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Buying anything online comes with its own pros and cons. The good thing about shopping online is that you can shop sitting on your couch.  The bad thing is there is not much room for customization. Even if the website allows you to customize it will either charge a lot or will give you only a set of options to choose from. But Flits has always kept its promise of keeping Customers first. This is one of the reasons we offer 24/7 customer support. Another added feature that comes with Flits App is that we can help you with customization in the customer account page as per your needs.

Every store is different which means that their needs and customer base are also different. Hence it is important that we cater to any specific need that the stores have. Of course, there are limitations but whatever can be done without disturbing composition/ demography of the store. Flits app has done such customization on Customer account pages for various stores on Shopify. A good customer account page  is extremely crucial for customer retention. We are listing a few of them below :


Indie Harper’s team sent us a graphic that they wanted to add to their Reward section Under the Customer Account page. We suggested alignment and other specifications.

We added: 

  • A Drop Down to the reward section as per their demand
  • An Eye-catching reward page
  • A soothing color combination
Indie harper : account page customization



Spacedoutclo wanted a sleek design for their customer account page. The sent us an image of a customer account for reference and wanted a similar page. Flits fulfilled their wish.

account page customization


Hourglass cosmetics

Hourglass cosmetics also wanted a different page design for their customer account page and to our surprise, they changed it on our own. It was possible because Flits’ code structure is easy to understand and modifyHourglass wanted a broader page for each section on the customer account page.

account page customization



Artisans galleria wanted an organized navigation menu in specific colors. We made it possible for them. Check the screenshot below

account page customization


The Man Company

Customer Account Flits used Shopify Flow to add this feature for The Man Company. The Man company can categorize its customers into ‘’Gold’’ and ‘’Silver’’ customers. The theme color for Gold customers is in gold and for Silver Customers is Silver.


A golden layout was provided for Gold Customers


A silver layout was provided for Silver customers

Flits team can offer 8 hours of free support. Customer accounts always have a scope of improvement and we would love to know if you need any addition to the customer account. Flits is always on its toes to serve merchants better their store.

You can shoot us an email anytime any day at support@getflits.com.


Note : Level of customization varies from plan to plan, please go through the billing section of flits.

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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