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How To Set Up A Shopify Customer Account Page For Jewelry Businesses

Learn How To Set Up A Shopify Customer Account Page For A Jewelry Business And Maximize Its Use To Grow Your Brand

To put it mildly, the eCommerce jewelry market is exploding!

According to Statista, the global online jewelry market will reach $117 billion by 2027.

Online jewelry brands are multiplying at a fast pace. And with new entrants in the market, comes higher competition.

If you’re starting a jewelry business eCommerce store, this blog is a must-read for you. Here, we talk about how to set up a Shopify customer account page for jewelry businesses to ensure success and growth.

Online jewelry market: An overview

From real gemstones to precious metals to artificial fashion jewelry, the retail jewelry market is booming with options that cater to all kinds of customers. The jewelry eCommerce space is seeing unprecedented growth with new jewelry websites popping up every day.

Let’s look at some facts to put things into perspective.

  • The year-on-year growth of the online jewelry market is 15.1%
  • Fine jewelry is the fastest growing segment, followed by fashion jewelry
  • Finger rings and earring top the list of the most-sold jewelry product
  • Consumers preference to buy real diamonds and gemstones is shifting to eCommerce
  • The online jewelry market is evolving owing to past data collected
  • The online jewelry market includes both B2B and B2C

How to set up a customer account page for your Shopify jewelry business?

Step 1: Install a customer account page app

To set a customer account page for your Shopify jewelry store, you’ll need an online tool or app.

But first, why is it important to have a customer account page? If you want to convert your new or one-time buyers into loyal customers, you’ll have to hook them to something. That something is the customer account.

There’s intense competition in the jewelry online market. And you shouldn’t be surprised if your competitors steal your customers.

So, once your new customers register on your Shopify store, you can increase the probability of them coming back to your online jewelry store.

Bringing back customers becomes easier if they sign up for the customer account. Here’s how:

  • You have their contact details such as email or phone number, so you can run campaigns to bring them back to your site
  • Customers engage more if they are signed up and remember brands better, and hence, the chances of them revisiting sites increase

Currently, there are many customer account page apps on the market, but only a select few stand out. One such app for customer accounts is Flits.

The app offers a wide range of features that help compile all consumer data in one location. Flits add-on features include Wishlist, Recently Viewed Products, Store credits, Reorder, etc.

Install Flits customer account page app on your Shopify jewelry store.

Step 2: Select a customer account page template

After installing the customer account page app, the next thing you should do is select a suitable template.

Flits offers two options:

1. UNO: simple, clean, customizable design

2. DUO: minimal design with rounded corners and customizable

Factors to consider when choosing a customer account page template:

Customization capabilities

To ensure your Shopify customer account page’s look and feel is consistent with the rest of your website, pick a customer account page app that has easy customization features. You should be easily able to drag and drop elements, change the colors, fonts, buttons, etc.

Navigation and user experience

The other important factor is navigation—is the navigation appealing or confusing. Is it easy to lead your customers from one action to the next? The navigation of your customer account page will determine how good its UX is.

Step 3: Customize the customer account page

Before we get into the details of how to customize and brand the page, let’s understand why you need to customize the customer account page?

Your customers should relate the experience on the customer account page to your brand. In other words, it has to be consistent with the rest of your website. And that’s one of the biggest reasons to customize the customer account page.

Another reason for customization is to build stronger connections with customers via the customer account page. No matter how good your jewelry designs are, if there’s lack of personal connection with your customers, you might not be able to improve the loyalty quotient of your customers.

The Flits customer account page app makes it easy to customize both the templates. The app is smart and intuitive and will guide you at every step of the way to customization—from changing the colors to fonts, etc.

How to customize the Shopify customer account page?

Customize the navigation bar

  • Choose colors that belong to your branding color palette
  • Go with colors that are consistent and don’t make the page look mismatched
  • Ensure you choose a color for the text that makes the text standout and legible

Change the font color

  • Choose a font color that matches the color of the navigation bar
  • Choose a color for the font that belongs to your branding color palette

Customize the button colors

  • Change the color of the buttons to match your branding palette colors
  • Choose colors that suit your website’s visual language; avoid trends

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Step 4: Set up social login for the customer account page

One of the most common reasons why first-time visitors leave eCommerce websites without making purchases is because they’re required to sign up on the website.

For online stores and marketers, it’s important to get more sign-ups, because only then can you collect customer data. And one way to make the sign-up process bearable for shoppers is to enable social login.

With the social login feature on the Shopify customer login page, customers can sign up using their social media credentials. Social login makes sign-ups faster and easier, logins become easier, the rate of sign-ups goes up, boosts sales, simplifies login, helps avoid fake and redundant email ids in your list, and helps with remarketing and retargeting on social media channels.

These are just a few of the benefits of setting up social login on your website.

For online jewelry stores, there are many more benefits. For example, social media is a big part of jewelry businesses. Customers often share images and tag brands. This improves visibility and reach for jewelry brands without putting in too much effort.

Moreover, when starting a jewelry business, you’ll need to build contact lists of your customers. That’s where social login can help—it’s a simple feature that collects social account details of customers.

Step 5: Install add-on features in your customer account page

The Shopify customer account page has some default features, such as order history, contact, etc. However, to engage customers and give them a good experience, you’ll need more than the basic features.

For example, you might want to run marketing campaigns such as wishlists, loyalty programs, etc. And for that, you’ll require apps. Not just any app, you’ll need automation apps that can scale as the number of your users grows.

That’s where the add-on features of Flits come in. Here are some Flits add-on features you must consider for your jewelry store.

Store Credits

You may call it rewards, loyalty, or store credits program. It is one of the best marketing strategies to boost customer loyalty and sales. With the store credits feature, you can give points or credits to customers to increase the probability of them coming back to your store.

Store credit strategy can work well for online jewelry businesses. It can help you:

  • Increase customers’ purchase frequency
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Create more engagement opportunities for customers

With increasing competition in the retail jewelry market, it is critical to set up a store credits or loyalty program to engage and hook customers. For example, customers love gamified loyalty programs. One of the best ways to engage customers is via tier-based loyalty programs where customers get to earn more points.


The jewelry market sees new trends and collections launch every few weeks. This creates multiple marketing opportunities for brands. One such strategy is to generate interest before the launch. That’s where the Wishlist feature can help.

You can have coming soon items, which customers can add to their wishlists. In addition, the wishlist feature comes handy when items get sold out. Customers can add them to the wishlist and get notified or buy them later.

Jewelry brands can collect useful data from the Wishlist section to use for personalized marketing campaigns, retargeting, etc.

Social Login

Having the social login add-on on your Shopify customer login page can make sign-ups easier. Customers can sign up simply via their social media account credentials.

For brands, this is an excellent way to, a) increase sign-ups and b) collect customers’ social media details to retarget them.

The social login feature helps:

  • It can make customer sign-up faster and easier
  • Boost sign ups
  • Make sign in easy and increase purchase frequency
  • It helps in retargeting customers on social media


The reorder feature can also be useful for jewelry brands. People often end up buying jewelry for gifting. That’s when reordering a product already bought by the customer can make the purchase experience easy and faster.

Moreover, there are many more reasons why customers would want to reorder products. Maybe they really like a product and want to buy many pieces of the same design. For example, if it’s a bangle, they might want to buy more than just one pair. In such cases, the reorder button comes handy.

The reorder button makes it easy for customers to make purchases, makes checkout faster, and boosts sales. And that is why, the reorder feature is a must-have on your Shopify customer account page for jewelry business.

Recently viewed products

Buying a piece of jewelry is easier said than done. With a sea of options to choose from, it’s easy for customers to get confused and indecisive. And shoppers often go back to pages they browsed to relook at products.

The recently viewed products feature makes this process of shopping for jewelry online much easier and enjoyable. Shoppers can simply go to the recently viewed products section on the Shopify customer account page to look at products.

Moreover, online jewelry brands can collect information about customers’ likes, interests, etc. and use the data to create personalized marketing campaigns.

Step 6: Integrate other apps in the Shopify customer account page

To create a good customer experience on your Shopify customer account app for the jewelry store, you’ll need to integrate many other tools to help you automate and run tasks.

For example, you’ll need functions related to payments, discounts, messaging, sending updates, marketing and promotions, etc. And for all these, you’ll need tools.

Hence, you’ll have to choose a customer account page app that easily integrates other tools on the page. Flits customer account page app seamlessly integrates with third-party apps, such as (product review app), Klaviyo (email marketing app), Pushowl (web push notification app), among others.

How to set up a Shopify customer account page app for your jewelry business?

If you’re starting a jewelry business, you’ll have to think of more factors than just the products. Your tech and digital experience will make or break your online jewelry business. And hence, it’s important to get it correct right from the beginning.

This is where the Flits customer account page app comes in. In addition, the add-on features of the app provide a comprehensive set of functions to keep your jewelry business on the path to success and growth.

Install Flits Customer Account Page app on your Shopify store today!

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

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