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Shopify has an ecosystem that lets merchants and app developers work for each other. Merchants present problems, and app developers build an app to solve those problems. But Shopify has another exciting feature i.e., integration. Integration means apps can link with each other to provide better services to each other. Flits integration with some of the best Shopify apps has helped several merchants.

It merely means that if you are using one Shopify app, you can use some features of another app from the first Shopify app. For example, if you are using an app for rewards, and you wish to send notifications to your customers for rewards. You can integrate the rewards app with the notification app.

An average Shopify store uses four apps minimum. Which means they may wish to display features or use features of one app in another. You can read more about Shopify Integrations here.

Any integration within an app is smooth, and mostly a two three-step process. Merchants must take benefits of the integration provided within apps. This blog is to help Flits’ merchants take advantage of the Integrations that we offer.

Integrations with best Shopify Apps

The list is in order (latest to oldest integrations)

  1. Shopify PoS
  2. Pushowl
  3. Loox Reviews
  4. Vajro mobile app builder
  5. EVM photo reviews and testimonials
  6. Klaviyo
  7. Judgeme

1. Flits integration with Shopify PoS

Shopify PoS is one of the most exciting integrations of all the integrations that are allowed within the Shopify Ecosystem.

Shopify PoS allows customers to

Browse in-store, buy online
Buy online, pick up in-store
Buy in-store, get it shipped.

Shopify PoS is a centralized point of sales for offline/online shopping. Customers can shop anywhere and pay anywhere.

Purpose of integration

Flits was integrated with Shopify PoS so customers can take advantage of rewards even when they are shopping offline.

How to use Flits integration with Shopify PoS

After integrating with Shopify PoS in Flits App, merchants can give credit to customers while placing orders.

Advantage of Shopify PoS integration with Flits

The significant advantage of this integration is that customers don’t have to worry about not using their credits while shopping online.

For merchants, it adds leverage that they can convince customers to shop more even in offline stores to earn credits.

You can read more about it here.

2. Flits integration with Pushowl

Merchants need to inform customers about every reward. The best way to do this is to send them Push notifications. Push notifications are alerts that pop-up for a short period on your computer or mobile’s screen.

Push notifications provide an instant connection and also grab the customer’s attention. Web push notifications are a highly underutilized medium with only a few online stores taking advantage of this marketing and communication channel.

Most end consumers will experience web push on your store for the first time in their online lives. They have a high likelihood of opt-in – if their first look at your website matches their expectations, and they enjoy your brand.

Purpose of integration

The purpose of the integration was to let customers know about every credit as and when they receive it. Sending web notifications will pique their interest and may push them to use the rewards for shopping even more.

Integration includes

You can send following alerts as web push notifications:

Sign-up credit
Subscriber credit
Adjustment notification from Admin
Order credit
Credit spent
Birthday credit
Monthly credit.
Expiration of credit
Review credits
Product tag credit (Credit on a specific product)
Referrer credit
Referee credit
Referral order credits (credit the referrer will get on X no. of orders by the referee)
Credit on referral spent (credit the referrer will get on X amount paid by the referee)
Reached X no of Referrals (Credit the referrer will get on X number of referrals)

Advantage of this integration 

Informing the customer about all the actions you are taking is not only an excellent way to retain their attention but a good communication policy. It’s also a way of promoting what you offer them. A customer may be too busy to check out what all rewards you give and hence may never use them. You can even customize your PushOwl notification with Flits to suit your highly personalized needs. Many customers might not also be aware of the rewards they can get for performing an action. Sending them a notification will shift their attention to it.

3. Flits integration with Loox 

Loox integration is another app for photo reviews and is one of the highest reviewed and used apps on Shopify. Loox is the most trusted app for photo reviews. The objective is to provide social proof to new customers, along with the motivation to existing buyers.

Purpose of the integration

Motivate the customer to leave genuine reviews to earn rewards.
Use reviews as social proof to drive sales
Increase customer loyalty by way of rewards.

Integration includes 

Photo reviews from Loox

Credits on product reviews from Flits

How to use Flits integration with Loox

Like EVM photo reviews and testimonials, Loox gives customers an option to leave reviews under every product. Reviews are a crucial part and play and important role in influencing customers’ opinions before buying a product. Hence, you must get your products reviewed by every customer.

Advantages of this integration

Merchants can ask customers to leave photo reviews on the products after purchase. In return for every review, customers can earn credits. This process will encourage them to leave a genuine review after every purchase. In an online setup, reviews are the only way customers can assess a product’s quality before buying it.

4. Flits integration with Vajro 

Vajro is one of the top Shopify Mobile apps with a high number of ratings. Majority shoppers these days prefer to shop on mobile phones. It would be wise for stores with a vast amount of orders to have a Mobile app for their customers. This provides easy accessibility and also improves the brand value of the store.

Purpose of the integration

This integration was done after the repeated requests of our merchants. Merchants who were using Vajro app were unable to display the Flits customer account page, and it’s other add ons on their app. Hence this integration became necessary so that merchants shopping on mobile phones don’t miss out on these features.

How to use Flits integration with Vajro 

Merchants who use Vajro can display customer accounts and every other feature of Flits’ on the mobile app.

Advantage of Integration

After the integration, customers can access all their data through the store’s Mobile App by Vajro instead of checking through the browser. This eliminates the extra effort the customer has to put in to check his Flits’ profile page, store credit, and wishlist or log in through social media accounts. A seamless surfing experience will only add to higher conversions and more sign-ups.

5. Flits integration with EVM photo reviews

EVM photo reviews and integrations is an app that helps you present social proof in the form of text and photo reviews.

Purpose of the integration

Motivate the customer to leave genuine reviews to earn rewards.
Present social proof
Increase customer loyalty by way of rewards.

Integration includes

EVM photo reviews/ text reviews

Flits reward – Product reviews

How to use Flits integration with EVM photo reviews and testimonials

Merchants should set a certain amount of rewards for customers through Credit settings. Once they have integrated EVM photo reviews and testimonials, they can inform their customers to leave reviews through pop-ups/ emails, etc.

Customers will receive credits once they have left text/photo reviews.

Advantage of this integration

Flits has always given the option for credits for a Product review but does not provide the functionality of writing reviews. You can use EVM photo reviews app’s integration and give customers a space to leave reviews.

6. Flits integration with Klaviyo 

Even though the e-commerce market is adapting new and instant strategies, people still prefer to get updates in the mail. This conventional method of marketing has not gone out of fashion and probably. Klaviyo is a customer retention app. It has one-click integration with Shopify. It takes personalized data from visitors, subscribers, and customers within reach of Shopify merchants. This way, you can use the information to better your relationship with everyone connected with your website.

Purpose of integration

Flits was integrated with Klaviyo to make it easier to send Email alerts to merchants for all the credits activity.

Integration includes

Mails for all credit activities by Klaviyo

Advantage of the integration

The significant advantage of this integration is that customers can be informed, regularly, and automatically of all the credit activities. They will receive emails for credits earned and spent.

7. Flits integration with Judgeme

Judgeme is an excellent app for text reviews and star ratings and is another highly used app for product reviews.

Purpose of Integration

Flits was integrated with Judgeme so merchants can rewards customers for leaving reviews on the products.

Integration includes

Product reviews by judge me

Rewards by Flits

How to use Flits integration with Judgeme

Merchants can ask customers to write honest reviews to earn rewards. Rewards can be set under Flits credit settings > Product reviews.

Advantage of Judgeme integration with Flits

Apart from photo reviews, text reviews give an elaborate explanation of what the customers like about the product or what they disliked. It is easier to share the exact points through text than photos. Merchants can figure out all the issues customers have with the product. On the other hand, customers get to earn rewards by leaving reviews. Rewards help in ensuring long term liability.

If you use an order tracker app, Flits’ developers will help you display order tracking on the customer account page. Many of our merchants use order tracking apps that are displayed on the customer account pages.

Flits has always focused on fulfilling the wishes and demands of the merchants. For all the requirements that cannot be met by Flits features alone, we integrate with other leading apps in the Shopify ecosystem. We look forward to many more excellent integrations in the future.

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Rashmi Singh
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