiple questions/CTA will force the customer to close the tab and move on to something else. Say everything that needs to be said in the most succinct way possible but keep it interesting.

A thank you page is a must on every website to express gratitude to the customers for trusting your product. It presents you with an opportunity to move your customers down your sales funnel. An important part of sales funnel is customer retention, and the best way to retain customers is to keep them happy and engaged. The Thank you page is a great way to achieve both the goals. 


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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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