Read about our latest updates: Preview in admin and new account design. 

At Flits, we continuously try to improve our features and admin for the ease of the store owners. We are finally live with a few major updates. Flits team has been working for the past 11 months to make this happen.

We are 100% sure that the store owners will be very happy with the update. The changes are not just for you but also your customers.

Before we explain the changes, let’s have a look at the upgrade with a short video.

Following updates have been made in the admin 

We have introduced two major updates that will make it easier for the merchants to set up the customer account page. It will also enable them to view how their account pages will look in the store.

  1. New account page design: We have also introduced a new account page design. This account page design has been introduced after various recommendations by our merchants. 

This design is trendy, curvy and will grab your customer’s attention. We have named this design – DUO, and our old design will be called UNO.

Merchants will now have a choice in customer account page designs.

  1. Color schema set- up with preview: In our older versions, we gave the option to make color changes in the navigation, content text, etc. But, merchants did not understand how the color changes will look like on their online store. They had to save the changes and then sign in to their online store to check the changes. 

We have solved this issue and introduced a preview section along with a color set-up schema.

Advantage of the upgrade –

  1. All settings related to the appearance of the customer account page in one place: This three-step set-up will make it easy for merchants to change customer account page settings in different themes. However, only the changes in the live theme will reflect on the online store.
  2. Preview: You can preview the design options and the color changes in the design before saving all the changes. This option was not available in the previous versions.
  3. Cool new account page design: Instead of one, now merchants get two options: Old and New. Older design is minimalistic, and the new design is stylish. Depending on your taste and brand, you can choose either of the two.
  4. We have also worked hard on updating our code structure.

We are continuously working on our features and will come up with more upgrades in the future. The majority of the changes and additions that we have made were based on the merchant’s suggestion. Every complaint, every suggestion is an opportunity to improve, and we promise to keep improving.

Note: This upgrade is available in all plans. New users (users that installed our app on or after 6-04-21) will get this upgrade automatically. However, old users (users who installed before 6-04-21) need to contact customer support to upgrade. 


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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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