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Shopify Marketing Tips: How to Use Tiktok to Get More Store Visitors

Learn how to use TikTok for Shopify marketing. 

Since the emergence of mobile video social networking apps, TikTok has become a major force in capturing the hearts and minds of users from around the world.

Today, TikTok is one of the biggest social networks worldwide.

In September 2021, it reported 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, representing a 45% growth compared to the previously reported figure of 689 million monthly active users in July 2020. shopify marketing on tiktok


This large user pool makes brand promotions and getting sales from TikTok seamless.

What also makes TikTok great for e-commerce is that it’s a mobile-first platform.

Dance like nobody’s watching, as they say! That’s what you need to do with TikTok because it’s where everyone—your target audience included—is right now. It’s a great platform for establishing brand awareness and for breaking the ice with potential new customers..

Take some time out today to log into your TikTok account and give it a test drive. This article will help you take that next step from novelty to profit center!

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Store And Get More Sales From TikTok Shopify Marketing

Whether it’s using sound effects, connecting with people through popular trends, or editing videos and adding links in the description, there are plenty of ways to get yourself discovered on this platform.

However, when it comes to TikTok, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A wide variety of strategies can be used to gain a lot more exposure on the platform. The best part is that many of these strategies are completely free to implement and work well with little to no effort on your part.

Here are some expert tips to help your business thrive on TikTok. By utilizing one or more of these TikTok marketing strategies, you’ll be able to get the most out of your efforts spent on the platform.

1. Leverage ongoing trends and sound effects

If you want to grow your store on TikTok, make use of ongoing trends and sound effects.

By choosing the most trending sounds for your videos, you can scoop up traffic and drive them straight to your store. Just remember that if you want to succeed with this strategy, you need to be creative and efficient with how you market your product. After all, not every trend will stay hot forever!

2. Be a trendsetter

One of the best ways for businesses to use TikTok is by setting trends on the app itself — meaning that if your company creates an original type of content that resonates with users and gets them excited about something new, then other people can recreate it.

This is a great way to create a buzz around your brand and get more people interested in what you have to offer. In addition to this, it’s also helpful for driving traffic back to your own site or store.

3. Go behind the scenes

One great way to use TikTok is to show behind-the-scenes footage from your brand — whether that’s showing off a product or an event you’re hosting.

This will give people who follow you on this app a glimpse into what life at your company looks like behind closed doors, which can be very appealing for some consumers who want to see what goes on when they aren’t around.

This will also help build trust with customers as they get an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes of your business.

4. Engage with your customers

Engage with other users by liking their videos and commenting on them. People love it when others show interest in them and their work so make sure you leave positive comments on every video you watch!

You can use the app to engage with your customers in real-time using live video as well. This will give them the opportunity to ask questions about your products and services, which can lead to increased sales.

Another interesting way is to run contests via TikTok. These could be giveaways, for instance.

5. Show off what makes your brand unique

One of the best ways to use TikTok is to show people what makes your brand unique. This could be anything from how you make your products, how they’re made, or even how they taste.

For example, if your store sells organic foods, show off how fresh they look and how delicious they taste by making a short video clip of yourself sampling them.

Or if you sell handmade jewelry or clothing, show off what makes each piece special by wearing it in front of the camera so customers can see how well it fits and how great it looks!

6. Use hashtags to get discovered

Hashtags, no matter where you are using them, have the power to help you stand out from the crowd. Video is a very noisy medium and the best way to get discovered is by using hashtags in your titles and captions.

We recommend using hashtags that are trending, or related to your niche or industry so that you can get discovered. The more relevant hashtags you use, the more interactions it will attract.

Don’t spend too much time focusing on specific hashtags that seem to work for your competitors. Spend some time researching what has worked well for other Shopify stores and apply their tactics to your store. But don’t copy!

Rather, think more about the types of customers you are targeting and what they are likely to be searching for.

This will allow you to go after a larger audience without coming off as trying too hard.

7. Share your inspiration story

Emotional content is a great way to immediately connect with potential customers. The platform allows users to share your brand inspiration story through videos, which is a great way to immediately connect with your potential customers.

Share the story behind the creation of your products or services. How did you come up with the idea? What made you want to start this business? What inspired you? People love hearing stories about how businesses were started, so don’t be afraid to share yours!

8. Highlight your products in action

People love seeing how things work, so creating a video showing them how something works can make all the difference when trying to sell them something new or unfamiliar (like a new type of technology).

You can show off how easy it is to use and why other people might want it too!

For example, if you sell sunglasses, show people wearing them while they’re at the beach or out clubbing at night.

Additionally, you can also include user-generated content on your company’s TikTok profile. People love seeing real customers using their products and talking about how much they love them! So, you can post videos created by your loyal customers as well. This also helps you save time and effort in producing a full-fledged video.

9. Share product tips and tricks

Show the world how to use your products or services in an entertaining way, then ask them to follow you for more tips.

If you’re selling clothes, for example, you may want to show how different outfits look on different body types or give tips on how to wear them in different ways. This helps your customers feel like they’re getting an insider look into your products without having to ask you directly for help.

Furthermore, if you have a product that has an interesting backstory or story behind it, share it on TikTok. Many people love learning about products, so don’t be afraid to share information about why something is made the way it is or where it comes from. This will help build trust with your customers and give them a sense of pride in knowing the backstory behind their purchase.

10. Share your milestones

You can share your brand milestones on TikTok by creating a video celebrating your company’s birthday or anniversary.

You can also share videos about new products or updates. You will not only be able to reach new customers but also build relationships with existing ones by sharing these updates with them.

Bonus tip: Be friendly, active, and most of all, be authentic.

This will not only help you get more traffic, but it’ll also give people a reason to come back to your page and store.

Capture TikTok Visitors With Flits for better Shopify marketing

TikTok is a fun app to use, and it’s growing in popularity. All businesses, big and small, can benefit from the app’s marketing power.

The platform has a large pool of monthly active users and the number is growing by the day. It is also very popular among Gen Zers and millennials, who are looking for content that does not require much effort from them but still provides an entertaining experience for them.

This makes TikTok an ideal platform for promoting products, services, or even businesses as well!

But you still need to do your best to capture customer details of those who do visit your store after discovering you on the social media platform.

Let us tell you how.

Once a TikToker visits your store, you can offer store credits in turn for signing up for a customer account in your store with Flits.

This helps you do two things – one, you’re able to entice this visitor into becoming a lead for your business; two, store credits act as a purchase motivation for this newly acquired lead, leading to higher number of conversions you receive on the store.

Simply put, don’t just use TikTok to drive more traffic to your Shopify store. Remember to capture it too!

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Install Flits today and encourage customer interactions with convertible Shopify store credits.

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