Let Consumers Manage Subscriptions in the Shopify Customer Account Page

The eCommerce subscriptions model has grown dramatically over the last few years.

Statistics have found that an average consumer has subscribed to at least 2 businesses to ease regular purchases.

But as eCommerce evolves, so have the expectations from brands that offer the subscription model – especially when it comes to giving the consumer an option to personalize and manage their subscriptions as per their needs.

Picking up on the drift of how consumers want to manage their eCommerce subscriptions and the need for businesses to enable the same, we built out a powerful integration with Appstle Subscriptions.

Since Appstle is one of the best eCommerce subscription Shopify apps, they saw a rising need in consumers wanting to manage their subscriptions with a store without the back and forth of emails or messages to the brand.

That’s where the idea of enabling eCommerce subscription management within the Shopify customer account page came from.

What does the Appstle Subscription and Flits integration do?

By integrating Appstle Subscriptions and Flits, you can add a subscriptions tab to your customer account page.

This eliminates the need for a consumer to open a new tab to review their order subscriptions details; thereby, enhancing their overall experience with the brand as the recurring purchase becomes much easier to manage.

What are the benefits of managing subscriptions in the Shopify customer account page?

You might already have a set up to enable easy subscription management for customers. But bringing the whole experience inside the Shopify customer account page, makes it a lot simpler than having to open separate tabs.

Here are some of the benefits of displaying and managing subscriptions in the Shopify customer account page:

1. Makes them more visible

Surveys have found that a customer account page is one of the most visited pages on an eCommerce site if it has one. This is owing to the fact that this is the one place where a consumer’s orders are stored, addresses are saved and wish lists are available. Think about how you use Amazon for instance!

Simply put, having the subscriptions displayed in the customer account page with a clear tab, makes them visible too. So the consumer is always aware of their previous and ongoing subscriptions.

2. Makes managing subscriptions easy

Having the subscriptions in the customer account page makes it easy for consumers to also manage them. Similar to how they can just click on wishlists and move items to the cart, they can head over to the subscription tab and easily manage their subscription orders.

This includes making it much easier for customers to cancel, modify, edit or even reschedule their ongoing subscriptions. The higher flexibility and ease makes them stick longer to the subscription orders too!

3. Makes upsell and cross-sell easier

A Shopify customer account page includes recently viewed products from a consumer’s shopping journey on the website. When you display subscriptions within the customer account page, the space becomes entirely theirs with everything they have bought, liked or want to purchase in the coming period.

This makes it a lot easier to see patterns in their purchases, interests and recurring needs – which gives you plenty of data to personalize campaigns for high-converting upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

4. Makes for better customer experience

When all the above come to life, you automatically improve the overall customer experience offered to consumers. If statistics are to be believed, 65% of the new age consumers choose to engage with brands that offer a seamless customer experience that is tailored to suit their individual needs.

And personalization is in turn proven to help businesses improve their customer engagement rate as well as drive more sales from their existing customers.

Do you need to display subscriptions in the Shopify customer account page?

The subscription economy is growing; while this means new opportunities for your business, it also comes with new challenges – more importantly, competition.

And the only way to win is to offer a customer experience that your consumers truly want.

So if you ask us, showing subscriptions in the Shopify customer account page is the best thing you can do for your business.

Whether you’re getting started with the eCommerce subscription model or scaling the business, the integration is a win-win for both your business and the customers.

Want to implement the integration?

Head over to the Flits integrations for an easy step by step!

Or reach out to our Shopify experts to assist you with the same.


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Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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