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Flits turns 4 today!

Today marks the 4th year when we embarked on a journey called Flits. Flits started as an app that would let merchants display a detailed customer account page on their online store. We added many other features along the way. 

Since the beginning, we have aimed to help small and medium level businesses become enterprise-level businesses, i.e. businesses looking to establish themselves as a brand. Therefore, all the features we introduced were aimed at improving the user experience of customers. Which in turn helps the growth of our merchants.

But this journey could not have been possible without Shopify’s support. Shopify’s ecosystem for entrepreneurs is unparalleled. The recent announcement of no longer pay revenue share in Shopify Unite sent a wave of happiness among app developers. This support from Shopify is what keeps encouraging us to innovate and improve our features.

The ecosystem is the biggest strength of Shopify. Members have the freedom to reach out to each other through various online Shopify communities. Our app partners PushOwl, Judge.Me, Wiser, Delight Chat, PageFly etc., also have a contribution to our growth.

Apart from Shopify and its ecosystem, our main pillars are the development, design, content, and support staff. Any feature that helps in the sales or user experience of the customers is a matter of great joy for Flits team.

The hard work that goes in creating a feature, testing, designing, creating content and then managing the expectation of our merchants through our support team is an activity that is always ongoing. We consider ourselves lucky that we are blessed with such an incredible team.

Our diligence is rewarded by merchants in the form of installations and reviews. Merchants are our primary driving force; we exist because they exist. Before every update, we keep in mind what our merchants expect from us, and we are thankful to them for keeping us on our toes. 

The past four years have been a roller-coaster ride, given that we spent two years working remotely. Nevertheless, it has been a great learning experience, merchants suggesting new frameworks, watching them try unique ways to use our features. 

At last, a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped us become what we are today.

Happy anniversary to FLITS!


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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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