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Must-have Shopify Features on Your Store to Turn Visitors Into Customers

Starting an online store seems like a daunting task. Though eCommerce platforms like Shopify have made this job easier, you still need to figure out many other things. What products to sell? Which platform to choose? What are the must-have online store features that will help you make more sales? Many of these Shopify features are already available within various themes others can be found on the Shopify App Store.

In this blog, we will cover the essential features that online stores must-have. Of Course, the need for specific Shopify features may differ from business to business. For example, a store that sells electronic equipment may need to display installation videos. A clothing store may need an image zoom feature so customers can see the exact print/stitch in the apparel. But irrespective of your product, there are a few features that are crucial for any online store.

Features for better user-friendly experience and clarity

Any website that is difficult to load. does not have a proper menu/listing of products will force a customer to leave immediately. A detailed menu, a basic idea of all the products you offer, is an instant attraction.

Ease of use is the most crucial factor for a customer. You may have several fantastic features, but if you can’t get hold of the customer the moment he lands on your website, everything else is a waste.

Easy navigation and clear product menus

The moment a customer clicks on a website, the first thing they see is the menu. A clean, comprehensive menu will make it easier for the customer to find what they are looking for. In fact a Hubspot study says that 76% of customers want that they should quickly find the products.

Navigation should include :

  • Sections-wise division of products.
  • Each section is divided into subsections.
  • Menu visible on the same page ( Customer should not need to scroll down to see all the options in the menu)

Proper MenuIn the above screenshot from The man company, you can see how organized and detailed their menu is.

Shopify has many themes that can help you with detailed and comprehensive menus.

Clear product descriptions

Online stores should focus on giving clear and compelling information about every product they display. The information will vary depending on the product. Mention the name of the product, size, colour, dimensions, quality, variants, etc.

Expiration date, manufacturing date, contents, ingredients should be mentioned (depending on the product you are selling). Giving clear instructions is necessary so the customer has all the information before buying the product.

Example of clear product description

You can add product descriptions in Shopify admin; alternatively, for this Shopify feature, you can add an app from the Shopify store.

Image zoom, thumbnails, and videos

Product description needs to be complemented by clear 360 degree images, with videos and a proper thumbnail.

A clear 360-degree image will help the buyer see how it looks like from all angles. Videos are handy in presenting how the product looks/works in real-time.

A thumbnail saves the buyers time; they don’t need to click on every product. They can analyze if they wish to check out the product by taking a glance at the thumbnail.

360 degree images, thumbnails. Source-
360-degree images, thumbnails. Source-

For image zoom/thumbnail- You can find apps here

For product videos, you can find apps here.

Mobile-Friendly website/ Mobile apps

82% of US users use their mobiles to shop online; these statistics mean that online stores must make their website more comfortable to load for mobile users. It also means that the website should be optimized so that any customer can browse it irrespective of the mobile they use.

Easy to use app
Easy to use Mobile app

Another way to go about this is to launch your own Mobile App. Your store’s mobile app should have an easy to use interface, accessible left-hand side menu and all the features that a website has. The app design should be in such a way that customers can shop in the minimum steps. It should have a user-friendly product filtering and sorting option, especially if you offer a wide variety of products. For features of a mobile app of an online store, you can visit this blog.

Visit this link to check out apps for Mobile apps for Shopify

Features for quicker shopping

When we think about a physical store, long queues or long billing sessions can be a big let down. Similarly, in online stores, customers want to do shopping as quickly as possible. Hence, online stores should focus on features that shorten the journey between finding the product and order confirmation.

Guest checkout/ Social login

Every online store must provide the option of guest check out and social login apart from the option of sign-up. Signing up or registration can be a tedious task. Hence it is essential that online stores give the option of guest check out/social login.

Social login

According to a study, as many as when asked to sign-up, making it necessary that customers have the option to check out as guests. This also implies that guest checks out options can increase conversions as it saves the customer’s time.

Social login is a great option when the customer doesn’t want to fill lengthy sign-up forms. As per 2019’s statistics, 45% of the current population is on social media.

Social login enables users to sign up via social media, for example, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, etc. without filling up sign-up forms. Social login acts as a bridge between sign in and signs up. You can read more about the importance of social login for your Shopify store here.

You can find apps for this Shopify feature here.

Wish Lists

Wishlist is an excellent tool for shoppers who wish to save products and buy at a later date or love browsing online stores and do not wish to purchase anything immediately. Wishlist is sort of a bookmark for shoppers. Wishlist also gives an insight into customer’s interests and likes. Buyers often wishlist products for future events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Buyers also often wishlist products hoping for a price drop in the future.

If people have wishlisted specific items for a particular date, they can quickly purchase them in one go.


You can find apps for this Shopify feature here.

Recently viewed items

Recently viewed items is another great feature that online stores must provide. Often while browsing many things, customers feel the need to go back and check the previous items. In the absence of recently viewed items, the customer may have to check their browser history.

The customer may eventually move on to something else if he cannot find the product he was looking he is searching. Recently viewed items also play a crucial role in reminding the customer of the products he recently saw and nudging them to buy an item.

Recently viewed items
Source – Hura tips


You can find apps for this Shopify feature here

More like this/similar items

Similar items is another great feature that helps buyers find items similar to the one they are currently checking out. The customer does not need to scroll through all the products, instead, they can check out similar items to find alternatives to the product they like. This can save a great deal of time for the customer and quickly head to check out.

Related items feature

Related items is another upsell strategy that can help customers find items that they can buy along with the ones they are looking up. For example, showing’ Socks’ under related items for ‘Shoes’ or a ‘Pair of jeans’ as related items under ‘Tops.’

You can find apps for the above feature here.

Live chat

Sometimes, all that a visitor needs to make a purchase from your store, is actually a little help. This is where offering customer service comes in. You can do this by simply offering a live chat across all your common customer touchpoints, and being available when they need you the most. This lets you help them with trivial issues like shipping, discounts, size guides, etc easily, removing any roadblocks that may be stopping them from making a purchase.

Features for social proof

A disadvantage of an online store can be that your customers cannot see how many customers you have on average. Is your store popular? Are your products legit etc.? But there is a way to win your customers’ trust and it is called Social Proof. Social proofs are socially credible signs that your business is worth trusting. Social-proof allows customers to see what other customers think of your store, products, and services. It is a confirmation of sorts to a new visitor that other people are also buying from this store.


Close to 90% of customers feel that reviews influence their purchase decisions. These staggering statistics makes it essential for online stores to give an option of reviews. There should be an option to sort reviews based on the buyer’s rating to make an informed decision.

Online Reviews
Reviews by customers are crucial

Reviews can be in the form of text, photos, videos, or stars. Photo and video reviews add to the credibility of your product as well as your store. Reviews let customers know how a product may turn out once they buy it. Reviews also let the merchant know if there are any shortcomings in their product.

You can find apps for this Shopify feature here.


Buyer testimonials are an excellent way for merchants to establish credibility and trustworthiness of your website. These are great, especially if you provide a service on your website.

Video testimonials, text testimonials along with customer photographs, help your brand identity.

Find apps for this Shopify feature here.

Features for motivating customer

It is very important that you find ways to bring your customers back to your store. You also need to reward them for shopping with you. Given there is so much competition in the e-commerce world you have to always be a step ahead and make sure your customer comes back to you.


In this day and age, just providing quality products and services will is not enough to keep the beeline of customers growing. Loyalty programs are a must-have for your online store. Loyalty/ rewards programs are the best way to motivate customers and give them incentives for every action they perform. A strong loyalty program can convert one-time visitors into long time customers. A robust reward program keeps customers coming back and buying more to earn more rewards.

Reward program

Find apps for Reward program/Credit/loyalty program Shopify feature here

Free shipping/ Shipping options

Free shipping is a criterion that many customers keep in mind while making the final payment. No customer wants to pay shipping fees as high as the product cost. According to this survey as high as 81% of customers agree that free shipping is an essential criterion for them. If the merchants can afford, they must provide free shipping or free shipping above a specific cart value. Alternatively, customers can provide shipping options to customers. Which includes Ship to store, courier services with slow/fast transit time (that would allow the customer to adjust their expenses based on the affordability and urgency).

Other important features

Apart from the above-mentioned categories, there are a few other features that are equally important. Features like Order tracking, multiple payment options, order summary, robust customer care support etc, are vital to your eCommerce store.

Order tracking

Order tracking is another most important feature an online store should provide. After the buyer has purchased the product he should have real-time updates of the package. Buyers also prefer to prepare for the delivery and make arrangements in case they won’t be available to receive the courier. An order tracking feature enables them to keep a check on their parcel.

You can find apps for this Shopify feature here.

Multiple payment options

Customers have different preferences while making payments; apart from the usual payment option like COD, Credit/debit card, you should also offer them the option to pay through payment gateways like Paypal, apps like Gpay, etc. It will help if you consider which apps are popular in the area your customers reside. For example, apps like Paytm, UPI are popular in India. Lack of multiple options can lead to cart abandonment.

Shopify already supports many payment methods

Customer care/ after-sales services

No matter what you sell, active customer service is the life of your whole business. If the customer knows that your customer support is responsive and helpful, they will be more likely to buy from you. Even if you are a small enterprise, you need to find a way to help your customers out if they need help or have an issue regarding your product. You can add built-in forms to find out what the customer’s issue is and get back to them with a solution and set up a customer care number to call and register the complaint. Crappy customer service is a sure shot way to bring a bad reputation to your business.

Find apps for this Shopify feature here.

The e-commerce industry has come up with numerous features. In the age of AI and virtual reality, there is no limit to what online stores can provide. But there are a few basic features that all stores need to have without any questions. The main goal of any online business should be easing the customer’s online experience. Every enterprise should try their level best to make the customer journey hassle-free.

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