Signs It's Time For A New Shopify Customer Account Page App

8 Signs It’s Time For A New Shopify Customer Account Page App

Identify red flags and why you should consider a new Shopify customer account page app

The competition in the eCommerce industry is cut throat. You snooze and you lose.

Brands have to be on the top of their game to be able to survive and sustain.

eCommerce has a failure rate of 80 to 90%. 

The reasons are many: from bad products to high pricing to poor management to not being customer centric. 

But the fall of an online store doesn’t happen overnight. There are many day to day signs and symptoms, if identified and addressed on time, can save the stores.

In this blog, we take a look at some signs to keep an eye out for, to save your online store.

Recap: What is a customer account page app?

Ecommerce online stores usually have an account page. It’s the page where customers sign up and save their details such as name, address, payment details, order history, etc. 

While online eCommerce platforms such as Shopify provide a default customer account page, in addition, stores also need a customer account page app to set up and manage the page. For example, one such app for Shopify stores is Flits Customer Account Page app.

8 signs you need a new Shopify customer account page app 

You have a customer account page set up on your Shopify store. But it just doesn’t seem to be adding any value to your business growth; here are some signs of the same: 

1. Low sign up rate on your current customer account

Have you noticed your Shopify customer account page sign up rates drop? More importantly, are you measuring your sign up rate? 

Measuring the customer account registration rate can help you know how many new customers are signing up on your Shopify store. In addition, you can also figure if you are reaching your store goals or not.

And if your sign up rates are low or dropping significantly compared to the past, it’s time to uncover the mystery. 

There could be many reasons of low sign up on your customer account page:

  • The sign up process is lengthy and tedious
  • You do not offer the easy social login option
  • Your customer account login page is loading slow
  • Customers aren’t finding value in your online shopping experience
  • Customers had a bad experience
  • There was an error or glitch while customers tried to sign up

If you identify any of the above reasons for low sign ups on your customer account page, you must first relook at your customer account page app. 

Explore Flits Customer Account Page App for your Shopify store.

2. Security threats and incidents

Ecommerce shopping frauds accounted for 38% of all reported scams in 2020. Some of the most common types of eCommerce scams are credit card and payment fraud, phishing, spamming, malware and hacking, e-skimming, among others.

Have your customers complained of payment or card related scams on your eCommerce site lately? Have you noticed discrepancies and scamming incidents on your site? Or maybe sensed external attacks? 

If yes, then your eCommerce site could be at risk. And to take the necessary precautions, one of the aspects you must relook at is your customer account page app.

The customer account page is where important details of customers, such as contact, card details, address, etc. get stored and hence may be at a higher risk of phishing and scam. Choose a Shopify customer account page app that offers data security and secure transactions.

3. Low customer engagement levels

Low customer engagement levels eventually lead to high churn rates. Do you measure your Shopify store customer engagement level? Wondering why your Shopify store customer engagement is suffering? 

There could be many reasons. For example, your UI and UX is poor. Or your customers don’t have an option to share their feedback. Maybe your Shopify business does not have an omnichannel strategy. Or you might not be providing proper customer service. It’s also possible that your customer account page is not optimized and doesn’t include all the features of your website. 

Consider these statistics:

  • 78% of customers prefer omni-channel customer engagement
  • More than 75% of marketers say customers in the middle or end-stage show higher engagement levels
  • 95% of customers choose businesses that offer help throughout their purchase journey

4. Slow integration of new apps and features

The ability to integrate third-party apps into your Shopify app can have many benefits for your store. For example, it reduces errors, saves time and resources, reduces data duplication, provides data and insights, etc.

But if app integration on your site is slow and complicated, it can affect your business adversely. 

Tech-savvy customers expect to have the best digital experiences and conveniences while shopping online. The eCommerce app space is evolving rapidly with new apps and features being introduced rapidly. 

And so, if your eCommerce app is slow to integrate, migrate, or update your apps and features, you might lose business and customers.

Moreover, you might find it difficult to keep your customer account page updated with the latest apps and features. This might affect your customers’ experience. 

If you are facing the issue of slow integration of apps on your Shopify store, it’s time you look for an alternative Shopify customer account page app—one that allows easy and fast integration with third-party apps without disturbing your online business.

5. Unable to handle high transaction volume

While growing the amount of visitors to your site is always the goal of every eCommerce business, it can rapidly become an overwhelming goal if your site isn’t properly set up beforehand. The inability to handle high transaction volume can cause website breakdown as your eCommerce business and customer base expand.

As your Shopify store becomes popular, your customers will increase, and so will sales. But is your store able to handle high sales volume? Does it have the capacity to process a huge number of transactions at a single time? Or does it face bottleneck issues?

To prevent this situation, it is important to relook all the aspects related to traffic and sales volume. One of the factors is the customer account page. That’s the page customers go to when shopping, browsing, making returns, etc. 

And so, if your site has been facing issues in managing high volume, you must consider a new Shopify customer account page app that has the capacity to grow with you as the number of transactions increase on your site.

Install Flits Customer Account Page App on your Shopify store.

6. Negative feedback from customers 

Another red flag is bad reviews and negative feedback. Customer experience is a key factor that drives customer satisfaction. One bad experience is enough for customers to share negative feedback and bad reviews. And one of the main aspects of customer experience is the customer account.

The customer account is from where customers access all your Shopify store features, such as reorder, recently viewed products, store credits, loyalty program, etc. If your customer page is not optimized or if any of the features isn’t working well, it could lead to unhappy customers.

Hence, if you’re getting bad feedback, first go through each and every grievance and try to address it. Look for the root cause of the feedback, so you know how to avoid it in the future. 

One of the things you may need to do is to optimize your customer account. Or, maybe even completely change the app and move to a new customer account app that supports all your Shopify features. 

With a robust Shopify customer account page app, your site will be able to function seamlessly with all the features in sync. In addition to functioning properly, a good app will also ensure your business grows.

7. Abandoned cart due to fewer payment options

Reaching the checkout page and then being unable to pay for the order is one of the most unpleasant experiences for determined shoppers. With different payment methods, particularly financing options, such as Buy Now Pay Later, you can grab more sales that might otherwise be abandoned carts at the end. 

The problem could be you don’t have customers’ preferred payment options. If customers have payment method options, the chances of them completing their orders rather than giving up are higher.

Hence, you should offer as many payment options as possible. Also, mention payment terms in the customer account page so customers can read them when they have questions. If your Shopify customer account does not support multiple payment options, you must move to another customer account app.

8. You’re unable to deliver the desired customer experience

Customer experience refers to every experience your customers have with your brand at every touch point. Costumes expect and like positive and good experiences. 

Have you been sensing customers aren’t happy with the experience they’re having on your Shopify store? Some ways to deliver good customer experience are: be approachable and friendly, provide value via products, services, and features on your website, be consistent, be empathetic, utilize technology, provide the best digital experiences, among others.

Here’s a Flits customer account page app user’s review:

Is it time for you to change your Shopify customer account page app?

For eCommerce stores, it’s utmost important to have the most efficient and comprehensive tools and apps to be able to provide the best digital experiences to customers. Afterall, today’s businesses are only as good as their digital capabilities are.

One of the most important aspects of the online store is the customer account page. This is the heart of Shopify stores. And so, it’s a must to ensure this page functions well as well as enhances customers’ shopping experience.

If you’re facing any of the above challenges, it’s time you look at your customer account page app. Maybe you need an upgrade or a new app.

If you want to migrate to a new Shopify customer account app or are looking for a new customer account app for your Shopify store, meet Flits.

Flits Customer Account Page App is a comprehensive solution for eCommerce features and marketing tools required for online stores. 

Install Flits Customer Account Page App on your Shopify store today.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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