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Can You Drive More Sales for Your Shopify Store Using a Customer Account Page? 

Customer account pages are more often than not treated as a design element. An add-on to your Shopify store. Something that only makes you “look” good in the eyes of the online shoppers.

While all of that is true, customer account pages also serve a bigger purpose.

Yes, customer retention is one thing. We covered all about it in our previous post. Read it here.

This time, we’re here to tell you how having a customized customer account page can enable customer acquisition too!

But as always, for those of you who’re new here, let’s start with the basics.

What is a Shopify customer account page?

A customer account page is a space for your customers in the form of an interactive web page that lets them save all their data in one place. It summarizes all the shopper data in one place – profile, delivery addresses, wishlist, order history, recently viewed products, store credits and also gives them the ability to reorder products.

Again, think about your Amazon Prime account. You practically have everything you need to make a purchase quickly, right there.

Here’s a glimpse at what a customer account page with Flits would look like:

Impressive, right?

Now let’s start with how customer account pages enable faster acquisition.

Different ways in which customer account pages accelerate customer acquisition

A customer account page is essentially a data mine. An online shopper is actively using this page to add more details about them. Be it their age, gender, birthday, delivery addresses and more.

In addition to that, a customer account page is also letting them create wishlists of items that they absolutely love, want to purchase but probably can’t right away. Or maybe they’re looking for some motivation to make the purchase.

So how do you use this data?

1. Use wishlishts to tailor marketing campaigns for better engagement and conversions

Online shoppers wishlist items that they are genuinely interested in. This means they have a mid to high level of purchase intent in those products. You can use this data to reach out to these customers with personalized marketing campaigns across all channels – email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and even web push.

When you reach out with messages that are ‘exactly’ relevant to someone’s interest, they’re more likely to convert on the campaign. And that gets you a new customer or a repeat customer!

Here’s an example of one such campaign on email:

wishlist email marketing for customer acquisition

2. Use recently viewed products to make product recommendations in campaigns

A typical online shopper tends to view at least a few stores before deciding what to purchase. With a customer account page, you and the shopper both know and can easily view the recently viewed items. Use this data to make more recommendations and introduce them to similar products and deals that they might be interested in.

Reach out to them across different marketing channels to recommend products. The more you care about their preferences, the closer you are to acquiring them as a successful sale. Or might we say, a customer?

Here’s an example of one such email:

recommend products on email

3. Use delivery addresses to create local and hyperlocal sale campaigns

Customers save their delivery addresses to be able to place an order in minutes. But you can use this data to identify where most of your store visitors, sign-ups and customers come from. This enables you to create location-specific campaigns.

For instance, if your store has a market in multiple locations, you can create hyperlocal discounts and sale campaigns. This will not just attract those shoppers who are currently signed up on your Shopify store, but also those in that location with similar purchase interests.

4. Use social login to build a targeted audience on social media

Social login makes it easier for online shoppers to create an account on a Shopify store they’re making a purchase from. In fact, it has proven to improve the sign-up rates by a whopping 23%.

But when you implement a social login and online shoppers start to sign up, you’re also building an authentic audience on the social channel they use to sign up from. You’re capturing their social profiles and you can always use those to set up targeted campaigns. Better targeting, lesser spend on ads and more conversions.

You can then also use this social data to create a lookalike audience to further your campaign reach and capture more customers.

5. Use store credits to encourage referrals and repeat purchases

Referral marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. Since 80% of us trust recommendations coming from our friends and family, we’re always more likely to convert when they refer us to a brand or even a specific product.

If you have a customer account page on your Shopify store using an app like Flits, you can offer store credits from within to encourage referrals. Ask new sign-ups or existing customers to share their purchases or promote your brand in their circle, offering them store credits that they can use for their next purchase.

This does two things. The store credits sweeten the deal for the shoppers as they get to redeem a certain amount against their new purchase. At the same time, it helps you reach their circles and acquire more customers.

For example, The Man Company:

customer account pages for customer acquisition on shopify

Read all about it here.

6. Use reorder to capture repeat customers

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. Repeat customers spend 33% more than new ones. While it might not seem like it, but every time you get a customer to make another purchase, you’re acquiring that customer all over again!

A customer account page as powerful as Flits also lets you enable easy reorder on the dashboard. This lets customers easily make a purchase with a single click. The easier it is, the more likely they are to convert.

7. Use customer account page sign-ups to boost loyalty

Customers who sign up for customer account pages are basically those who believe your Shopify store has value to offer to them. Or they’re shoppers who have previously made a purchase from you, are happy with the experience and are willing to make the commitment of making more purchases.

So reach out to those shoppers and nudge them to join your loyalty program. Show them the value of being associated with you for a longer period of time. The longer they stay, the more repeat customer acquisitions you make and the higher are the chances of them promoting your brand to reach more shoppers.

Do you really need a customer account page on your Shopify store?

Come to think of it, there’s way too much competition for consumer attention today. The winners in eCommerce are those who have data and are putting it to use.

We’re just saying that when you start looking at Shopify customer account pages from beyond a design perspective, you see the amount of data it can get you on your site visitors and your existing customers.

So we say, yes.

Ready to give this new approach to customer acquisition a shot?

Install the Flits app to enable customer account pages that help you understand your shoppers better.

PS. We at Flits are coming up with something new super soon. We’ve been working really hard at this and would love to introduce it to you! So stay tuned.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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