shopify customer account page for home decor and furniture businesses

How To Set Up And Use A Customer Account Page For Home Decor And Furniture

How To Set Up And Use A Customer Account Page For Home Decor And Furniture

Learn How To Make The Most Of The Shopify Customer Account Page For Your Home Decor And Furniture Business

The home decor and furniture eCommerce market is booming, to say the least.

New brands, designers, and eCommerce stores are popping up every day. And with these, cut throat competition.

If you’re launching a home decor and furniture online business, this article is for you. We tell you all about the Shopify customer account page for furniture and home decor—why you need one, how to set it up and how to maximize its use.

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Furniture eCommerce: An overview

The global online home decor market is expected to grow by $58.99 billion by 2026. The eCommerce furniture market is driven by new trends in the market, the rise in online spending, an increase in the use of smartphones, and demand for trendy furniture.

How to set up a customer account page for your home decor Shopify business?

Step #1 Install a customer account page app

The first step to setting up a Shopify customer account page for your furniture and home decor business is to install a customer account page app.

If you want to turn your one-time customers to long-term loyal customers, it’s essential to have a customer account. When customers register on your Shopify store, bringing them back to your store becomes easier.

Now, there are many apps available on the market, but few stand out from the rest. Flits is one such customer account app.

The app provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that helps summarize all customer information in one place.

Besides, it offers add-on features such as social login, wishlist, recently viewed products, among others, which help enhance customer experience on the site as well as on the customer account page.

Install Flits customer account page app on your Shopify store.

Step #2 Choose an account page template

After you’ve installed the Flits customer account page app, your next step should be to choose a template for the page.

Flits offers two options:

  • UNO: A simple, clean design that can be customized to match your brand’s visual language
  • DUO: An overall minimal look with rounded corners for the account page elements for those who want to customize a minimal look

When you choose a template, you must consider some important factors:

Customization: One of the first aspect is the ability to customize your account page to match your brand

Navigation and UX: The template you choose must be easy for customers to navigate and provide a good user experience

But why should you customize?

Now, if you’re wondering why customize, it’s because it has a lot of advantages:

  • Your customer account page will eventually become one of the most-visited pages on your Shopify site. Hence, it’s important that your customers recall your brand easily when they go to this page
  • Moreover, a customer account page is a sort of personal page for users. This makes it an excellent opportunity for brands for personalization. How do you do that? You can build connections with customers by understanding them through data collected from this page. And so, when this page is branded, your customers will relate your brand with their experience in a better way.

Flits allows you to easily customize both the customer account page templates. All you need to do is pick one of the two themes and follow the customization steps. The app will guide you at every step. For example, you can change the navigation, font colors, set up add-on features such as reorder, store credits, and more.

Here’s how the Flits DUO customer account page template looks like:


duo - shopify customer account page template

And here’s what the UNO customer account page template looks like:

uno - shopify customer account page template

Don’t have a Shopify customer account page set up yet? Install the Flits app today.

Step #3 Customize your account page

A critical factor of the customer account page is its look and feel. In other words, its branding. And that’s why you need an app that allows customization.

First impressions make the last impressions! The customer account page is the first page customers tend to visit when they sign into an eCommerce website. Therefore, it’s important that customers associate it with your brand.

Conversely, it’s also an opportunity for you to improve the brand recall of your business—the colors, fonts, design, and visual features that give your brand its unique identity.

Moreover, the customer account page is where you’ll find all customer data. And so, when customers relate the page with your brand, it builds stronger connections. Besides, they’d be more trusting and share information.

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Here’s an example of how Shopify store Indie and Harper have customized the account page by using a color palette that matches its branding. You could take inspiration for your Shopify customer account page for furniture and home decor business.

Customize the navigation bar

  • Choose a color from the same tone/palette as your branding colors
  • Choose colors that don’t make the page look too heavy or mismatched
  • Make sure the color of the text stands out on the navigation bar

Change the font color

  • Choose a font color that compliments the color of the navigation bar
  • Try to choose a color that is belongs to your branding color palette

Change the button colors

  • Change the color of the buttons to ensure it matches your brand colors.
  • Marketers prefer bright, bold colors such as red, orange, and green for call-to-action buttons. But you can pick the color that best suits your page.

Step #4 Set up social login

86% of people feel bothered when asked to sign up on websites. And hence, a large number of them avoid signing up. So how can you tackle this issue?

One effective solution is to make the sign up and login process easy—social login.

Social login makes:

  • Sign up easier and faster
  • Login easier and faster
  • Boosts new sign rate
  • Increases sales
  • Customers don’t have to remember one more password
  • One-click login makes the process simple
  • Avoid fake or redundant email addresses
  • Helps remarketing and retargeting

When it comes to furniture or home decor eCommerce stores, getting customers to register is all the more difficult. Customers assume they won’t be making another purchase any time soon, and hence, don’t see a point signing up.

That’s where the social login feature becomes important. It can be a motivating factor to encourage customers to sign up—take the next quick step and easily sign up via social login.

And here’s how you can make the most of social login for your home decor store:

  • Once customers sign up,

Step #4 Install add-on features

While features such as ‘Order history’ are default in the Shopify customer account page, to enhance your home decor Shopify store customers’ experience, you’ll need to up your game.

You’ll need to incorporate many different marketing strategies. And the good news is, there’s an app for all of them. Install add-on features. Flits offers many add-on features that can help you take your customer experience quotient a notch higher.

Let’s look at the add-on features of Flits:

Store credits

Loyalty, rewards, and store credits programs are among the best marketing strategies to ensure your customers keep coming back to your store. With interior design and furniture trends changing by season, you must make sure your customers don’t sway away from your brand.

With store credits, you can:

  • Increase purchase frequency
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Engage customers and motivate them to shop more

Customer retention and engagement are a big challenge in the furniture and home decor industry because there’s huge competition. If you don’t keep customers engaged, your competitors will. A store credits or rewards program can increase customer touch points and with that, the possibility of them coming back to your store.


The home decor and furniture industry often sees an influx of demand for new trending designs. As a result, products get sold out soon or there’s a long wait for customers.

This is where the wishlist feature helps. Customers might like products on your site that are sold out. Or they may want to secure yet-to-launch products. If your site has a wishlist option, they can add the products they like to their wishlists.

For you, it’s rich customer data as you can reach out to them, retarget them, send personalized campaigns created around items in the wishlist.

Social login

An average consumer shops from at least 15 different online stores. And hence, they tend to avoid signing up on every new site they shop from. Because either the sign-up process can be too long or customers don’t want to keep a track of another login and password.

The social login features can provide many benefits:

  • It can make customer sign-up faster and easier
  • Boost sign ups
  • Make sign in easy and increase purchase frequency
  • It helps in retargeting customers on social media


The reorder feature may not be as useful for home decor Shopify brands, because people rarely reorder the same furniture piece. However, it can be useful in some cases. For example, if customers want to reorder the piece for their friends. At such times, the reorder feature in the Shopify customer account page for home decor and furniture stores sites makes it quicker and easier.

Recently viewed products

While shopping on your furniture eCommerce site, customers might like some products. But it’s difficult for them to remember everything they liked. They might need to revisit products they saw. And that’s where recently viewed products come in the picture.

This section shows customers the products they viewed while browsing. It makes it easy for customers to make purchase decisions by comparing the ones they like.

Step #5 Integrate with other marketing apps

Besides the above features and tabs on your Shopify customer account page, you’ll need some external apps too.

For example, say you want to run a request review campaign, or a discounts campaign. You’ll need automation tools that can help you run these specific marketing campaigns.

Flits customer account page app seamlessly integrates with many third-party apps. For example, the product review app, email marketing automation app Klaviyo, and web push notification app Pushowl, among others.

Have you set up the customer account page for your home decor Shopify business?

Having a customer account page has many benefits for furniture Shopify stores. For starters, you can collect customer data from the different sections and use it to send personalized and targeted campaigns.

The customer account helps build stronger and long-term relationships with customers and makes their shopping experience enjoyable.

And to ensure smooth functioning of all the above features, you need to install the Flits customer account page app.

Install Flits on your Shopify store today!

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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