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How To Create Value For Customers Via Your Shopify Customer Account Page

Why do customers shop from your Shopify store?

Is it because they like your products? Or because you offer better prices than other stores? Or do they like the whole experience of shopping on your site?

Are you able to pinpoint the value customers find in your brand?

To grow your Shopify business, you must know what your customers value about your brand. So you can leverage it to meet your business goals.

In this blog, we take a look at eCommerce value—what it means to customers, and how you could create value via your Shopify customer account page.

What does value mean to customers?

Today’s consumers are not only concerned with cost or quality but they also want the goods or services they purchase to meet a need or address an issue. Customers are searching for businesses that consistently offer eCommerce value because they have so many options for shopping at their disposal.

Customers respect a business that makes their lives simpler and enhances their general well-being. Brands that offer a good customer experience, help customers, and pay attention to details are perceived as more valuable. Customers believe the advantages of their experience outweigh the price, and as a result, they will keep doing business with the company.

Consider these statistics:

  • 88% of consumers consider authenticity when choosing a brand
  • 46% of consumers would pay more to brands they trust
  • 64% of consumers would support or boycott a brand based on its position on a social or political issue
  • 77% of consumers buy from brands that share the same values as them

8 ways to show value via the Shopify customer account page

With fierce competition in the eCommerce market, your Shopify store has to consistently think and execute strategies to demonstrate high value to customers. Here are some ways to get you started:

1. Offer incentives when customers sign up

First impression is the last impression. To make a positive impact on customers’ perception of your brand, give them store credits or reward points. Human beings are wired to feel happy upon receiving something—a gift, freebies, store credits to shop, etc.

So when you offer something in return of them registering on your site, it enhances their experience and brings a feel good factor to a simple act of signing up, which can otherwise

Here’s what you can do:

  • Offer store credits and points in the customers’ account
  • Give them a discount on their next purchase
  • Offer free shipping

2. Provide a good repeat order experience

Depending on your products and services, customers may place repeat orders. For example, in case of consumables, health supplements, service memberships, etc. The process of placing new orders for the same products can get tedious.

Instead of customers searching for their product, adding it to the cart, and filling their delivery details, what if you could enable them to place the order in just one click?

You can do so with the help of the reorder feature.

Here’s how to enhances repeat order customer experience:

  • Make the reorder process simple for customers to understand and follow
  • Ensure the reorder button is visible and strategically placed in the customer account page in the order history
  • Provide a separate reorder tab to take repeat order experience a notch higher
  • Offer incentives on reorders. For example, discount, free shipping, store credits, etc.
  • Send reorder alerts based on customers’ past order history

3. Add value via store credits

A study reveals that 79% of customers choose retailers that offer some sort of points program, for example, store credits or reward program. Most eCommerce stores offer reward programs to customers.

Moreover, an average customer is part of around 14 such eCommerce programs. But they might actively engage in just two or three.

Why so?

That’s because most brands fail to provide value via their programs. The same types of program structure, same benefits and incentives, do not attract customers anymore.

Here’s how you can add value via your Shopify store credit program:

  • Ensure you integrate an efficient store credit app on your Shopify store
  • Offer a seamless store credit experience across the customer lifecycle
  • Automate store credit features; for example, sending updates and alerts, notifications of credit points earned, calculation, incentives, etc.
  • Consistently deliver a flawless store credits experience
  • Find out customer pain points and grievances around store credits and address them

Are you looking for an efficient Shopify store credit app? Meet Flits Store Credit app.

4. Help customers make purchase decisions via wishlist and recently viewed products

Customers like brands that make their experience easy. For example, the below diagram shows aspects customers consider when choosing brands.

Customers prefer brands that make it easy for them to navigate, provide relevant product recommendations, send tailored messages, and send timely communication, among other factors.

Here are more factors customers consider:


And now the good news—retailers can

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5. Collect customer feedback

Half of your customers who’ve shared feedback, expect your response within 24 hours!

Feedback collection and response is a big part of customer experience and satisfaction. When you increase the rates of these two factors, it increases your brand value for customers.

Let’s learn how you can improve your brand value via customer feedback:

  • Consistently reach out to customers to request feedback
  • Collect feedback on individual features and aspects of your Shopify store
  • Keep questions short, simple, and targeted
  • Use different channels to collect feedback—email, SMS, social media, etc.
  • Turn feedback into action by addressing it appropriately
  • Appreciate when customers share feedback
  • Reward customers who share feedback

6. Focus on post-purchase customer experience

How would you feel if a store you like and bought from, forgets about you as soon as the transaction is over? You wouldn’t feel good about it. Right?

If you think once customers complete a purchase, your job is over, you’re wrong. That’s the time marketers have to create opportunities to engage them with post-purchase strategies.

Once customers transact with your brand, they build expectations from you. They make future purchase decisions based on their post-purchase experience.

How to generate value during the post-purchase phase?

  • Send order status alerts and notifications
  • Retarget and remarket to customers by using social login data or contact details
  • Create special onboarding campaigns based on your product/service
  • Promote products in wishlists by offering discounts

7. Make it easy for customers to return/ exchange products

When customers want to return or exchange products, they are already stressed. Besides, they have multiple questions in their mind. And so, the easier you make it for them to return or exchange products, the better they would feel.

Here’s how you can increase the value quotient via your returns process:

  • Clearly mention your returns and exchange policy on your website
  • You could have a separate section on the Shopify customer account page
  • Make the return / exchange button visible
  • Allow customers to initiate return / exchange on their own by automating the process
  • Take the experience a notch higher by allowing in-store return / exchange if your brand has the facility
  • Offer prompt customer support via different channels to make the process easy
  • Use the store credits feature to enhance the return / exchange process

8. Make it easy for customers to contact you

If you want to build a value-based relationship with customers, you must ensure they know that you are there for them, when they need you. And how do you do this? One of the easiest things to do is to make it easy for them to contact you.

Here’s what to do to create value:

  • Listen to your customers to identify their grievances
  • Use multiple communication channels, for example, email, SMS, live chat, social media, etc.
  • Send personalized and customized messages and responses
  • Include ‘contact us’ options on various pages across the Shopify site
  • Have a dedicated contact us section in the Shopify customer account page
  • Build trust by responding to customer concerns

Example of Swiggy’s automated chatbot contact us option:

Bonus tips to help build more value for your customers

Tip #1

Plan strategies and communication with a focus on end-to-end customer journeys instead of individual or random touchpoints. A good experience throughout their shopping journey matters to customers.

Tip #2

Take a customer-first approach. Demonstrate that your Shopify store has the customers’ interest at the heart of every communication, campaigns, and offers.

Tip #3

Make use of store credits generously. For example, allow customers to accept store credits when they return a product—this way they know they aren’t losing money.

Tip #4

Make customers feel important at every step of their journey—request feedback, show pop-ups to assist them, recommend products, request product reviews, send surveys, etc. You can easily use the Shopify customer account page to do this.

Are you offering enough value to your customers?

While it’s hard to assess or measure value because it is not quantitative in nature, you can tackle value from a different perspective. You could, maybe, look at warning signs—a drop in customer registration, higher churn rate, low engagement, more negative feedback, etc.

Once you dive deeper into what customers are not liking about your Shopify store and what they like, you can assess how much value you’re offering to them.

Then, you can apply some or all of the above strategies to increase the value quotient of your Shopify brand.

But to help you in the process, you will need a robust Shopify customer account page set up. Only a comprehensive tool such as Flits Customer Account Page App can help you achieve your value goals.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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