How to use EVM photo reviews and testimonials with Flits to reward your customers

Our Latest integration with EVM Photo reviews and testimonial will let you offer rewards to customers for leaving photo reviews.

Integration includes

EVM photo reviews/ text reviews
Flits reward – Product reviews

Purpose of the integration

This integration will allow merchants to encourage customers to leave reviews. Reviews not only serve as social proof but also act as a way for merchants to find out what their customers really think about their products. This proves that merchants should make sure that their customers leave reviews, only way to ensure this is to offer customers some reward.

What features of EVM can the merchant use under this integration?

As a Flits user who is using the Reward program paid add on, you can allow your customers to leave Text or photo reviews under each product.

EVM Photo reviews and testimonial integration has many features but only Photo and text reviews are available through Flits integration.

Plan is available to

Advance, Professional & Enterprise Plan. You can check out our plans here.

Can you give separate rewards for text review and photo reviews?

No, as of now we only have Product reviews under the reward system, hence both text reviews and photo reviews will come under this.

How to use the integration within Flits app ?

Step 1.

Go to Flits dashboard and click on integrations

Step 2.

After clicking on integrations you will see EVM Photo reviews and testimonials app.

If you are not a Advance, professional or Enterprise plan user you won’t be able to access this unless you upgrade your plan.

If you are an Advance, professional or Enterprise plan user you will see a button on the right side of the EVM Photo reviews and testimonials.

Photo reviews

Step 3.

Switch the button on the right side to ‘Enable the integration’
The button will turn Green.

Photo reviews

Step 4.

Click on ‘Integrate with photo reviews and testimonials’

Photo reviews

Step 5.

Step 4 will take you to EVM photo reviews and testimonial’s integration tab.
Click on the ‘Disable/Enable button’ to the right of Flits to ‘Enable’ the integration.

Once you click on the button you will see a pop up text -’ Enabled successfully’

Photo reviews

photo reviews

How to give rewards for reviews ?

To give rewards you need go to ‘Credit’ settings under ‘Settings’ in Flits admin.

Credit settings

This is how reviews look on the store front

photo text reviews

Reviews are displayed on every product page. Customers can leave text reviews, upload a photograph along with text.
Once the customer has left a review he will receive rewards in store credits.
Flits does not have a functionality to give separate rewards for text and photos.

Customers can earn credit on the same review

Rewards for photo reviews

A big issue arises when merchants have to request shoppers to leave reviews. Majority shoppers may be reluctant to leave a review given it is difficult to engage them once they are done shopping. But reviews matter a lot for each and every product. Reviews serve as a basis for many new customers that helps them in decision making.


How to get more text/photo reviews ?

Getting reviews is a very big challenge for all product and service providers. Especially when it comes to positive reviews. Many times when we are asked to leave a review we just tap on the stars, give 5 or 4 stars and skip the part of writing a review.

However this changed after one of the stores I used to shop from started giving credits for writing a review. They also gave extra credits for attaching photos with the review. I started clicking pictures after every purchase and religiously left a review without anyone asking for it.

Before this I left reviews only if the product was superb or extremely poor or if I was forced to write something.If someone as lazy as me could be motivated to leave reviews along with a photograph, others can be motivated too.

Merchants should keep in mind that they should focus on getting genuine reviews and not fake/paid reviews. Customers are smart enough to figure out which reviews are fake. Fake reviews only bring down the credibility of your store. Hence, sending a follow-up email asking customers to leave a review is the best strategy.

Why do you need photo reviews ?

As a merchant you may think why do I need photo reviews. Your business is doing fine even with text reviews. But as e-commerce is advancing we also need to change the perception of people.
Reviews let the customers know them know the product you sell is 100% authentic.
It will also give you a chance to find if the customer’s complaint for your product is genuine or not.
Reviews are a fool proof way to promote your product. It gives the customer to verify your claims about the product.
Reviews let customers find out beforehand what problems they might face or what are the precautions they need to take after buying the product

How to get more photo reviews?

Give Extra credits : Giving credits is the easiest and sure shot way to get reviews. But you need to give extra credits if a customer attaches photographs along with his review. You can use product review credit in Flits.
Feature their photos on your website : This could work best for apparel, shoes and jewelry stores.
Feature their reviews on your Instagram accounts.

Read about why do you need to give credits here.

We hope that our integration with EVM photos and reviews will be helpful to our merchants. For any queries you can drop, send a message to us from here.

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. How do I increase reviews on my Shopify store?

Answer. The best way to increase reviews is to give an incentive to customers for leaving reviews. You can offer them credits/rewards for leaving text, photo or video reviews. You can send them a mail or a message to leave a review which will nudge them to write a review. Giving credits or points for reviews is the best way to ensure more reviews.

Q. Why do I need to show product reviews on my Shopify store?

Answer. The first thing any customer looks at before buying a product is reviews and ratings. Reviews add to customer’s trust that the product is real and improves customer’s trust. 94% of online customers read reviews before making any purchasing decisions. Reviews influence customer’s buying decision and also allows the merchant to establish communication with the buyer.

Q. How do you use social proof to increase Shopify sales?

Answer. You can share the positive reviews on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. You can also add a carousel/widget on your store featuring best reviews which will help increase sales of that particular product. You can also use the photo/video reviews while advertising to win customer’s trust.

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