best shopify apps to increase sales for your online store

Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales on Your Online Store (2024)

As the new year approaches, it’s time to gear up for the new year. And the new year means trying new strategies to reach and engage your ideal customers, turning every interaction into an opportunity to sell. 

That’s where you will need the best Shopify apps to increase sales – and we’ve done all the research for you! 

Best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024

Here is the list of the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024. 

1. Flits

Flits redefines Shopify experiences through its compelling e-commerce solutions. Its dynamic features converge within UNO and DUO templates, cultivating Amazon-like Shopify Customer Account Pages.

Flits revamps customer account pages, showcasing profiles, detailed order histories, and recent views—boosting engagement and sales. Flits is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024 as it offers easy reordering and merchant contact options, enhancing the customer journey. With social logins, wish lists, and Shopify store credits, it tailors rewards for a personalized experience. 

Flits stands out for deciphering customer behavior, augmenting engagement, and fortifying loyalty. With a user-friendly interface and forward-thinking features, Flits delivers an Amazon-like experience by consolidating customer data onto one dashboard, offering insights to understand shoppers better, and providing ample opportunities to boost sales.

2. Pushowl 

PushOwl simplifies boosting sales by recovering abandoned carts using personalized popups. It swiftly gathers store visitors as subscribers, needing just one click—no emails or phone numbers. This tool sends products and offers notifications straight to subscribers’ devices, converting them into buyers effortlessly with instant delivery and consumption. 

With native opt-ins, quick campaign creation, and automated cart recovery, it streamlines marketing efforts. By analyzing customer behavior and tailoring marketing using cart details, PushOwl maximizes revenue.

3. Interakt

Interakt, represented by its distinct logo, is a comprehensive platform specializing in transforming conversations into meaningful conversions on WhatsApp. Offering a seamless customer experience, it stands as the sole full-stack solution for businesses aiming to expand through WhatsApp. From welcome messages, promotional WhatsApp broadcasts, cart recovery notifications and more, you can automate it all with this app. 

Interakt enhances conversions by creating WhatsApp storefronts, ensuring convenient customer engagement with rich media messages. Interakt is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024 as its prowess lies in seamless integrations with major platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, and CRM systems, ensuring business continuity. 

4. Postscript 

Postscript, showcased by its logo, elevate businesses with SMS marketing, aiding subscriber growth, messaging strategy development, and sales amplification on WhatsApp.Postscript fosters personalized engagement, enabling tailored touch points throughout the subscriber journey—from building an audience with opt-in tools to crafting customized post-purchase experiences. 

With impactful segmentation and behavioral message branching, it drives loyalty and revenue while supporting brands across diverse e-commerce domains like beauty, food, fashion, fitness, and more. Postscript’s success stories, like Feastables, showcase its prowess in augmenting revenue and fostering customer loyalty through immersive SMS engagement pathways.

5. Omnisend

Omnisend stands as a leading e-commerce marketing platform, simplifying personalized email campaigns effortlessly. It eliminates coding hassles, enabling users to create stunning, tailored campaigns swiftly. Its omnichannel approach facilitates seamless integration of multiple engaging channels, fostering business growth and delivering exceptional results without technical complexities. 

With user-friendly features like an extensive template library and a drag-and-drop email builder specialized for e-commerce, it empowers businesses to craft visually appealing and impactful content. 

6. Shopney

Shopney, hailed as the top Shopify mobile app builder, stands poised to elevate businesses. Tailored for seamless app development, it aims to revolutionize mobile commerce. The platform offers essential features across various plans, supporting businesses at all stages. From a no-code builder that automatically syncs with your Shopify store to pull in content, a design editor that lets you decide the layout of each page, push notifications and more, the app has everything you need to turn mobile into a sales channel.  

Shopney is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024 as it doesn’t impose sales limits or commissions, empowering merchants to capitalize on their future earnings. Focused on mobile-centric strategies, it maximizes engagement, propelling sales. 

7. Easy bundles 

EasyBundles is one of the best Shopify apps to boost sales as it offers an exceptional bundling experience for customers. This app helps brands create diverse product bundles, fueling upsell and cross-sell strategies. With intuitive box building and gifting features, it seamlessly integrates into store UIs, ensuring smooth checkout experiences. 

EasyBundles helps increase average order value (AOV) by enabling customers to buy multiple products at better prices. The app caters to various bundling needs, from subscription and fixed-price bundles to gifting options. Its versatility extends to holiday and pre-curated bundles, adapting to consumer moods. 

8. Wiser

Wiser, a robust Shopify app, revolutionizes customer experiences with AI-driven personalized product recommendations. Wiser analyzes user data, from browsing habits to past purchases, crafting personalized shopping experiences across web, mobile, and email. 

Its diverse recommendation features, from cart page insights to email nudges, create a tailored journey for each customer. Trusted by renowned brands, Wiser’s intuitive widgets ensure conversions and offer valuable insights through its powerful analytics dashboard, establishing it as a Shopify essential for amplified revenue.

9. IgnitePOST  

IgnitePOST, a revolutionary handwritten notes app, redefines customer connections by sending personalized, real pen-and-ink notes to delight customers. It elevates customer engagement by providing a unique experience through hand-written mail. With a 99% open rate, it drives exceptional responses, nurturing loyalty and community. 

The app seamlessly integrates with existing sales and marketing systems and offers premium, robotically handwritten notes, creating a genuine connection with customers. IgnitePOST is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024 as its success stories across various industries testify to its efficacy in inspiring positive reviews, increasing retention rates, and rescuing abandoned carts.

10. Videowise 

Videowise offers a powerful tool for shoppable videos, simplifying engagement with customers in and out of Shopify stores. Trusted by innovative brands, it seamlessly embeds shoppable videos, boosting engagement by 4x and increasing time spent on-site to 1 minute 20 seconds on average. 

Videowise’s versatility allows for adaptive designs, ensuring a great user experience across devices. With features like automated product-video matching and bulk operations, it scales easily for enterprise needs. It provides a page-speed protective system, extreme customizability, and proven performance, making it a go-to choice for brands seeking to enhance customer interaction through immersive video experiences.

11. Goaffro

Goaffro is an affiliate marketing app that simplifies e-commerce for both merchants and affiliates. For merchants, it offers easy installation on various platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Setting up commissions for affiliates becomes effortless, leading to revenue growth as referrals come to the store. 

For affiliates, joining programs, acquiring product links, and earning commissions on customer purchases from merchants’ stores is straightforward. Goaffro is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024 as its features include advanced affiliate tracking, branded portals, analytics for actionable insights, and multi-level marketing capabilities. 

12. Shopify collabs

Shopify Collabs simplifies influencer marketing for Shopify merchants. It’s a tool within Shopify Admin that connects brands with creators for collaborations and affiliate programs. Merchants can easily set up their affiliate initiatives, inviting influencers or discovering new ones via a vast creator database. 

Collaborating with creators helps reduce advertising costs while boosting product promotions. The app streamlines tasks like gifting samples, creating affiliate links, and automating commission payments through Shopify Billing. It’s free for merchants on selected Shopify plans, with commission payments subject to a 2.9% processing fee. 

13. Referral Candy

ReferralCandy simplifies referral marketing for every online store. It’s effortless to set up and use, with customers starting referrals within 10 minutes. It seamlessly integrates with various e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more, offering easy connections for custom stores too. Users can customize rewards, choosing from discounts, cash payouts, or personalized rewards for referred customers and friends. 

With insightful connections to marketing apps, customizable branding, and robust tracking of referral revenue and traffic, ReferralCandy enhances engagement and protects against fraud. It’s a powerful tool, boosting sales effortlessly through referral programs.

14. Lookbook 

LookBook by POWR transforms online stores with stunning image displays. It’s like an elegant, shoppable showcase for products, making browsing a breeze. With various layouts like grids, sliders, or collages, it beautifully arranges photos, events, and blog content, linking them seamlessly. 

Shoppers engage by liking, sharing, and browsing social media within the gallery. Dynamic light boxes and hover effects elevate the visual experience. Plus, the keyword search option simplifies navigation. LookBook is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024 as it enhances engagement, boosts sales, and solidifies brand loyalty through captivating, interactive galleries.

15. Boost AI

Boost AI, a solution by Boost Commerce, turbocharges online stores with smarter Site Search, Recommendation, Merchandising, and Navigation powered by AI. BoostAI is one of the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024 as it revamps Shopify stores, making them intelligent and simpler to oversee. With precise search suggestions and typo tolerance, the AI Site Search elevates user experience. 

Boost aids in optimizing product discovery, resulting in increased Average Order Value (AOV). It seamlessly integrates with various Shopify apps, offering over 30 integrations for enhanced functionalities. Boost AI’s prowess lies in driving revenue growth, loved by e-commerce for its efficacy and AI-driven insights.

16. WooHoo 

WooHoo, a gamification marvel from Boost Commerce, transforms websites by converting visitors into leads using engaging pop-up games—no coding expertise is required. Tailored for any website, it significantly boosts sales by offering special deals for email addresses. Employing exit-intent tech, it captures attention just before visitors leave, reducing bounce rates. 

WooHoo’s gamified approach enhances conversions, amplifying email collection seamlessly. With a robust built-in autoresponder, A/B testing, and real-time analytics, it refines marketing strategies effortlessly. Its adaptability spans various platforms and integrates smoothly with favorite tools, boosting lead generation across WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. 

17. Loox

Loox, the trusted social proof platform designed exclusively for Shopify, aids over 100,000 merchants worldwide. It transforms genuine customers into ambassadors by capturing visual reviews, sharing experiences, and encouraging referrals. With photo and video reviews, Loox builds immediate trust and bolsters customer loyalty, significantly enhancing conversions. Seamlessly integrating with Shopify themes and apps, requires no coding for setup, ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

Loox’s speedy loading via a content delivery network (CDN) accelerates widget performance. Plus, its 24/7 support and intuitive interface make it accessible to all, enabling businesses to elevate their brand presence effortlessly.


Invest in success with these best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2024!  

Increase Shopify sales and drive growth. Follow our blog for more insights into 2024’s strategies and set yourself up for triumph.

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