Best Shopify apps to improve your store’s design in minutes

There is no doubt about the fact that Shopify is the best e-commerce platform for any and every kind of business. But the real dilemma arises when you’re setting up your online store and are looking for the best Shopify apps to make your job easier.

The decision is not just about selecting any app from the store, but choosing one that suits your needs and has the best feature set to offer. Merchants also need to think about Shopify store’s designs. If you go on the Shopify app store, you will find at least five to ten apps for everything you’re looking for. And that makes taking a decision all the more difficult.

Most of the time merchants install the app only to realize that it is of no use to them. Or its pricing doesn’t suit the stage their business is at. Well, when you have thousands of options to choose from, it only leads to analysis paralysis.

So we did the hard work for you, to carefully curate a list of the best Shopify apps that can help you enhance your store design. These apps will also give you Store designing tips and help you with the same Team.

Flits didn’t just look for solutions, but also tried, tested and vetted them with customer reviews so that you can make the right decision. These apps are Shopify store design must-haves. Let’s have a look at them

  1. Fera
  2. Flits
  3. Shogun
  4. Product Filter & Search
  5. Pagefly
  6. Variant Image automator
  7. Loox
  8. Judgeme
  9. Kiwi size and chart recommender
  10. Image gallery + video – EA
  11. Langify
  12. Modemagic
  13. Product Video maker
  14. Customer Fields
  15. Pushowl
  16. Wiser
  17. Whatsapp chat + Abandoned cart

Shopify store design apps you need to explore to increase sales

1. Fera 

If I tell you that I have a trendy shop in town, but you never see anyone visiting my store, you may start doubting my claims. I can also say that there is a good chance of you visiting a shop if you see a lot of customers going in and out. When it comes to e-commerce, there are no visible customers. You don’t know if other people are buying from this store or not. The only way to give any social proof on online stores is to display a live feed/ live sales notifications and pop ups of what your customers are viewing, purchasing or which product they liked the most.

Fera is one of the best Shopify apps when it comes to displaying social proof on your store. It’s like an AI-powered digital salesperson for your store.

Purpose of the App

To provide Social proof by way of popups, live feed of actions being performed by customers on your store.

Features of the Shopify Store design app :

  • Fera provides your store with popups, top bars, notifications of all the recent actions taken by customers on your store. This includes ‘Currently viewing’,’ recently purchased/sold’, ‘Low stock” etc.
  • Multilingual support for displaying social proof based on where the customer is accessing your store from
    View shopper journeys, i.e. which page/ product does he/ she spend their most time on, did they purchase the product directly or added it to the cart and browsed more products? Did they click on the popup which led them to buy the product?
  • Provides you with the ability for A/B testing. This feature allows you to set goals and compare one feature against the other.

Reviews: Fera has over 2000 reviews with a 4.9/ 5 stars rating.

2. Flits

Apart from great products and an impressive online storefront, merchants also need to provide customers with a customer account page for loyalty, retention and repeat purchases. Flits is the only and one of the best Shopify apps that offers this feature. Flits customer account page is a must have app for Shopify store’s design.

Customize the Shopify store design of the customer account pages easily with editable templates and a lot more features. Install the app today.

Purpose of the app:

Adds a comprehensive customer account page for customer details and order details.

Features of Flits Customer account page :

  • Basic profile details along with name, surname, email, birth-date gender.
  • Recently viewed products, so customers don’t lose the trail of products and in turn increase sales
  • Extra page tab for adding information like return/refund policy or outbound links to blog or third party apps.
  • Order history along with relevant details
  • Customizable account pages – change in colour, font, theme and other advanced customizations for enterprise plan merchants.

Flits also provides paid add-ons like Social login, Wish-list, Advanced dashboard and a Reward and Referral program. You can check add on’s pricing before completing the billing cycle.

Flits has an average rating of 4.9 and more than 450 reviews.

Best shopify app for store design- flits


It is essential that an online store has a smooth and attractive Shopify store page design. Store owners need to provide an online experience that customers won’t forget. For that, merchants need a classy storefront page with a smooth and easy interface along with likable products. The overall feel of an online store can have a long-lasting impression on a customer’s mind.

Shogun is another one of the best Shopify apps if you want to enhance your stores’ look and feel. The app  lets you create and add new pages to your store in minutes with pre-built templates that work with every theme.

Purpose of the app –

To build a sleek and professional storefront page for your online store and add new pages easily.

Features of the store design app :

  • Shogun provides you with a drag and drop page builder. This means that you have the flexibility of modifying and changing elements in your page.
  • Gives you the option to choose from 30 + templates
  • See detailed analytics to measure the performance of your store
  • Choose when to publish your pages with page scheduler
  • Sync products between multiple stores
  • SEO controls to maximize visibility


Shogun has over 2000 reviews with a 4.8/5 stars rating.

Best Shopify Apps-Shogun

4. Product filter and search

Product filter and search by Boost Commerce is another highly rated app that give you an essential feature to your store’s design. For any store with a sizeable product range it is important that you give an option to filter and search through the products. You don’t want a customer to go through all the options when they know what they want.

Purpose of the app-

Add a search bar and various options to filter the products within seconds.

Features of the store design app-

  • Multiple filters and multi-select filters option
  • Optimized text search
  • Upsell and redirect product search to desired pages
  • Get data of search results to analyse customer behavior

    Best Shopify Apps

Reviews: Product filter and search has over 1000 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars

5. Page Fly

PageFly is the best Store design Shopify app that lets you build landing pages, product pages, blogs, and FAQs. Like Shogun, Pagefly too has a simple drag-and-drop page builder. You can create a comprehensive storefront page to ease the shopping experience of your customers.

Pages include –

Regular page
Home Page
Product Page
Password Page
Blog Post
Collection page

Purpose of the App –

To build easy to use and customized landing pages.

Feature of the store design app :

  • Pagefly also gives a drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Choose from 50+ templates and 40+ page elements
  • Save features and reuse them in a different store page too

The app has an average rating of 4.9 and over 2800 reviews.

Best Shopify Apps- Pagefly

6.Variant Image Automator

Whatever products you sell, the displayed images are the most crucial factor. Presenting the right pictures from all the angles is extremely important so the customer can make an informed choice about the product. Variant image automator is one such app on the Shopify store under store design app category.

Variant Image Automator helps you show multiple images of the selected variant. Give a clean and professional look to your product page and improve customer experience.

Purpose of the app

Display multiple images of your product variants on the product page.

Features of the store design app:

  • Show multiple images per variant to make your product page look professional.
  • No theme code modification required.
  • Arranges your product search and collection pages and makes it easier to navigate

Variant image automator has over 200 ratings, and all of them are five stars.

Best Shopify apps- Variant Image automator

7. Loox

We have already mentioned social proof while referring to Fera. Reviews are also a kind of social proof that is vital to the customer. Most of the customers make their purchasing decision based on what others have to say. Reviews, along with photographs, make them more trustworthy. They are proof that the customer bought the product, as it’s very easy to write fake reviews these days. Loox is a review app that allows store owners to give social proof by way of photo reviews. You can send emails to customers asking them to submit reviews along with photos. In return, you can offer them rewards or discounts.

Purpose of the app :

Lets you display reviews along with photos by customers

Features of the store design app :

  • Loox is easy to set up in One-Click
  • Loox also gives the option of automatic Email Reminders
  • You can reply to the reviews and also moderate them
  • You also get old fashioned text review option
  • It also offers you a feature of adding dedicated Pages and Carousel for reviews.

Loox has over 4500 reviews with an average rating of 4.9/5

Best Shopify App- Loox

8. Judgeme

Judgeme is another product photo review app Shopify. There is no doubt that Judgeme is one of the best Shopify Apps available on the app store. It helps you collect images and videos of the products from the customer. Judge.Me also offers an in-email review which helps you manage customer product reviews with a simple star rating.

Purpose of the app :

Send automatic review requests and display the reviews on the product page as social proof.

Features of Judgeme :

  • Judge me provides the option to get product reviews with text, photo and video and automatic reminders
  • Also gives a review carousel with six free themes to display your best reviews/ratings
  • Can also display an All Reviews Page, Floating Reviews Tab
  • Gives a Question and Answers (Q&A) and custom forms /questions for customer’s queries
  • Easy share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr
  • Import reviews from other Shopify review apps

Judgeme has more than 2300 reviews with an average rating of 4.5


Best Shopify App- judgeme

9. Kiwi size chart and recommender

Any online store that sells clothes and shoes needs a tool to help with sizes. There is no point for a customer to shop for a dress if he/she does not get the size right. Wrong sizing/innacurate measurement charts may also lead to lot of returns/ negative reviews for your products Thus for an apparel store, it is crucial to get a tool that helps them with sizes. Kiwi size recommender is an app precisely for that.

Purpose of the app :

Helps with size selection/ listing on the store page.

Feature of the app :

  • You can easily Import size charts from image, web page, and CSV
  • Three different types of the recommender to reduce returns and improve conversion rates
  • Size recommendation with the help of artificial intelligence
  • Generic Table Recommender for objects that don’t fall in the proper size category
  • Custom Size Recommender
  • Flexible size chart layouts you can add multiple tables, Images, videos etc
  • Automatic unit conversions: Input sizing in any unit of your choice. The plugin will automatically do unit conversions.
  • Auto unit detection from buyer’s geolocation: the app can default the sizing in the US (i.e. inches) to buyers in US and Metrics (.e. cm) to the rest of the world.

Kiwi has a 5-star rating with 450 plus reviews.

Best Shopify Apps- Kiwi size chart and recommendor

10. Image gallery + Video – EA

Be it any product, be it any store, presentation of the products can make or break your game. Creating a curated gallery of your products will not only make it look classy but also save customers time browsing products or while analyzing your store in a glance.

Image gallery + videos app can help you make customized and curated image gallery for your store.

Purpose of the app :

Display gallery of product images along with links.

Features of the app :

  • Four layouts for image gallery, you can add links titles tags to the images, video gallery of your products
  • Make multiple organized galleries

The app has a rating of 4.9 stars and more than 200 reviews.

Best Shopify Apps- Image gallery +video- ia

11. Langify

The best part of being a Shopify store is that you can go global sitting in the comfort of your home. But going global comes with various issues, and the most important is language. Language barrier means losing customers that don’t understand your preferred language. Having a store that supports all languages could be a game-changer for your store. Langify is one of the best Shopify apps that can translate your store text and images to the language that your customers prefer.

Purpose of the app :

Helps translating store page and image text to local languages.

Features of the store design app :

  • Automatic language detection (customers will be redirected to their preferred language automatically
  • Customizable language switcher (customers can choose their preferred language manually)
  • Multiple domains per language
  • Full SEO support including the translation of Meta Tags (when using multiple domains per language)
    Image translation support

Langify has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 and more than 950 reviews.

Best Shopify Apps= Langify

12. Modemagic – Product labels

When a customer lands on to your website what can you do to make him stay? A great storefront, awesome products, push notifications etc are now imperative. There is another thing that you can do to force them to check out products. You can add labels to them. Labels marking products that are best sellers, most wishlisted, new in stock, back in stock, discounted product etc. Modemagic product label is the perfect app for it. This store design app will nudge your followers to shop for products based on labels.

Purpose of the app :

Add labels to your products to create a sense of urgency and increase conversions.

Features of Modemagic :

  • Use product stickers & labels to highlight: Urgency Low Stock Limited Period), FOMO (flash sale, discounts, limited edition), Security & Trust (Free shipping, Same-day delivery, COVID Safety), Social Proof (Best Seller, Trending), Features (Vegan Pet Friendly)
  • Can select from a 1000-sticker gallery -New arrivals, Best Seller stickers, Save DiscountsTrust Badges,COVID Safety Badges,Holiday badges, Exclusive collection.
  • Get Pre-order labels- Buy one get one (BOGO) badges, BFCM badges, Free shipping, Custom Badges & Labels

Modemagic has an average rating of 4.9


Best Shopify Apps- Modemagic

13. Product video maker

Apart from images product videos too leave a long lasting impact on the customer’s mind. Videos are a better way to showcase your products especially if your customers are cautious buyers. At times an image is not enough for the customer to assess the size, shape or usage.  Videos are specially needed for products that need some sort of installation or have a procedure. Product video maker is the perfect app for displaying videos along with text and explanation on your store.

Purpose of the app :

Display product/ text videos for better customer retention and conversions.

Features of the app :

  • Create amazing videos for products and promotions with text to boost engagement, conversions and sales.
  • Create text videos to highlight the benefits of your product in minutes with an easy-to-Use drag and drag Shopily video editor.
  • Create How-to videos, Customer testimonial video, Product review videos, Instagram story videos, Instagram feed video posts, Facebook feed videos
  • Use Ready-to-use motion graphic video templates designed by Shopify experts
  • Add  high-quality text animation effects and motion graphics templates
  • Use multiple templates based on product category
  • Product video maker has an average rating of 4.6 stars
Best Shopify Apps- Product video maker

14. Customer fields

Every store is different and has a diverse customer base. That may require the merchant to collect different kinds of information or details from the customers. Customer fields is an app that can help you add more fields to your customer account page. Customer fields enable you to collect data to provide better services to your customers and streamline marketing campaigns.

Purpose of the app –

To add extra fields in login and sign up forms.

Features of the store design app :

  • You can customize your customer account page or registration form with additional fields.
  • Data is privately stored in accordance with the privacy policy for GDPR
  • Drag and drop form builder, build multi-step and conditional forms.

Customer fields has a rating of 4.9 and reviews by more than 200 merchants.

Few best apps under Store design category :

15. Pushowl

In today’s time, staying connected with your customers is the key to retention. The easiest way to do this is to opt for Push notifications. Push notifications are very similar to text messages but with lesser characters, but you can push notifications on any device any time directly on the customer’s screen. Push notifications can be used to send alerts for new products, back-in-stock products, rewards/discount offers or any other activity you would like to notify the customers.

Purpose of the app :

Send curated push notifications directly on the customer’s screen, Send push notifications for Abandoned cart recovery, marketing campaign, integrate with other apps to send more notifications for wishlists, reviews etc

Features of the store design app :

  • Send reminders of items left in cart thereby decreasing cart abandonment
  • Send order status notifications, price drop notifications, back in stock alerts
  • Send notifications in different languages
  • Schedule your notifications as well as put a time limit on them.
  • Send notifications with emojis and images.

Pushowl has over 2000 plus reviews with a 5-star rating.


Best shopify apps- Pushowl

16. Wiser

Wiser is the best app when it comes to cross-marketing and upsells. It helps you display personalized product recommendations, related products, recently viewed products, top-selling items, new arrivals & frequently bought products. You can influence customers to buy more items with the help of this feature.

Purpose of the app:

Highlight products based on the shopper’s visitor’s preference or personalized recommendations on your store page

Features of the store design app :

  • Display the smart widgets on your homepage, product page, cart page, thank you page & almost any other page of your store.
  • Show products related to the one the visitor recently browsed
  • Recommend products of your choosing.
  • Display frequently bought together, so products can be quickly bundled up and purchased.
  • Show recently viewed products and Top selling products
  • Display featured products for the items you wish to highlight or promote

Wiser has an average rating of 4.9 and 200 plus ratings

17. WhatsApp Chat + Abandoned Cart

Whatsapp has become an essential tool in all of our lives. Hence it becomes imperative to stay connected to customers via Whatsapp. Also, an average person spends at least half an hour on Whatsapp, which makes it all the more important for Online stores to stay in touch with customers through Whatsapp. Whatsapp Chat app is a marketing app precisely for that.

Purpose of the app :

Give updates of order status and your store in general via whatsapp.

This store design app has the following features :

  • Provides quick and easy customer chat support via Whatsapp
  • Increase referrals via a share button
  • Abandoned cart recovery via reminders through whatsapp messages
  • Send order notifications and delivery status through Whatsapp

The app has a rating of 5 stars and more than 500 reviews.


Best Shopify Apps- Whatsapp chat+ abandoned cart

We have tried to list all the apps that will prove extremely valuable to your store and add to the building trust in your customers. All the above mentioned Shopify apps are top notch and will surely help increase your conversion rate. The best part of being a Shopify merchant is that there is ample scope for you to customize your store the way you want. There are no set templates or rigid layouts. You can add multiple apps, integrate them with each other to maximize your conversions and customer satisfaction. Better apps on your store also add to your brand value and overall impression of your store.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. How can I improve my Shopify store?

Answer. The best part about using Shopify is that there is a huge online app store available right within Shopify. You can chose from thousands of apps to help with store design, marketing, conversion, orders, customer support etc. The best part is many of these apps are absolutely free or are moderately priced. You can take advantage of these apps to improve your Shopify store.

Q. How can I increase my online sales quickly?

Answer. Online sales can be increased by proper product description along with images and videos, repeat orders, order bundling, upselling, rewards/discounts on purchases, social proof with reviews etc. You can find many apps on the Shopify app store that provide these features.

Q. What apps do I need for my Shopify store?

Answer. Depending on the product or service you sell you may need multiple apps. Apps like Flits app gives you an Amazon like customer account page for customer’s ease. Pushowl can help you with push notifications. Apps like Loox, judgeme, EVM, Ali reviews are a must for social proof with reviews. Pagefly and Shogun for overall look and design of the store.


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