Why does a proper Shopify order history matter to your customers

Why does a proper Shopify order history matter to your customers?

When it comes to online shopping, it’s not just about selling or buying products; it’s an experience. If customer’s face issues before or after a purchase, they might be reluctant to come back. There is a limited window that online stores have to impress the customers, given no personal interaction. You must also provide them with all important details such as profile, address, order history etc.

We have written several blogs highlighting why merchants should focus on giving a proper customer account page to their customers. This blog will focus on an important aspect of the account page for a customer – Order history. 

If you are someone who shops a lot, you may check your order history once in a while to recheck the products you bought, the price at which you bought it or if it is an electronic item you may need to check the bill for the guarantee/warranty of the product. 

Importance of order history section

Order history comes in handy for various reasons. For example-

  1. Details of the products purchased: A customer may want to check what variant or size he bought once he has placed the order, as he may commit a mistake while placing the order. 
  2. In case of partial cancellation from the sellers end customer may wish to check what products did he purchase and which products have been cancelled. 
  3. Check Date/Price/mode of payment etc. of any past order.
  4. Repeat a past order: When repeating past order, customers do not wish to search it again but place the order through order history.
  5. Details for cancelling or updating an order: If the customer wants to update or cancel an order, he needs to give details to the seller. Order history is the easiest source of this information.
  6. For any other inquiry: In case of any issues with the order, customers need all the details of the order to lodge a complaint with the seller. 

Shopify also provides an order history section within the customer profile but Flits can help your improve it.

Improve your Shopify Order history tab

Order history

Shopify order history

Shopify does provide order history, but it is not as organised as it should be. For example, suppose a store sells clothes and informs the customer that two items out of the four items they bought are out of stock. The customer wants to verify the items he/she bought, but when they visit the order history, they see payment, fulfilment status and the total amount. The customer needs to click on the Order number to find out other details regarding his/her order.

Flits order history 

Flits’ order history gives your customer a much better look at the items they have ordered in the past with all the necessary details such as images, price, date etc. Flits provide all the necessary data in an organised manner in one place. Flits also gives extra features along with order history. 

Flits uses data provided by Shopify to create a better Order history tab. Flits customer account page is an improvement over the existing Shopify customer account page. We provide all the data provided by Shopify order history but in a more detailed and organised manner that saves the customer’s valuable time. We also provide two actionable buttons within the order history that facilitate customers as well as merchants.

Deep dive in Flits order history 

Order history

As mentioned previously, Flits gives actionable buttons within the order history. For example, flits gives two buttons in the order history: Re-order and Contact us.

Re-order button

The re-order button is probably the most useful section within the order history. It saves the hassle of finding the products, selecting variants, adding to the cart and proceeding to payment. Customers can save a lot of time if they don’t have to go through this process all over again. 

Flits re-order button directly takes customers to the checkout page. Re-order is extremely useful for customers who order perishable products. Even if your store does not sell perishable products, you must give the option of re-order. 

Contact us button

Buying the product is easy; what’s difficult is to communicate with the seller post-purchase. If the customer is dissatisfied with the product, wants a refund or return/exchange the product, he/she needs to communicate with the seller.

The Contact-us button lets customers send their issues directly to the merchant’s registered email address. Contact us button will also until trust in customer’s mind that they have a way to share their issues with the seller.

In the above images, the customer can fill in all the relevant details and the reason to contact the merchant. He can also write a detailed message, attach images/video link of the issue. 

This is a great feature for small and medium businesses who cannot afford or need a customer support team to solve customer issues. However, all businesses do need to provide a channel where customers can reach out with their issues. 

Another advantage of this is that the merchant doesn’t need to waste time finding the order number and other details relevant to the problem, as the merchant will receive all these details in the mail right from the first message. Merchants can rename the contact us button to return/refund or need help via the multi-language option

Order history may seem like a simple feature but can be very useful for the customer and the merchant. It also comes in handy to repeat past purchases which in turn adds to your sales. We have mentioned this many times in our previous blogs that since there is no one to one contact in online shopping, online businesses should leave no stone unturned to make the experience easy for their customers. Therefore, the main aim of how you set up your online store should be to ease customer’s experience and build trust.

Note: Order history is available in all plans, but the contact us button and re-order are not available in all plans. Please check our pricing page for for more information.


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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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