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7 Social Media Ideas To Boost Your Shopify Customer Account Page Sign Up

Learn social media strategies and ideas to increase account page sign-up on your Shopify store.

Worldwide, more than four billion people use social media. And most eCommerce retailers are tapping into this vast opportunity to reach and engage with consumers.

If you’re an eCommerce brand, we’re sure you must have a presence on social media.

But simply being present is not enough. Are you using the full potential of your social media channels?

In this article, we explore effective ways with actionable tips to use social media to boost your Shopify customer account page sign-up.

Why is social media important for eCommerce: facts and figures

  • There were almost 80 million social buyers in the US in 2021, and the numbers are increasing year after year
  • In 2021, 30% of eCommerce companies were already selling on social media
  • 27% of social media users rely on social platforms to find products
  • 51% of consumers in the US and UK use YouTube to research products and buy

8 ways to use social media to boost customer account sign up

A quick internet search for “Shopify social media marketing” will bring up a number of articles and blogs, all of which discuss various tactics. While some people may succeed with such strategies, we adopt a more targeted approach to learning how to use social media to improve Shopify account page signups.

1. Talk about the customer account page

There’s no better way to invite your social media followers to sign up on your Shopify site than making it direct! Create posts that talk about the customer account page. Spread awareness. Ask people to sign up. Here are some tips you could try:

  • Create posts that directly invite followers to sign up on your website
  • Offer incentives for signing up
  • Add a link to your sign up page in your posts
  • Enable social login for your Shopify account page sign up to make the process easy
  • Respond to comments, answer questions, and make them personalized
  • Encourage followers to tag their friends to expand your reach
  • Run contests on social media and make Shopify customer account page sign up mandatory for participation
  • Offer discounts to entice followers to sign up

2. Create videos to talk about the benefits of signing up

Video posts on social media get 48% more views than image and text posts. You can use this preference to your advantage. Create videos that tell your followers why they should sign up for your customer account. And here are some of the reasons you could talk about:

  • If you provide incentives for sign-ups—discounts, credit points, rewards, etc.—talk about it in the video
  • Explain how registering on the Shopify customer account page will make the shopping experience better
  • Share videos of customer testimonials talking about how they benefit from the customer account
  • Get customers to share how they used the different features of the customer account, for example, wishlist or recently viewed products

3. Focus on Shopify customer account page features

Most customer account pages of eCommerce sites have the default features, such as personal details, address, and order history. But there are many more components that you might have on your customer page. For example, think of Amazon’s customer account page features.

Similarly, your Shopify site might have many more features. And so, you should talk about all those features via social media. So let’s look at what could be those features and how to talk about them:

Recently viewed products

You could use the recently viewed product data for retargeting and remarketing to customers on social media. For example, pick items from this section, create social media ads, and target customers while they’re browsing social media channels.

Social login

Social login is perhaps the first feature you must include to sign into the Shopify customer account page if you want to gather customers’ social account data. You know where to target customers when they sign up via their social media credentials.


The ‘reorder’ feature allows customers to purchase the same products more than once. It simplifies the process and makes it convenient for them. And these are the aspects you must highlight via social media posts.

Store credit

Another component that you can include in your Shopify social media marketing strategy is store credits. Now you may have rewards programs or loyalty points. These are attractive features to talk about. 58.7% of people say rewards and loyalty points add value to their shopping experience.


Customers can use the wishlist feature to save products to buy them in the future. Or to follow up on out-of-stock products. You can create campaigns around those products and display them while customers for social media capture of sales.

4. Combine social media contests with the customer account

Customers love contests! Many brands run contests on social media but fail to maximize its returns. For example, if you run a contest on social media, you could integrate it with another channel and improve conversions on that channel.

For example, run social media campaigns and make it mandatory for participants to sign up for your Shopify customer account page. That way, you can increase the number of sign ups exponentially.

Considering 70 to 80% of customers end up participating in contests, you should gear up for a huge number of sign-ups. So, you must first ensure that your customer account page app can handle the large numbers and help you scale.

5. Retarget and remarket via social media

Retargeting and remarketing are two of the most common and effective Shopify social media marketing strategies. When customers leave your Shopify store, social retargeting can reintroduce them to the products they have expressed interest in. Combine it with a promotion, and you have the right recipe to entice them to return to make a purchase.

While with remarketing, you can re-engage customers based on their past purchases. For example, if a customer has purchased pet products from your site, you could share recommendations for more pet products with them in the future.

You can easily use social media for remarketing and retargeting. Here’s how:

  • If customers bought products without signing up, target them on social media and share a link to your customer account sign-up page
  • Combine discounts and incentives with the retargeting and remarketing campaigns
  • Make remarketing and retargeting a part of social media contests

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6. Share a sign-up link with social media ads

One of the best ways to boost customer sign-up via social media is to add a link to the sign-up page in the ad. If your ad is attractive, your social media audience will feel enticed to click on the link and register. And there are many kinds of ads you can create. Here are some ideas:

  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Image ads
  • Dynamic ads
  • Story ads
  • Messenger ads

Now let’s look at the different social media sites you could consider.

Facebook – With the highest number of monthly active users, Facebook gathers a tonne of data, allowing you to target your customers accurately. In addition, Facebook will enable you to design your own ad campaigns and automatically update product information in the Facebook shop—works for all eCommerce social media marketing campaigns.

YouTube – For YouTube, think of in-feed video ads, bumper ads at the start and end of videos, masthead ads, etc. Selecting a target demographic before creating and publishing ads can help you gain better results.

Instagram – Instagram offers a variety of ad types, such as stories, reels, and photo feeds. In addition, the platform provides precise advertising options and allows customization to achieve different campaign goals.

Pinterest – The platform provides curated feeds based on users’ interests. Pinterest ads work well for eCommerce retailers that sell fashion, home decor, beauty, etc.

LinkedIn – Due to its focus on business, LinkedIn stands out as a social media platform, especially for B2B advertising. LinkedIn ads can help B2B brands find leads, generate awareness, and reach other goals.

7. Share updates about the customer account page on social media

Digital trends have been changing rapidly—new features, technologies, etc. And consumers are expecting and demanding the latest digital experiences from their favorite brands. As a result, Shopify apps are multiplying day by day.

When you make any changes to your Shopify customer account page, add new features, or change any of your policies (return, exchange, payment), you can announce it via social media.

  • Create a campaign to share updates about your customer account page
  • Add a link to the sign-up page with every update
  • If there’s a significant change, share a video
  • Share updates about eCommerce policies on social media channels

8. Try social commerce

According to studies, social commerce will hit $1.3 trillion in 2023. Social commerce is when you combine eCommerce and social media. Social commerce entails selling products and services directly through social media. Social commerce helps gather customer data, improve engagement, reach a highly targeted audience, and is cost-effective.


Now let’s look at how to go about social commerce.

  • Choose social media platforms that have in-built social commerce features
  • Grow your eCommerce brand social media following
  • Promote your social commerce features on social media and other channels
  • Monitor performance and optimize
  • Stay consistent by updating the social commerce store

Should you use social media to boost customer account page sign-up?

The question should be, why shouldn’t you use social media to boost the usage of your Shopify customer account page? With so many benefits of using the customer page, both for customers and brands, having a customer account page and maximizing its use is imperative.

And with so many consumers on social media, there are many ways in which you can leverage your social media followers to increase your Shopify site sign up.

But to be able to provide a seamless and digitally-savvy experience to customers, you must install a good Shopify customer account page app.

Explore Flits customer account page app for your Shopify site!

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
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