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Shopify Editions: A Summary Of Everything Announced And How Your Brand Can Make The Most Of It

Get a simple to understand summary of everything announced at Shopify Editions. 

Over the years since its inception, Shopify has simplified the online selling process by giving merchants all the tools and features they need to launch and run their stores without worrying about hosting or payment gateways.

What makes it all the better is it is an adaptive eCommerce platform. This means it constantly evolves to deliver the best experiences to merchants and customers.

Today, eCommerce is expanding so fast that it has created new demands and problems which never existed before. To deal with that, Shopify has launched its Shopify Editions 2022 to help the shops to overcome all these demands and problems in the eCommerce world.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at all these exciting features and apps announced that will redefine eCommerce as we know it today!

Shopify Editions 2022: A Summary Of Everything Announced And How Your Brand Can Make The Most Of It

1. Find customers

Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences is a Shopify Plus exclusive tool that lets eCommerce stores reach potential customers by analyzing their browsing and purchasing habits. It lets you target people most likely to be interested in your products.

You can create intelligent and segmented audiences for your store using powerful machine learning. It can help your business by letting you –

  • Discover new audience segments
  • Identify new opportunities – new markets, locations
  • Re-engage high purchase intent consumers
  • Reduce your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Boost customer retention

Shop Cash

This year, Shopify will give buyers millions of dollars worth of offers in Shop Cash for their Shop Pay purchases. You can create multiple offers to gain new customers who are already using the Shop app with the help of Shop Cash Boosts.

Twitter Shopping

You can now leverage Twitter, one of the world’s largest social networks, as a sales channel to reach new customers. With Twitter’s new Shopify app, you can –

  • Create product cards that fit seamlessly into the Twitter feed
  • Display your products in tweets and retweet them
  • Promote products with images and links in tweets


Build valuable relationships with creators and boost your sales with Dovetale – Shopify’s creator management system that allows you to scale your affiliate program with ease. With Dovetale you can –

  • Recruit creators with an on-brand application
  • Send gifts on a scale
  • Incentivize with discount codes and referral links
  • Pay commissions with PayPal
  • Search for potential new members
  • Track the success of your affiliate marketing efforts with a detailed dashboard


Linkpop is a fast and easy way to turn your links into shop links.

For example, if you have a link to your e-commerce store in your Instagram bio, you can now turn that link into a shop link by using Linkpop. You can now highlight important content like your website, blog, playlists, and more – all from your link in bio.

2. Convert shoppers

Shopify Markets

You can now simplify the process of selling internationally with Shopify Markets. It supports global expansion for merchants of all sizes. With Shopify Markets, you can –

  • Reach new markets and customers in just a few clicks
  • Increase sales with custom buying experiences for each market.
  • Scale faster with a powerful experience that helps optimize your business across markets.

Shop Pay Enhancements

The newest Shop Pay enhancements include Shopify Protect, Shop Pay Installments Adaptive Checkout, and Shopify Payments expansion into new countries. With these new upgrades, you can –

  • Reduce abandoned carts
  • Offer buy now, pay later with Shop Pay Installments
  • Earn repeat customers effortlessly

3. Create your story

Hydrogen + Oxygen

Shopify Hydrogen is an advanced headless commerce platform that enables you to build fast, responsive storefronts effortlessly. With Hydrogen, ​​it’s possible to build more personal and engaging shopping experiences without sacrificing speed or performance. Here are some of its benefits –

  • Easy setup
  • Faster development
  • Optimize your front-end performance by reducing page weight
  • Highly customizable, flexible, and easy to integrate with existing business processes

Shopify Oxygen lets you launch, deploy, and host your Hydrogen site seamlessly.

Tokengated Commerce

Token gated commerce is a new approach to creating high-value, low-volume digital goods.

Token gated commerce allows you to create exclusive content experiences for your fans, such as limited editions, private events, invitations, or access to physical goods like special holiday gifts or limited edition sneakers.

It also lets you build customer loyalty by rewarding customers for engaging with your brand, helping you build a community around your products and services, and driving sales through promotions and giveaways.


Shopify meta fields now support an array of values. You can do so much more with these meta fields –

  • Add meta fields across more places, including customers and orders
  • Segment customers using your new meta field data
  • Create segment-specific discount codes to launch campaigns

4. Build relationships

Customer Engagement Tools

The customer engagement tools from Shopify are used to manage your customer communication and interaction. The platform offers multiple tools for you to use to connect with your customers, such as chatbots, email marketing, etc.

Customer engagement tools can help you:

  • Build relationships with customers through personalized messaging
  • Promote products and content in a way that feels genuine and personal
  • Deliver targeted content and offers based on customer behavior or preferences

5. Run your business

Shopify Admin Enhancements

Shopify has announced a new set of features for their Admin panel that will help you get more out of your store.

These newest Shopify updates enable –

  • Streamlined signup process with tailored guidance
  • Launch, pin and discover new apps faster than ever
  • Additional staff permissions that make it easier to delegate
  • A faster bulk editing tool

Order and inventory management

Shopify editions 2022 has announced a better, streamlined, and centralized order fulfillment process that is built for efficiency. You can now receive, manage, fulfill, and deliver products from a single place on the platform you trust. Here are the key features –

  • Fulfill fast with order automation
  • Use label printing presets across multiple orders
  • Print multiple shipping labels at once
  • Enhance your inventory management experience with the new Inventory Bulk Editor

6. Scale and build


With Planet, you can offer carbon-neutral shipping and showcase your commitment to your customers. You can use it directly in Shopify admin. Additionally. it is speed tested and has no negative impact on your online store.

The Planet app enables your Shopify store to –

  • Ship carbon neutral by automatically calculating your shipping emissions, etc
  • Connect better with customers who care about the environmental impact of their purchases
  • Help reverse climate change

Shopify Balance

Get paid faster and manage your business better Shopify Balance account and card powered by Visa with no monthly fees, account fees, or transfer fees. Compared to traditional banks, Shopify Balance lets you –

  • Sign up online in minutes and avoid the paperwork
  • Run your account with no minimum account balance requirement
  • Earn up to $2,000 cashback per year
  • Get paid the next business day

Wrapping it up

Users constantly demand advanced commerce platforms that can innovate and enhance their business development. Shopify, through launching Shopify Editions, offers a platform that is propelling businesses to the next level. It gives access to predefined storefronts that can generate more traffic and revenue for your business, as well as improved features like SEO tools and an enhanced relevancy engine.

What makes Shopify Editions 2022 exciting is the fact that it encompasses everything an online store needs to have in today’s digital marketplace – good branding, great UX, strong security, and mobile-first design.

Shopify has enabled online merchants to revolutionize eCommerce like never before! The company has made it clear that they take pride in helping their merchants grow their business and that they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

Are you excited about integrating the exciting features and apps launched in Shopify Editions 2022 into your online storefront?

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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