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9 key elements to create trust in your Shopify store in the era of online scams

We recently wrote a blog on online shopping scams; we discussed how customers could avoid falling for such scams. In this blog, we will cover what merchants can do to create trust in customers. 

If you are new to e-commerce platforms like Shopify, it is already difficult enough to find customers. It will be even more difficult to find customers if you do not have an existing customer base. What’s more worrying is customers landing on your store but returning as they cannot trust your store or products enough to risk a purchase. 

There can be many reasons for this such as improper description of products, lack of images/videos, unorganised store, too high or too low prices, lack of contact information etc

There are certain aspects online stores should pay attention to while setting up their store. When you visit a new mall, you may get confused about how to locate a particular store. You can always find a map on either end of every floor which can help you locate stores. 

When a new user visits your store, this is your only chance you can use to create trust. A user will only prefer buying from your store if your store looks organized and believable. 

We will list down all the components a Shopify store needs to look credible. Credibility is not based only on first impressions but post-sales services as well. But to reach the post-sales stage, merchants need to take care of a few key issues.

        Following are the key elements Shopify stores must keep          in mind to create trust

  1. Organised store: Whether you sell a single product or multiple products, your store must look organised. All the categories you sell should be visible on the homepage with a drop-down menu, header, or left-side navigation.
    A customer should be able to differentiate between the range of products, easily find their desired products from your store. You can look for various free and paid apps in the Shopify app store for navigation and menu.
  2. Product image gallery and videos: The customers need to see clear images of the product. Blurred images, solo images with the option to zoom in will always create doubts.
    Every product listing should have a minimum of three to four images and an option to zoom. If the store can provide a product video, that would add to the product’s credibility.
    There are many free/paid apps on the Shopify store for image and video galleries. Images not only help you win customer’s trust but also lets customers make an informed decision.
  3. Proper Contact us information: Contact information is crucial for both pre and post-sales. A valid email address along with a phone number is a must.
    If you do not have a big team to handle customer support, you can specify the hours you can take calls. Alternatively, you can also redirect them to Facebook messages or Whatsapp messages for queries order issues.
    Flits app provides a contact us button within the customer account page under every order.CREATE TRUST WITH FLITS' CONTACT US BUTTON
    Customers can send you mail directly with the order number and other details from the customer account page.
  4. Return/Refund Policy:  You should clearly mention your refund/return policy. It shows seriousness towards post-sales services. Customers should have all the information regarding refunds and returns before they purchase a product.
    Flits gives an option to add extra pages/link store pages to customer accounts. You can display information regarding the return and refund policy. You can also use this option to redirect customers to a page on your store.Create trust with proper information(This page is customised, custom customer account pages are not available in all plans.)

    Other important aspects to create trust in an online store.

  5. A customer account page: A customer account page is crucial for any online store for various reasons. It gives the customer access to all their information in one place. It acts like a portal where they can easily check and review the details related to their season shoppers
    A customer account page is also a way to increase brand value and create trust in mind of the the customer. Flits is the only app on Shopify app store that provides a customer account page to Shopify stores.
  6. Reviews: Reviews are the sure-shot way to increase customer’s trust. While it can be difficult for a new business to get reviews, they should convince their customers to leave reviews. Merchants can use reward programs for the same. Flits also provides a reward program in the form of store credit.
  7. Order tracking: Order tracking is not just about trust but also about updating the customers about their purchase. Online shopping depends on home delivery. Therefore customers should be well aware of an approximate time and date their product will arrive at their doorstep. This will also help you inform customers if there is any delay in the delivery timeline.
  8. Social media pages: Social media pages are another way of increasing trust. Regular posts and updates mean that you are active. Facebook pages also customers to review your store and products. You can request your customers to write reviews on your page. A satisfied customer will always be too happy to write a review.
  9. Sign up on e-commerce review sites:  Sign up on websites that publish online services and store reviews. This is different from reviews on your store; reviews on your store can be biased and also under your control.
    But reviews on third-party review sites like
    Trustpilot, Mouthshut, Trustvocate,Scamadviser etc., are unbiased sources of reviews. Fake and fraud websites will never sign up such websites. Therefore if your store has signed up on such websites, it is a hint to customers that they can trust your store and products. Creating trust is vital eve.

All the above suggestions are based on our conversations with lots of merchants (out of 5000 active Shopify merchants) and our customer support team. We hope that all these suggestions will add value to your shopify store and help you create and win customer’s trust. Online stores are not limited to products but a lot of other services that help with shopping and better user experience. Merchants should look out for all the key aspects they think will help their business and implement them.

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh

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