SMS Marketing Best Practices to Recover Carts

With high open rates and instant engagement, SMS is a channel adopted by many online stores to send sale promotions, recover carts, and winback past shoppers.

Cart recovery via SMS marketing, especially, has proven to yield positive results. Merchants who have set up cart recovery with Shopify SMS apps like TxtCart see an average recovery rate of 30%. 

But, ensuring higher cart recovery comes down to how you set up your message. From our research, we found 6 best practices to help merchants recover more carts using SMS.

6 Best Practices to Recover Carts with SMS Marketing 

1. Increase visibility with human-powered SMS

Many marketing messages that we receive from businesses are automated and generic. As a consumer, it’s always obvious that these messages are sent by a machine and contain no personalized elements. Due to this, we may ignore the message altogether. 

You don’t want your shoppers to be put off by your cart recovery messages. This is where human-powered text marketing helps. With this, your SMS is sent by real humans who make your cart recovery messages more conversational and even interact with shoppers when they ask more questions.

TxtCart is the only Shopify SMS marketing app that powers your store with human-powered marketing. With the Shopify app, you can allow your cart recovery messages to be fully conversational.

TxtCart’s live agents interact with the consumer to remind them of the abandoned cart, finding out why they abandoned, answering questions they may have, and tailoring the offer to convert the shopper successfully.

This method ensures that you can cater to different customer needs. For instance, some shoppers may be looking for a discount while others may just want a reminder about their cart. With conversational and human-powered cart recovery strategies like this, you can cater to these needs and successfully get them to complete their purchase.


Install TxtCart to set up human-powered text marketing and recover abandoned carts successfully.

2. Use urgency in your copy

When writing copy for your cart abandonment text messages, ensure that the message makes shoppers take quicker action. One tactic used by many stores when setting up cart recovery messages is urgency. Urgency makes shoppers feel like they’ll miss out on the product, getting them to come back and purchase quicker. 

Here are a few ways to use urgency on your cart recovery text messages:

  • Don’t miss out!
  • Last chance to checkout
  • Only a few pieces left!

3. Keep your copy crisp

You want shoppers to grasp your message seconds into receiving and reading it. Keep your copy crisp and short, under 2 to 3 sentences long. This way, you won’t take too much time to convey your message and be able to get your shoppers back to their cart quickly.

4. Remind shoppers about the product they were interested in

Online shoppers spend a lot of time browsing products. When you send them an abandoned cart message, how would they know which product you are referring to?

Add the name of the product within the copy of your message. With the name of the product, shoppers will instantly understand which item you are talking about.

Another way to help shoppers recall the abandoned product is by adding the image of the product within the cart recovery message. This will help jog their memory. What’s more, with an attractive product image, shoppers will be able to see just what they may be missing out, bringing them back faster.

5. Add an offer to incentivize purchases

Many online stores incentivize checkout for their shoppers by adding an offer like free shipping or 10% off. These offers make it easier for shoppers who’ve abandoned their cart to come back and complete checkout.


If you have any discounts already set on your Shopify store, add these to your cart recovery text message to nudge shoppers to check out their abandoned carts successfully.

6. Use CTA text at the end of your copy to nudge action

Your text messages need to guide shoppers to take a certain action. CTA or ‘Call to Action’ words will do this for you, leading your shoppers to take the next step after reading the message.

Once you’ve added context and reminded shoppers about their cart within the first part of the copy, you can end your message with words like ‘Checkout now!’ or ‘Act now!’ to get shoppers to click and come back to their cart.

Ready to recover carts with SMS marketing?

As an online store, you need to equip yourself with the best apps to recover abandoned carts and increase purchases. TxtCart is built to help you engage and convert your shoppers with conversational SMS messages. With dedicated human-powered SMS technology and an easy to use dashboard, the app lets you set up SMS marketing in just minutes!

Install TxtCart to start recovering abandoned carts using SMS marketing.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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