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Why and how can Shopify plus stores combine discounts

Let’s read about why and how Shopify plus stores should combine discounts.

Should you give rewards or let customers use discounts? This is an ongoing debate, and there will never be a clear winner because it all depends on the target audience and the brand image the store wants to establish. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get the best out of both strategies. This also means that stores can combine the two strategies to cater to all audiences.

Shopify launched a combining discount feature in 2022. Since then, many Shopify plus stores have been using this strategy. The option allowed merchants to launch custom campaigns that helped them get more sales and retain their customers. 

Why should you combine discounts? 

Taking inspiration from Brian Vines’s quote- “One may get the job done, but a stack of them can be a lot more satisfying. It’s referred to as coupon stacking, and experienced deal hunters employ every tool at their disposal to compound savings”. We strongly suggest that plus stores try combining discounts with another discount or rewards with discounts. 

Shopify plus stores can combine the Flits reward program and shipping discount or use Flits reward for free shipping at checkout with product/order-based discounts.

Advantages of combining discounts

  1. Increase sales: Stackable discounts are an immediate eye-catcher for customers; many online stores already use this strategy to increase sales. Separate offers stacked together influence consumers more effectively.
  2. Increase Average Order Value: Combining discounts can also help increase the average order value of your customers. You can increase the revenue you generate from each sale by incentivizing customers to add more items to their cart to claim a discount.
  3. Create unique promotional campaigns: This allows you to promote your brand more effectively with unique campaigns. Most discount campaigns are straightforward, such as 10% off or 20% off, but with this, you can add another layer to it. 
  4. Surprise your customers – Customers are used to traditional one-time discounts; hence offering them one discount on top of another will surprise them, and they will return to the store hoping to take advantage of it again.

Combine Flits reward program with Shipping discounts

Imagine a scenario where your customer earned 10 dollars as a credit on their first purchase or signing up. In addition to this, you also wish to provide them a rebate on shipping. It was not possible to combine discounts earlier, but now Shopify allows plus stores to combine discounts. But if you are a plus stores owner you can let customers combine a reward credit with shipping discounts. 

How to combine the Flits reward program with a Shipping discount?

There are two ways merchants can combine Shipping discounts with Flits store credits. 

Case 1. You use Flits store credit  and wish to give free shipping discount

Shipping discount + credits

Case 2. You use Flits store credits for shipping and want to give product/order-related discounts

Free shipping store credit + discount

Case 1: If you want to use the store credits via checkout for orders and also need to let customers use the free shipping discount code (created by you), you need to contact the Flits support team. You also need to go to the freeship discount code and check to mark the checkbox for (order discount & product discount).

Click on discounts > click on create discount > click on select discount type- Free shipping discount> scroll down to combinations> click on both or any option that fulfills your needs

Free ship combinations

Case 2: If you want to provide credit via checkout for free shipping and also wish to enable an order or product discount (created by you). Contact the Flits support team for the same, and you also need to follow the following steps. 

For order discounts with shipping discounts- Open discounts > click on create discounts > select discount type – amount off order > scroll down to combinations > click on Shipping discounts.

Order discount combinationFor product discounts with shipping discounts-Open discounts > click on create discounts > select discount type – amount off products > scroll down to combinations > click on Shipping discounts or order discounts with shipping discounts.

Product discount combination

In conclusion, combining discounts is a great way for Shopify plus stores to increase sales, average order value, create unique campaigns and surprise customers. Combining rewards with discounts Shopify plus stores can get the best of both worlds. By following the steps outlined in this blog.


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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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