ways to simplify checkout on reorders

How To Simplify And 10x Shopify Checkout For Reorders

If you’re an eCommerce store owner or marketer you know how important repeat customers are for business. 

To put things into perspective, between 50% to 65% of eCommerce revenue comes from repeat customers. 

But you also know the challenges of bringing back customers to your store.

Therefore, to increase repeat customers, Shopify stores must adopt a key strategy — enhancing repeat customers’ experience for Shopify checkout page.

And that’s where the ‘reorder’ feature comes in — the element that boosts repeat purchases, making it easy for customers to reach the checkout stage.

You can make the most of the reorder feature by customizing your Shopify checkout experience.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to maximize returns from your reorder feature by simplifying the Shopify checkout process.

Before we dive into the strategies, we take a quick look at some benefits of reorders.

Benefits of reorders on Shopify store 

Before we learn how to simplify customers’ journey via the reorder feature, let’s understand how beneficial this simple feature can be for your business and why you must make it a part of your Shopify checkout page.

  • The reorder option gives the power to make repeat purchases to customers
  • It improves product discoverability for customers as customers can go to their purchase history and find items
  • Customers feel a greater sense of control on their shopping experience because not only can they repurchase the same products easily, they can also edit and make changes to their future reorders
  • It improves the user experience of your Shopify store

If you’re looking for a reorder app for your Shopify store, install Flits customer account app.

12 ways to simplify your Shopify checkout page reorders

The reorder feature is quite useful to customers as well as your Shopify teams. But you will be able to maximize its full potential only when you make it easy for customers to use it. Only then will more customers notice it and use it. In this section, we share 12 best strategies to enhance the reorder feature that will improve the overall user experience of your Shopify checkout page.

1. Provide a reorder button in the order history

Your Shopify customer account page must have all the important tabs, including order history. By adding the reorder button alongside products in order history, you can make repurchasing products a breeze for customers. 

All that customers need to do is to click on the reorder button and checkout in one-click. 

Moreover, it improves sales—when customers notice they can repurchase an item with one click, they would want to opt for it. This makes the reordering process fast, convenient, and streamlined for your valuable customers.

Here’s an example order history with reorder:


2. Pre-fill details

When customers want to repurchase a product, do they have to repeat the whole process? Select the item, add it to the cart, fill in address and contact details, etc. 

Instead, what if you pre-filled or auto-filled these details? According to Google, customers fill out forms 30% faster if you have pre-fill, because customers have to do less themselves. The same applies to getting them to the Shopify checkout page.

Here are some factors to keep in mind for your Shopify reorders:

  • Pre fill shipping address
  • Pre fill billing information
  • Pre fill payment details
  • Install other apps if required to make checkout faster
  • Customize Shopify checkout by auto-filling information

3. Use product reviews

Even though customers had bought and used the products, they might still be apprehensive about repurchasing the same products. 

If customers have any doubts about products, they would hesitate to repurchase. One way to remove doubts is to show them product reviews by other customers. 

Studies show that 9 out of 10 times, product reviews help drive customers to click add to cart. In this case, reviews can encourage customers to hit the reorder button in the order history. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Customize your Shopify checkout page by adding customer reviews
  • Choose a customer account page app that allows easy customization
  • Encourage customers to share product reviews themselves

4. Display correct information 

Customers can feel disappointed if you do not share information clearly and honestly. For example, say a customer wants to reorder a product. But realizes that the product is out of stock only when they reach the checkout stage. This can leave them annoyed. 

Infact, 69.99% of people abandon carts because extra costs are added at the last stage.

Instead, if you clearly mention all the important details such as extra costs, shipping charges, availability date, delivery date, etc. at the first stage when they are deciding to repurchase a product, you can avoid this situation. 

In turn, make customers’ experience better and improve reorder chances. Chances are, when you are honest, customers won’t mind paying more or waiting it out if the delivery is going to take longer.

5. Optimize reorder process for mobile

Customers’ preference for online shopping is increasing. To ensure you don’t miss out on reorders via mobile devices, optimize your mobile Shopify customer page experience. Here’s what you can do:

  • Ensure your customer account page is optimized for mobile
  • Customize the Shopify checkout page to suit small screens
  • Make sure the reorder button is visible and easy to click on small screens
  • Integrate an omni channel shopping experience and make it seamless across platforms — web or mobile

6. Provide multiple payment methods

Today, customers prefer different payment methods. Providing various payment options is one of the easiest ways to simplify reorders for customers. When customers’ find their favorite payment options in the Shopify checkout page, it makes purchase decisions much easier for them. 

Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Offer multiple payment options- wallets, cards, online, cash, etc.
  • Save customers’ preferred payment options and auto-fill details
  • Send automated payment confirmations 
  • Identify your customers’ preferred payment methods and add as many possible
  • Ensure a secure payment process

7. Offer incentives to boost reorders

Most customers take a long time to make purchase decisions. But you can help them take faster purchase decisions by offering incentives on reorders. This not only increases your revenue, it makes it easy for customers to repurchase products. 

Here’s what you can do to lead customers to your Shopify checkout page faster:

  • Show them coupon codes for reorders
  • Send real-time pop up messages
  • Create FOMO (fear of missing out) and urgency
  • Automate incentives on readers by using an app that makes this easy

Here’s an example of incentives on reorders:


8. Provide chat support

Customers have become used to receiving support and help while they’re shopping. And hence, if they don’t receive it, they may just leave your site. On the other hand, if they do, they can easily get their questions answered and make purchase decisions quickly.

That’s where your chat support comes in. Offering live chat support can make customers comfortable as they can ask any question before reordering.

Moreover, your chat support executives can also guide customers to the next steps, offer incentives in real time, if needed, and make their reorder experience better.

To ensure customers get chat support at every stage in their shopping journey, make it available on all pages — product pages, customer account page, Shopify checkout page, etc.

9. Allow easy edits

Even though the reorder button makes it easy for customers to buy the same products repeatedly, it’s possible that customers may want to edit or change their order. 

For example, they might want to increase or decrease the quantity, change the delivery address or payment method, etc. 

And hence, it is important to allow customers to edit their reorders until the last step, which is the Shopify checkout page stage. If the edit option isn’t available, customers might abandon your site to avoid the long process of re-buying the product.

10. Combine reorders with cross-sell

Another way to drive customers to your Shopify checkout page faster is to combine reorder with cross-selling. 

It works on the simple premise that customers don’t mind paying a little more if they’re getting more value.

For example, when customers are buying a product, nudge them to reorder a product from their order history to increase the average order value. You could also offer them a discount to entice them to reorder.

To do this, you can show them a pop-up message, send them a message on other channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, while they’re shopping on your site. Sending them messages in real-time will make it easy for them to reorder an item along with other purchases.

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11. Make reorder 1-click checkout

Customers’ name, address, shipping address, payment methods… there’s a lot of information eCommerce stores ask for when customers make purchases. 

But when it comes to reorders, your customers expect you to be ready with all this information because they’ve already shared it with you earlier. And that’s where the power of one-click checkout is.

Every extra click in the reorder process can lead to unnecessary friction and delay in customers reaching your Shopify checkout page. For retailers with a large number of repeat customers, one-click reorders are an excellent choice. 

Moreover, if your Shopify store sells low-value products, consumables, recurring purchase items, one-click reorder is definitely something that can make customers’ lives easier and more convenient.

12. Segmented reorder marketing

Maybe your repeat buyers would like you to send them reminders for reorders. For example, say a customer purchases a product every few months. You could observe their purchase pattern and send them reminders accordingly.

But the trick to get your customers to respond to your reorder reminders is to personalize your campaigns — send the right message to the right person.

How do you do that? Segment customers and then send them reminders.

There are many different ways to segment customers for reorder marketing. Here are some:

  • Segment based on products — customers that buy the same product go into one segment and you send them reminders for those products only
  • Based on demographics — create separate lists based on demographics and create promotional campaigns on reorders. For example, send reorder messages for discounted products

How to implement the best reorder experience on your Shopify checkout page?

If you’re setting up a new Shopify checkout page, ensure you customize the checkout page with all the essential elements that we discussed earlier in the 12 points.

Whether you want to increase the number of reorders or make recurring orders easy for your customers, setting up an optimized checkout page is easy if you have the best Shopify customer account page apps.

Explore Flits Customer Account Page app designed for Shopify stores. The app offers add-on features, such as reorder to enhance customers’ shopping experience and increase loyalty. 

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