How to Capture More Customer Information During the BFCM Upsurge

During BFCM, you’re sure to attract a large number of visitors on your Shopify store. Many of these shoppers are sure to leave without even purchasing. However, with the right strategy in place, you can capture these visitors as registered customers and get their customer information so that you can later market to them.

So, for BFCM, we recommend two goals that you should focus on—

  1. Capturing sales from past customers and new store visitors (undoubtedly the main goal for any BFCM sale)
  2. Turn as many store visitors into registered customers (even if they don’t end up purchasing)

While we’ve all come across many sales strategies for BFCM and even step-by-step guides, there aren’t enough guides helping merchants leverage the traffic they receive. 

We compiled this list of 7 surefire ways you can turn store visitors into registered customers during BFCM. By capturing customer information, you can later market to these shoppers who showed interest in your brand and get them to come back and shop.

7 Ways to Capture Customer Information During BFCM

1. Branded Shopify customer account page

You need to give your customers a reason to register and stick around your brand. One of the best ways you can do this, during BFCM as well as during non-sale periods is with a personalized customer account page. Shopify customer account pages are spaces built for your shopper, to save items they like, earn rewards, and track their orders. 

By ensuring that your Shopify customer profile enriches their time on your Shopify store and simplifies their experience of finding a specific product, you can make customers more likely to register. Set up a branded customer account page with Flits. Using the app, you can customize the look of your Shopify customized account page and include unique features.

Once set up, ensure that you put forward the benefits of registering as a customer to your store visitors. Many brands inform customers about the rewards they would earn by registering.

shopify rewards program customer account page flits indie and harper

Set up Flits to customize your Shopify customer profile page and make it exciting for shoppers to register.

2. Simplifying registration with social login

Oftentimes, many shoppers are eager to register as a customer but end up not completing their registration just because the process is too long. Make it easier for your shoppers to register and share their information with you, especially during this sale period when store visitors are browsing and leaving a store quickly.

You can do this by enabling social login. Social login lets your shoppers sign up as a customer through their social media profiles with just one click, whether this is their Gmail, Facebook, etc. 

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Set up social login on your Shopify store with Flits. 

3. Allow wishlisting

When shopping online, consumers usually pick up or shortlist a few products that have caught their eye. They then switch between these browser tabs for each product page to decide which items they want to finally buy. Sounds like a tedious process, right? 

It’s even more cumbersome if they lose all their tabs. Many customers end up abandoning their shopping session!

This is sure to be the case during BFCM. But, with one nifty feature on your Shopify store, you can simplify how your customers shortlist and pick their preferred product. Wishlisting is a feature that lets customers save items that they are interested in. They can later view these saved items in one page and easily compare them or come back to them later.

Besides well-designed Shopify customized account pages, Flits allows you to set up wishlisting features. This way, BFCM shoppers can click on a heart icon over product images and can instantly save the items they have their eye on!

Install Flits to allow BFCM shoppers to create wishlists and shop without hassle.

4. Capture customers through spin wheels

Many merchants place exit-intent pop-ups to capture store visitors who are about to leave in an attempt to capture them as subscribed shoppers. But, just placing such a pop-up isn’t enough— it needs to be exciting enough that the visitor engages with it. 

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Gamify the experience for shoppers by allowing them to win prizes through the pop-up! You can do this by setting up a spin wheel pop-up that lets shoppers “spin to win”. Apps like EVM Spin Wheel are built to help you enable this unique experience on your Shopify store.

Unlike a boring pop-up where shoppers can unlock a fixed discount or offer for subscribing, a spin wheel puts some excitement in your discount, creating a mystery and making shoppers eager to unlock the highest discount available. 

Pro-tip: If you already have a large discount set up on your Shopify store for BFCM, you can offer store credit or free shipping offers within your spin wheel. 

5. Interactive quizzes

Anyone who has ever been on the Internet has tried a quiz. Quizzes from Buzzfeed, for example have seen massive shares and excitement. In fact, on average, a quiz gets shared 1,900 times.

Many Shopify stores, like Tula Skincare, have set up quizzes to help their customers find the right product for them, personalizing their buying experience. Quizzes allow customers to engage with a brand in a more active manner and find their perfect solution. 

These content formats, especially during BFCM, can help you get your store visitors to make a purchase. Instead of being stuck in a limbo about which product they should pick from a dozen options, they’d have a select few personalized to them. Even if they don’t end up purchasing, your store visitors would leave their email address so they can unlock and receive the results of the quiz, helping you capture their details!

Octane AI lets you set up a quiz to make it more fun for your customers to find the products that match them best. 

customer information

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6. Set up back in stock automation on stocked out items

You may find that customers are interested in specific products on your Shopify store during BFCM but end up walking away because the item is out of stock. You can capture these customers with a back in stock automation.

Back in stock alerts allow your customers to subscribe to stocked out items so that they can later come back and shop when it is back in stock. You can set up this automation with the Back in Stock – Restock Alerts app. The Shopify app lets you customize your subscription widget and back in stock message to reflect your brand as well as enable up to 4 marketing channels so that shoppers can choose the channel through which they subscribe.

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7. Promise early access to BFCM 48 hours before 

Many merchants promise early access to the sale if shoppers register as customers. This builds exclusivity and allows shoppers to shop before anyone else, building exclusivity around your BFCM sale’s early access.

To build this hype around your sale’s early access, you can set up a pre-launch page on your Shopify store. On this page, you can place a subscription widget and inform page visitors that they’ll receive an email days before the sale is supposed to go live.

Building a pre-launch page and encouraging visitors to register is easy with apps like PageFly. You can learn more about creating a pre-launch page for BFCM from this guide.

Build a larger audience to market to by prioritizing customer registration during BFCM 

We hope these tactics to capture customer information helps you grow your subscriber base. Setting up opportunities to get store visitors to subscribe can help you simplify your marketing efforts.

The most important part of capturing customer information is ensuring that customers have a space built for them to save their information for quick access. This is where a Shopify customer account page helps. With a robust customer page that is in line with your Shopify store design, you can allow your shoppers to save their information easily. Shoppers can wishlist items, earn rewards, and reorder past purchases. This page becomes their personal playground, ensuring they have a personalized experience and allowing them to shop quicker.  

Install Flits to capture customer information and provide a positive shopping experience during BFCM

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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