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14 Sustainable Brands on Shopify You Should Be Supporting

Want to know about the sustainable brands on Shopify? Read on.

When it comes to business, we not only love shopping from sustainable brands, but also like to work with businesses associated with a purpose and meaning. We took a close look at the best sustainable brands on Shopify spanning different industries – from clothing, accessories, cycles, to sweets, beer, and more, from all across the globe. Here are 14 that we absolutely love and will be supporting a lot more.

Sustainable brands on Shopify stores we love to support

1. Yoloha Yoga

Yoloha Yoga is committed to making yoga accessories that make the world a better place. The environmentally conscious company goes great lengths to create yoga accessories such as mats, props, sprays, cleaning sprays, etc. to ensure that its products are clean from the start to the finished product. All their products are available on their Shopify store.

A brand from South Carolina, it ships all over the world. The brand has developed five unique cork mat designs suitable to different bodies and styles. Their unique products, thoughtful approach, and premium quality makes us want to shop from the site right away! BRB.

2. Helm Boots

Helm Boots makes boots for men that can easily take them from a biking trip to the boardroom, stylishly. The Texas-based brand makes versatile, timeless, and functional boots. Their boots go through a long and thorough creative process. They are made from premium quality leather and materials. Their mantra: create boots with one goal – boots that last.

Boots, shoes, sneakers, and slip-ons – there’s a wide range of designs to choose from. But there’s more reason to love this brand – their ‘Resole’ feature. While the leather uppers last years, the sole of the boots might need to be replaced. But you don’t need to worry. The re-soleing can be done at Helm Boots. This sure is a super example of innovative sustainable products and that’s reason enough to support it.

3. Dick Moby

If you’re looking for sustainable eyewear, Dick Moby is your go-to Shopify store. The brand has developed eyewear that is biodegradable. You can also buy recycled eyewear. All in stylish designs.

The biodegradable collection is made from plastic that’s smarter and eco-friendly. Made from wood pulp, it biodegrades in 115 days when buried in compost soil. Brilliant! Isn’t it?

What is more, the brand recycles acetate and metal – collects bits and parts of what’s leftover from their manufacturing factory or source surgical-grade stainless steel that is surplus to other glasses and transforms these materials into stylish eyewear. We give this brand 100/100!

4. Avenue Fairtrade

Run by an awesome team of people with disabilities, Avenue Fraitrade is a brand that sources sustainable products from all over the world and sells them in Australia. The brand also stocks creations of their in-house team.

Accessories, toys, eco products, homewares, stationery, and more – everything you shop from Avenue Fairtrade will make you feel good and help shine a light on artisans from all over the world.

5. 100% Pure

From makeup to skincare and hair care, 100% Pure is true to its name. The brand only uses natural, plant-based, and organic ingredients to create its products. The brand is committed to transforming the way consumers use makeup and body care products.

Not just that, for every purchase made, the brand donates towards causes spanning trees, dogs, people and breast cancer awareness.

An international brand based out of Germany and Australia, it also takes the responsibility to educate people around why it’s important to use pure and clean products.

The products are 100% natural, cruelty-free, naturally pigmented, and make sure none of the ingredients used are animal-sourced. This here is definitely our kind of good brand.

6. Ethnotek Bags

Ethnotek Bags celebrates people and cultures before profits. Based in the US, the brand creates laptop bags and travel bags from ethically sourced traditional handmade textiles from Ghana, Guatemala, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The brand creates bags – laptop bags, travel bags, backpacks, camera bags, slings, and accessories such as waist belt, pouch, rain cover, etc. A nod to the colorful cultures in different parts of the world, you won’t ever have a dull day carrying Ethnotek Bags.

7. Nice Laundry

Buy new socks and send your old socks/underwear back to Nice Laundry. The brand came up with a simple solution to a big problem – textile waste is a huge problem, especially textile from socks and undergarments.

So, how does the brand recycle these garments?

Once customers send their old garments, Nice Laundry sends them to 2ReWear Inc. There, the garments undergo a grading process. Those in good condition are sanitized and sent to the needy. The remaining is repurposed as textile or shredded into fiber and turned into things like home insulation.

Simple, isn’t it? And so helpful to recycling textile waste.

8. Farm To People

Farm To People has been on a mission to change the food system and the way people get food to their table. Synonymous to its name, the brand delivers fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, eggs and meats, to customers. However, all the products are harvested only based on need/ orders to avoid wastage. That way, the brand keeps food wastage as low as below 1%. As the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’, Farm To People makes healthy eating a breeze.

9. Recycled Firefighter

Here’s another innovative sustainable products brand. Wallets, backpacks, belts made of repurposed retired fire hoses – that’s Recycled Firefighter for you! All the products here are hand-made using military spec binding, webbing, elastic, and 1000D cordura nylon – all from worn out fire hoses.

The store offers different types of bags such as laptop bags, duffle bags, and backpacks. The brand’s USP is the strength of the products. Being made from fire hoses that are known for durability, you can be sure your purchase is a bang for your buck.

10. Project 7

The founders of Project 7 started the brand in 2008 with the mission to provide sweet treats that make people feel good, well, seven days a week. How? The brand makes treats such as chewing gums, candies, cakes, gummies, and lollipops with less sugar, less carbs, more fiber, all from plant-based sources.

Plus, Project 7 has made a difference to many causes by working in partnership with organizations in different areas – tree plantation, free meals, education, shelter, water, malaria treatments, among other initiatives. The brand truly makes indulging in sweets easy. How sweet! Isn’t it?

11. Rebel Nell

It’s hard to beat Rebel Nell’s sustainable jewelry designs made from repurposed materials. What is more, the brand is mission-driven. Profits from the sales are used to support programs that promote mental health, financial training, career education and other such programs for women.

Started in Detroit in 2014, the brand partners with various non-profit organizations to make an impact in various initiatives. Looking for wearable art made from meaningful material? Rebel Nell is your sustainable Shopify store to go to.

12. Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle is an independent brewery with a difference. Unlike other brands that take the easy way, Steam Whistle brews its beer using centuries-old recipes with all-natural ingredients such as pure spring water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.

And so, when you have a Steam Whistle beer, you can be sure you’re having authentic beer made from natural ingredients. What is more, the recyclable beer can means you can have your beer without any guilt of adding stress to the environment.

13. Wildlife Works

Here’s another sustainable brand on Shopify. A brand that seeks to save wildlife through fashion – Kenya-based Wildlife Works is Africa’s only carbon neutral factory. The brand’s objective is to advance economic and social solutions for communities where wildlife and forest preservation are threatened.

The brand has, over the years, brought significant change by providing employment to hundreds of people that helps them earn enough to feed their families and send their children to school. This has helped stop poaching and animals to return to wildlife reserves.

14. Pure Fix X charity: water

Pure Cycles is a Los Angeles based bicycle brand that was started with a mission to get more people to pedal than drive. The brand collaborated with charity: water to help extend support towards causes that the non-profit organization supports in developing countries. Pure Cycles donates $100 from every bike sold.

Unsafe water borne diseases are amongst the biggest reasons for deaths, especially among children. Every dollar donated by Pure Cycles to charity: water helps save the lives of people.

Which sustainable brands on Shopify do you support?

Flits customer account app for Shopify loves to work with brands that have a bigger purpose and meaning. We discovered the above Shopify sustainable brands and would love to support them. Would you, too? Which sustainable brands do you support?

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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