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Enhancing Thank you page with reward program details

Check out details of our latest update related to Store credit on the Thank you page.

If there is anything we can promise is that we are always working on a new feature or enhancing an existing one. Our latest addition is – Displaying information related to Store Credit on the thank you page. 

This addition was developed to apprise the customers of the credit they have earned on the last purchase and the total credit balance. 

What can merchants do with this update?

With the latest Store credit update, merchants can display the following on the Thank you page-

  1. Display store credit earned on orders and specific tags.
  2. Display total store credit balance.
  3. Display a promotional message below the above two.

Thank you page update shopify

How will this update help customers?

Thank you page will immediately inform customers of the credits they have earned. They can also check their credit balance on this page and read any important information the Store has for them. 

Enable Store credit history on Thank you page

The thank-you page update will display Store credit’s information; hence this is located under store credit settings in the admin. 

Click on Settings > Store credit settings > General settings > Scroll to the bottom 

Store credit thank you page

Benefits of Thank you page-Store credit update  

The thank-you page is an essential step in the customer journey. This page expresses gratitude to the customer and signifies the completion of the purchase; most customers wait for this page to load to ensure that their order has been placed. In short, the Thank you page is a confirmation page. But, If properly optimized, a thank you page can boost your conversion rates and open channels for communication. 

With this update, we aim to help our merchants pass on relevant information regarding the rewards customers earned on their last purchase. The customer is likely to retain this information and return to claim their store credit reward. Customers can also see the total credit balance, motivating them to purchase more from your website. 

Customers are bombarded with a lot of information; hence, information placement is important. Once the customer is done purchasing, they are more likely to feel relaxed. They will read and act upon the information you present to them.

The Thank you page can be a game-changer and offer many benefits if used correctly. This new update will increase your retention and conversion rates.

Note: This feature is available only in the Enterprise plan.


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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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