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Custom Fields for Enhanced Customer Information Collection

Read about our latest update: Custom fields, how and why to use them?

Flits is back with another power-packed feature, and it’s a feature our merchants keep requesting. Back in 2017, Flits launched a customer account page to display customer data to the customer in an organized layout. Apart from the need to display collected information to customers, it is equally essential for the merchants to gather customer data to fulfill other requirements.

Gathering customer data shouldn’t be about bombarding customers with advertisements but about getting vital information to make their purchase experience better. And, Flits has made this step more accessible by introducing Custom fields.

What are custom fields?

You can define custom fields with a name and ask for specific information like pet’s name, height/weight, V.A.T. I.D.s, etc. The primary goal is to collect data from the customer that you may need to provide a smooth experience, add a personal touch for your customers, or ask for information you need for verification or is mandatory to fulfill the order. Depending on the information you need, you can also request customers to add images, PDFs, and other file formats.

Why do you need custom fields?

Custom fields are optional for all businesses, but depending on your business requirements/goals, you can add them to the signup pages or profile section. For example, if you sell custom mattresses, you can add custom fields for the size, thickness, material, etc., you provide. Likewise, add custom fields if you sell products that need tax-related information or other essential I.D. details.

How to use custom fields?

To use custom fields, locate settings in Flits admin > custom fields > add custom fields > select the type of field you want to use. Then, fill in the information in the custom fields form.

Custom field form


What is a unique I.D.?

You must assign a unique I.D. to any field you are adding. The ID cannot be edited once saved; the technical team will use the unique I.D. for identification purposes.

What is a title?

Title here means the name assigned to the input you want from customers. The title may appear instead of the placeholder or above the placeholder, depending on the theme.

What is a placeholder?

A placeholder is a text that disappears right before you start typing in the input box; a placeholder serves the purpose of a hint. For example, an input box asking email address usually has a clue written in a light gray font. Placeholder text may or may not appear depending on the theme.



How many types of custom fields are available?

We provide mainly seven types of custom fields
Date picker
Time picker
File upload (pdf, jpg, png, xlss, etc.)

Merchants need to contact customer support for the ‘File upload’ custom field.
Business plan users can add two custom fields, and Enterprise plan users can add five custom fields to their online store. You can also check deleted field data in the admin.

Admin custom fields 
Who should use custom fields?

You must use custom fields if-

  • If you are a store that sells customized products such as shoes, jeans, pants, blouses, mattresses, curtains
  • You can use date and time custom fields if you sell items with a time constraint, like birthday cakes, bouquets, etc.
  • You can use document custom fields if you sell items needing document verification, like medicines, prescription glasses, and ammunition.
  • You can use custom fields to add personalized notes if you sell gift items or pet supplies.
  • If you need a phone number or any other detail to process orders
Where can you display custom fields for customer fields?

You can show custom fields on the signup page and profile section of the customer account page.


Custom field on signup pageCustom field on profile pageRead the F.A.Q. for more information on custom fields.

We hope that the latest addition of custom fields will add more value to your store’s experience, and make it easier to collect essential data from the customers.

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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