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Use Thank you page to promote your reward program and boost engagements

In this era of cutthroat competition, you cannot leave loose ends. Despite having excellent products, there may be something your website lacks, which in turn is causing your customers to leave your website. 

A small feature, update, a tweak can play a big role in improving conversions. In the process of perfecting your website with the best layout, features, buttons, and widgets, most online stores forget about a key page, i.e., the thank you page. 

A thank you page loads after a purchase has taken place. The page’s purpose is to express gratitude for the purchase and give confirmation of the order placed. But, this page can do more than say a thank you.

A layman may think that the buyer is done purchasing the product, which means they will close the tab as soon as they are done, so what can a simple Thank you page do?

Here is where they are wrong. 

As mentioned, the Thank you page is the page that comes after the purchase cycle is finished. The buyer won’t take a sigh of relief until he gets a confirmation of their purchase. This means until they reach the thank you page, the sole focus is on finishing the cycle. The good part about this is that once the customer gets the confirmation, they are at ease and can concentrate on the information you share with them. 

This is when the Thank you page plays a role. You can share messages, get them to answer questions, take a survey, invite them to like your social media pages. 

But the customer won’t stay too long to read lengthy messages or elaborate stories. So you have to be smart about this and keep any information or question you display short and precise.    

One of the most important things merchants can focus on through their thank you page is customer engagement and retention. You can make the customer stay longer on your website or make sure they return. 

Use Flits’ store credit update on Thank you page for customer retention

We updated our store credit program with a nifty little feature. A loyalty program is focused highly on customer retention. The customer must be reminded of the rewards they have earned. The best time to remind them of the rewards is right after the purchase cycle ends. 

This is why our latest update helps you convey reward program-related messages to the customer on the Thank you page. 

Let’s take a look at how merchants can use this update. 

First, let’s see what will this update display to the customer on the Thank you page. 

Flits store credit thank you page

This update will-

  • Display credit earned on the last purchase
  • Display credit earned on tagged products. 
  • Display the total of the store credit reward
  • A small marketing message 

To use this update, merchants need to go to the store credit setting from Flits admin and enable Display Store credit on the thank you page.

Flits admin thank you page

Merchants can edit the credit and marketing message through the Multi-Language page from the Shopify admin. 

Scroll down to the Order Status page and edit the messages per your requirements. 

Shopify admin multilanguage

Note: If the earn credit rule is set up, then- Shop more to earn credit text will be visible.

If the earn credit rule is not set up, then- Shop more to Spend credit text will be visible.

How will the update help with retention?

Advantages of reward program update on Thank you page

  • Once the customer lands on the Thank you page, they will see the credit they have earned and the total credits they have. This information will nudge the user to either continue shopping or return to the website later to use the credits.
  • This section also allows you to display a small marketing message. You can edit the message as per your marketing needs. You do not need to bother your customers with a pesky popup. 

Take a look at an example of marketing text (edited) below.

Shopify multilanguage

This is how it will look on Shopify’s Thank you page.

Thank you page marketing message

The message above will engage the user for the future, the term ‘Limited’ will catch their attention, and they might re-visit your website to check out the collection.

Another example 

Thank you page marketing message

This message is a part of brand awareness. Customers who are cautious of environmental concerns while buying products will appreciate this message. Reminding them that you use recycled material will increase their chances of becoming regular customers. The message also appreciates their act of buying a recycled product. 

The objective of a reward program is to increase retention, but it is equally important to communicate the reward program to the customer. Customers usually do check if they have any credits or coupon codes. But, it is important to communicate the rewards earned instantly through a message or an email. But communicating this on the thank you page has an advantage that the customer is still on your website, and it is easier to convince them to continue shopping.

The latest update by Flits aims to help merchants communicate and engage their customers. The end goal is to help increase retention and improve customer experience. Small details matter, and a two-line message on the Thank you page can be a game-changer for your sales. 


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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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