Integration with App brew

Latest integration with App brew lets customers use reward program on mobile app

This blog post is about Flits’ latest integration with App brew.

With the growing number of mobile users worldwide, eCommerce stores are also trying to catch up with the needs of mobile users. It is estimated that over 50% of online shopping occurs via mobiles. Hence there is a growing need for businesses to reach mobile users.

Rise of mobile apps

Apart from the overall use of mobiles for online shopping, 57% of shoppers prefer shopping via mobile apps. The shopping experience via mobile browsers is usually cumbersome; a mobile app makes the experience smoother and is quicker to reach customers and stay in touch with them. Many Shopify Plus stores are launching their store’s mobile apps.

Why we integrated with App brew

Shopify app store also has several mobile app builder apps. One of our Shopify Plus merchants has recently launched a mobile app for their store. They reached out to us for integration with App brew. Appbrew is a no-code mobile app builder that enables brands to build and manage high conversion rate Android and iOS apps.

Flits Loyalty program on App Brew

The requirement was to let customers use the reward program through the mobile app. Hence, Flits and App brew joined hands to find a solution for the merchant’s mobile app woes.

With this integration, the customer can see his credit balance (earned and spent) and use credits within the mobile app. We will soon roll out the referral feature on App brew’s mobile app.

App brew integration x Flits - Reward program
Flits’ Reward Program On App Brew Mobile Builder Platform

Building a mobile app can be costlier for small businesses, but Plus and enterprise stores with high orders should launch their store on mobile apps.

With more and more merchants moving the custom apps, we are all set to help merchants integrate our features with app builders. Merchants can request similar integrations between Flits and mobile app builders. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team at


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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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