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Why an About us page is a must for new stores to win customer’s trust

A short blog on the importance of About us page

Customer acquisition, Customer Retention, Loyalty etc., we have all heard and read these terms a million times. But before we reach this stage, online businesses need customer trust, and that trust has to be won at every stage of the customer journey, which means that you can just as quickly lose it even if the customer reaches the payment stage. 

Every individual may have their parameter of judging a website’s trustworthiness. Some will look at reviews; some will buy only if a friend has bought from the website; some will go through social media pages. But there is one key page that is often overlooked by most websites.

Imagine yourself as a customer; you stumble upon this website with great products. You try to find reviews, but there are none; there is not much information available online. You realize that the website you are surfing is the relatively new one. 

You wish to buy their products but don’t want to risk losing your hard-earned money. What will you do to find out more about the website? You will click on the About us page. But why? Let’s find out the answer in the paras below.

Why is the About us page important? 

If the customer clicks on your About us page, it means that he is already convinced with your product but still wants to be sure if you are a legitimate business or not. But imagine if you left it blank or with bare minimum information about your business. The customer will leave your website when he spots that there is nothing to read on this page.

You have lost the sale, you have lost the potential customer, you have lost future referrals, and you have also lost the most vital asset- Trust.

You may have aced your landing pages, product descriptions, navigation menus, but the customer still doesn’t know anything about your website.

What is your story? 

What is the purpose of your business? 

Why did you start your online store? 

How long have you been in business? 

Do you have any physical stores? 

What’s unique about your store?

There is so much potential in your About us page that you can convince any confused potential buyer who was about to leave your website. There is a lot you can share with your customers on this page. After all, the rest of your website is about your products and not about you.

How to draft an effective About us page

The about us page can be used for various purposes, but there needs to be a flow since we are trying to tell a story here. You don’t need to follow the same pattern on your About us page, but the pointers below can help you create a guideline.

  • Share the ‘Why’ 

No one starts a business out of thin air; there is always a reason, a story, a cause behind it. This is what you have to share. Whether you started your business in your kitchen or garage, were inspired by your grandma’s homemade pickles or your neighbour’s success, the story doesn’t need to be unique, but it should be honest.

This is the first step to creating trust; this lets the customer know real people with ordinary lives behind this business. It makes you look relatable.

  • Share the ‘How’

The story part of your about us page covers the why; the next step is to cover the ‘How’. How are your products made? Are they homemade/handmade or locally sourced or imported? What is your business model? etc, Share information regarding the type of products you sell if they are vegan, eco-friendly, natural or recycled 

  • Share the ‘Who’

We mean the founders, workers, helpers; this section is another excellent opportunity to connect with your customer. You can share images, short interview videos of your team. 

  • Share the ‘Why chose us.’

It’s time for numbers; you can share your journey with some data visualization, add a video detailing your manufacturing process, blog links, video testimonials from customers, noted personalities, etc., what values and ethics drive your business. You can also share your awards, recognitions, milestones in this section.

  • Share your contact details.

Most online stores do have a contact us page, but you can share contact details on the about us page and give an option to subscribe to your newsletters.

Few examples of outstanding About us pages

Yellow Leaf Hammocks: Yellow leaf has shared a beautiful story about how the founder stumbled upon the hammocks while travelling in Thailand.

T Tluxe: Tluxe has shared all the information regarding their business under a section called the brand. If you don’t want a typical about us page, you can break it down like Deluxe. 

Moms & Co.: Moms & Co has a short but effective About us page and a promotional video featuring the founder herself. 

The common theme of all great ‘About us’ pages is that they educate, engage readers and convince them to become customers. 

Your ‘About us page should reflect your brand and business values but with a human touch. It also means that you don’t have to follow a set pattern; you can be creative, humorous, playful or just silly. Missing out on this page is like declining yourself a golden opportunity to retain customers. You can add an About us page on Flits’ customer page under extra pages. (This feature depends on your plan. )




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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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